Play has been abandoned for the day! Another early finish because of rain in Nottingham. England end the day at 25/0, they trail India by 70 runs.

Update: It’s raining again and resumption of play has been pushed to 10.40 pm IST.

Update: Play set to resume at 10.15 pm IST if the rain stays away.

The rain is back and the players are off!

ENG 25/0 after 11.1 overs: Well, it was good while it lasted but we have another delay. Kohli isn’t too pleased but the England openers have raced off the field.

ENG 25/0 after 11 overs: Four! Burns plays with soft hands and close to his body, the ball takes a thick outside edge and races through the slip cordon for four. Good over from Shami, though.

ENG 21/0 after 10 overs: Siraj is running in hard and attacking the stumps. But the pacers haven’t got much movement so far – in the air or off the pitch.

ENG 20/0 after 9 overs: Shot! Shami comes from round the wicket and drifts onto Burns’ pads, the left-hander maintains his balance and clips it for four. This is turning into a decent start for England.

ENG 15/0 after 8 overs: A fine over from Siraj. Got Sibley’s outside edge but it ran away for four unfortunately. Came back to beat the right-hander’s outside edge with a peach off the last ball.

ENG 11/0 after 7 overs: A maiden over for Shami to start his spell. He was mighty impressive in the first innings and bowled with a lot of heart. India need another big performance from him.

9.15 pm: Mohammed Shami starts proceedings after tea. India will be eyeing another dominant performance with the ball in this session.

That will be tea!

Rory Burns and Dom Sibley survive that six-over period and take England to 11/0. India lead by 84 runs.

ENG 11/0 after 6 overs: The first boundary of the England innings! Siraj drifts onto the pads and Sibley clips it for four. Shaun Pollock in commentary suggests the lengths by the Indian pacers have been a tad short so far.

ENG 6/0 after 5 overs: Make that three no-balls in as many overs from Bumrah. Meanwhile, Sibley gets off the mark with his 17th delivery. The England openers are doing well to play close to their bodies.

ENG 3/0 after 3 overs: Seemed to be a maiden over from Bumrah but he overstepped on the last ball and had to bowl it again. A no-ball in each of the two overs by Bumrah so far.

ENG 2/0 after 2 overs: Siraj, not Shami, with the new ball from the other end. Interesting tactic from Kohli. Siraj starts with a good line and a maiden over.

ENG 2/0 after 1 over: Quiet first over from Bumrah. A no-ball and a single for Burns. India will want to strike before the tea break.

8.27 pm: England’s openers are out in the middle and they have a big job on their hands. Jasprit Bumrah with the new ball. India lead by 95 runs. Here we go!


They lead by 95. The last three wickets added 73 runs! Robinson gets a five-for, Bumrah finishes with 28 off 34. India are in a strong position with this lead!

IND 270/9 after 83 overs: Four more! Robinson bangs it in and Bumrah gloves it over the keeper. India lead by 87 now. Root is bringing Anderson back into the attack.

IND 263/9 after 81.3 overs: Four, six and four! Bumrah is putting on a show! Clean strikes from the right-hander and some priceless runs for India. They lead by 80 now.

IND 249/9 after 81 overs: Four! Robinson pitches it right up and Siraj thumps it down the ground. This will frustrate England no end.

IND 245/9 after 80.3 overs: WICKET! The second new ball is taken and Robinson gets his fourth. Shami did well to score 13 off 20 but is clean bowled. India lead by 62 runs with one wicket in hand.

IND 245/8 after 80 overs: Bumrah is defending with his head down and great determination, Gavaskar is loving that in commentary. This partnership has added 13 runs. The second new ball is being taken now. Robinson to start with it.

IND 244/8 after 79 overs: Three more valuable runs added in that Robinson over. India lead by 61 runs now. England will be desperate to get out and bat.

IND 241/8 after 78 overs: Curran comes from round the wicket to Bumrah, puts a leg slip in place, attacks the body with short-pitched bowling, and returns with a maiden over for his efforts.

IND 238/8 after 76 overs: DROPPED! Anderson saw two catches dropped in the slips off his bowling and now he drops one running back from mid-on. Shami gets a reprieve. England’s catching continues to be poor. Bumrah is the new batsman, India lead by 55 runs.

IND 232/8 after 75 overs: WICKET! Robinson returns to the attack, gets hit for two fours, but gets the key wicket of Jadeja. He tried to lift it straight back but got a top-edge and Broad back-peddled from mid-on to take the catch. The left-hander walks back for a brilliant 56 off 86. India lead by 49 runs.

FIFTY for Ravindra Jadeja! He gets to his 16th Test half-century off 81 balls. Another valuable knock by the left-hander down the order. India’s lead is 43 now.

IND 222/7 after 74 overs: Shami picks up three runs off the first ball of that Broad over. Jadeja then picks a single off the fifth ball. It should’ve been a run-out though as Shami was well short, but Burns missed the direct hit.

IND 218/7 after 72.5 overs: SIX! Stunning shot by Jadeja. Anderson bowled it on the pads and the left-hander flicked it with disdain over fine-leg. He survived a close call before that as a thick edge flew just over gully for four. But welcome runs for India.

IND 208/7 after 72 overs: Jadeja gets a single off the last ball of that Broad over to keep Shami off strike. The left-hander gave indications in that over that he’s going to look for boundaries now. He has to. India have Bumrah and Siraj to follow.

