1. The Supreme Court judgment on the Shaheen Bagh protests shows that a Permission Raj reigns over public spaces, writes TM Krishna in the Indian Express.
  2. The Hathras rape charts a new phase in the caste atrocity narrative, Mary E John and Satish Deshpande write in the Hindu.
  3. The compensation provisions of the goods and services tax regime were a precondition for its implementation, write KJ Joseph and N Ramalingam in Mint. There can be no justification for placing limits to compensation.
  4. In Lounge, Anindita Ghose revisits Tara Koushal’s book, Why Men Rape, in the light of the Hathras tragedy.
  5. In the Telegraph, GN Devy speculates on the future of democracy.
  6. Continual lockdowns are not the answer to bringing Covid-19 under control, writes Devi Sridhar in the Guardian.
  7. In the Atlantic, Michael Schuman says that Taiwan will be the next front in the US-China standoff.
  8. In Hathras, a woman repeatedly reported rape, so why are the police denying it, asks this report in the BBC.
  9. Among those lining up to fight in Nagorno-Karabakh are Armenian youth with a strong Kolkata connection, reports Neha Banka in the Indian Express.
  10. Amnesty’s exit erodes Indian democracy, writes Karan Thapar in the Hindustan Times.