1. The sub-continent is witnessing the return of non-violent movements to protect constitutional values, writes Christophe Jaffrelot in the Indian Express.
  2. Ajit Prakash Shah, writing in the Hindu, urges the judiciary not to falter in Constitutional crisis triggered by the Citizenship Amendment Act as it did during the Emergency.
  3. In Mint, Sudeep Chakravarti predicts that disquiet over the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens will spill over into the next year.
  4. This Economic Times editorial criticises the government’s “silly crackdown” on foreign protesters against the Citizenship Amendment Act.
  5. Also in the Hindu, Vikas Dhoot explains whether the current economic slowdown is the result of a cyclical phenomenon or of structural deficiencies.
  6. Madhav Khosla, writing in the Guardian, warns that India’s founding values are under threat from sinister forms of oppression.
  7. In the New Yorker, Neima Jahromi traces hidden histories in the periodic table.
  8. In the Atlantic, Leticia Duarte profiles the intellectual founder of Brazil’s Far Right, who inspired the country’s current president, among others.
  9. Majid Maqbool explains how the press in Kashmir has been forced into silence in this article in the Telegraph.
  10. Also in the Telegraph, Mukul Kesavan delves into science fiction to write about India’s political landscape.