IND 205/7 after 70.5 overs: WICKET! Shardul Thakur is out for a duck as Joe Root makes no mistake in the slips this time. James Anderson has his fourth.

IND 205/6 after 68.5 overs: WICKET! Anderson finally gets Rahul. After two dropped catches, this time Buttler makes no mistake. The end of a phenomenal knock by Rahul (84 off 214), he played the anchor brilliantly and guided India to the lead.

IND 198/5 after 68 overs: Broad takes the ball from the other end to start the second session. The right-arm pacer was troubled a couple of times in that over by the strong breeze. Buttler concedes a bye because of the late swing to end the over.

IND 193/5 after 67 overs: DROPPED! KL Rahul gets another reprieve! James Anderson the bowler again and this time it is Joe Root who drops the catch at first slip. It came at a good height and should’ve been taken.

6.40 pm: We’re ready for the post-lunch session! KL Rahul and Ravindra Jadeja have done well so far but the job isn’t done. Another crucial passage of play coming up. Here we go!

That will be lunch!

India are 191/5 (66 overs) and lead by 8 runs. KL Rahul is unbeaten on 77 off 202 and Ravindra Jadeja is on 27 off 53. Despite Rishabh Pant falling early, this was a good session for the visitors.

India have the lead! This has turned out to be a fine partnership (41 runs) between KL Rahul (75*) and Ravindra Jadeja (24*) for the 6th wicket. They’ve picked the right balls to attack and defended with steely resolve.

IND 182/5 after 63 overs: Shot! Broad comes from round the wicket and angles it into Jadeja’s pads, the left-hander keeps his balance and hits a superb on-drive for four. That’s one of the toughest shots in the book, also one of the prettiest.

IND 178/5 after 62 overs: Curran gets Rahul’s edge but it falls just short of second slip. Good, diving stop by Root. India trail by five runs now.

IND 169/5 after 59 overs: Rahul survives a caught-behind shout. There was a sound when the ball passed his bat but the umpire said not-out. England took the review and it showed no spike. The hosts have lost all their reviews now. Good period of play for India this.

IND 157/5 after 55 overs: First bowling change of the day for England as Stuart Broad returns to the attack. KL Rahul, meanwhile, is batting wonderfully. He’s judging the length and swing masterfully and tucking has bat behind his front pad while leaving deliveries.

IND 155/5 after 53.1 overs: Jadeja survives! Oh that was so close! Rahul tapped it and went off for single after a bit of hesitation. Jadeja was left with no choice and had to go for the single but would’ve been well short had Lawrence got the direct hit. That would’ve been the absolute last thing India needed.

IND 153/5 after 52 overs: Jadeja gets going with a boundary down to the fine-leg fence. India trail by 30 runs now. This is another crucial partnership for them. Also, the sun is out now!

IND 149/5 after 51 overs: Rahul survives an LBW shout but then drives an over-pitched delivery from Anderson powerfully past point for four. It’s been an action-packed restart so far.

Pant scored 25 off 20. Jadeja is the new batsman.

In the previous over before Pant’s wicket:

IND 145/5 after 50 overs: WICKET! Rishabh Pant gets a top-edge for six but then hits one straight to short-cover. Big blow to India as Ollie Robinson strikes again.

IND 145/4 after 49.5 overs: It’s raining again but the players are staying on. The Indian batsmen don’t want to, naturally, and the English do. Meanwhile, Pant gets the first six of the Indian innings with a top-edge over the keeper. Went hard at the pull and got the runs. The left-hander is facing the pacers by standing about a foot and a half outside the crease.

IND 133/4 after 49 overs: Anderson appeals for caught behind but there was nothing in it and Pant survives. This will be so tough for the Indian batsmen, they have to reset again with the ball doing all sorts of things.

4.35 pm: Right, the players are back on the field. Anderson has the ball and Pant is on strike. Hopefully, no more rain delays... for a while at least. Here we go!

4.02 pm: Nope, no restart anytime soon. It’s raining again in Nottingham...

Update: The rains seems to have stopped as there are no umbrellas up in the stands. The umpires are out in the middle and assessing the conditions. There’s a bit of sunshine too. Play could resume soon but looks like we’re in for another start-stop day of cricket.

The players are off!
Ah well, 11 balls bowled and the rain is back. Rishabh Pant with a thumping drive for four off James Anderson before the players walk off.

IND 126/4 after 48 overs: Ollie Robinson starts the day with a maiden over. The conditions seem fine at the moment – there is a bit of sunshine but the pacers have plenty of assistance.

IND 126/4 after 47 overs: FINALLY, James Anderson’s 14th over is completely. It started yesterday and was bowled in four instalments. Rahul gets going with a single to extra cover.

3.29 pm: KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant are at the crease and we’re ready for play at Trent Bridge. India are 125/4 and trail England’s first innings total by 58 runs. Here we go!

3.00 pm: Hello and welcome to live coverage of day three of the first Test between India and England at Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

Day two of the first Test between India and England was a dampener as rain and bad light played spoilsport in Nottingham. Play was abandoned early but before that, James Anderson brought the hosts back in the game by removing Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli off successive deliveries.

India, after a strong opening partnership between Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul, went from 97/0 to 112/4, with Rohit, Pujara, Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane being dismissed. India were left with Rahul and Rishabh Pant at the crease at stumps and will be eyeing a big partnership on day three.