The episode of Discovery Channel’s Man Vs Wild show featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the host and noted adventurer Bear Grylls was telecast on Monday night. It had created quite a buzz ever since the promo was first released on July 29, so naturally the telecast promptly sparked hilarious memes on social media.

Does Bear Grylls understand Hindi?

Most Twitter users wondered about the conversations between Modi and Grylls during the course of the episode. Modi delivered most of his lines in Hindi, a language Grylls probably doesn’t understand. This chat, for instance, left many bewildered.

TV show or Modi’s life story?

Prime Minister Modi, like on many other occasions, did not miss the chance to narrate stories about his childhood to Grylls. This was, obviously, fodder for the meme-makers on the internet. Modi’s prolonged monologues made some people wonder if he was actually doing his monthly radio show Mann Ki Baat.

All about the TRP

In May, Modi guided his Bharatiya Janata Party to a huge majority in the Lok Sabha elections 2019. Many Twitter users were certain that his popularity would result in a spike in Television Rating Points for the Discovery Channel.

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