Weekend reads

1 “In the case of MJ Akbar vs Priya Ramani, her resilience aligned with the judge’s enlightenment leading to a judgment that will possibly have a far-reaching impact on women and their word,” writes Meenal Baghel in The Times of India.

2 There is a genuine ideological push to Atmanirbhar Bharat, writes Pratap Bhanu Mehta in the Indian Express.

3 In Lounge, Bibek Bhattacharya reports on how climate change is wrecking the Himalaya and its communities.

4 Apoorvanand explains in The Wire why Narendra Modi believes he can ridicule farmers and get away with it.

5 Did a Candian comedian’s joke go too far? The question of whether a comedian has the constitutional right to offend came under a national spotlight at Canada’s Supreme Court this week, reports The New York Times.

6 American business computing giant Oracle marketed the company’s data analytics for use by police and security industry contractors across China, The Intercept reports.

7 “Do we live in a golden age of wacko paranoia?” asks Paul Rosenberg in Salon. “No, says German scholar Michael Butter: It’s always been with us.”

8 “The case for privatisation is based on the belief that the private sector is more efficient, and that public sector units do better when in private hands. But what does the evidence tell us?” TT Ram Mohan takes a sweeping look in The India Forum.

9 In Dawn, Nadeem Paracha charts the evolution of secularism.

10 The website of the storied Calcutta restaurant Trincas recalls the summer of ’69, when the Bombay rock band The Savages took Park Street by storm.