Pujara picks up two boundaries in the last over of the day bowled by Broad. India end the day at 52/1. They need 157 runs to win on the final day.

IND 40/1 after 13 overs: Shot! Broad bowls it on the pads and Pujara clips it stylishly for four. That will give him immense confidence. India need 169 runs to win.

IND 35/1 after 12 overs: Rohit survives a caught behind shout before Pujara’s outside edge is beaten off consecutive deliveries. Brilliant over from Robinson.

IND 34/1 after 10.5 overs: WICKET! Broad gets England the breakthrough. Rahul was looking good again but edges one to Buttler. That was a superb ball. Rahul walks back for 26 off 38.

IND 33/0 after 10 overs: The runs keep flowing from Rahul’s bat! This time he guides one from Robinson through gully for four. He follows that up with a solid front foot defence.

IND 28/0 after 9 overs: Shot! Rahul is driving the ball so, so well. Anderson errs a bit in length and the right-hander dispatches it through extra cover. India need 181 runs to win. About 20 minutes of play left today.

IND 23/0 after 8 overs: Robinson joins the attack and troubles the batsmen instantly with the extra bounce he generates. The clouds are hovering and we could have rain at any time now.

IND 19/0 after 6 overs: More runs! Broad gets a thick outside edge off Rahul’s bat and the ball runs past gully for four. The right-hander then ends the over with another gorgeous straight drive for four. India need 190 runs to win.

IND 10/0 after 3 overs: Another wonderful shot from Rahul. This time Anderson pitches it up and the right-hander drives it straight past mid-off for four.

IND 5/0 after 2 overs: Shot! Rahul leans forward and drives a full delivery from Broad for four. India will be in a great position if they can get on top of the new ball and score runs.

IND 1/0 after 1 over: Anderson is on the mark right away! Beats Rahul’s outside edge with a beauty. It’s quite cloudy at the moment and the pacers will surely get help.

10.25 pm: Right, KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma are out in the middle. India need 209 runs to win. This will be a testing phase till stumps. James Anderson has the new ball in hand.

Innings break

England all-out for 303 and India need 209 runs to win.

Robinson the last man dismissed as Shami gets his first wicket. But the star of the show has been Bumrah. Four wickets in the first innings, five in the second.

Anderson defends the hat-trick ball with a straight bat but it was a no ball! Bumrah then has another go but this time the ball beats the outside edge.

ENG 295/9 after 84.5 overs: WICKET! BUMRAH GETS A FIVE-FOR! The right-arm pacer cleans up Broad off the first ball and is on a hat-trick now. He’s been sensational in this match and has 9 wickets to his name.

ENG 295/8 after 84.4 overs: WICKET! Bumrah gets his fourth of the innings and eighth of the match. Curran hits it to Siraj at mid-on and India get the man they wanted.

England lead by 200 runs now. Curran and Robinson are attacking the second new ball. India need three more wickets to begin their chase.

ENG 281/7 after 82 overs: Poor first over with the second new ball by Shami. Was all over the place and got clipped by Robinson off the last ball for four.

ENG 274/7 after 81 overs: WICKET! Bumrah strikes in the first over with the second new ball. And it’s the big wicket of Joe Root (109 off 172). It nipped away and got the edge. The end of a sublime knock by the England skipper. Kohli is pumped!

The second new ball is being taken. England are 272/6, they lead by 177 runs. India need wickets!

ENG 264/6 after 77 overs: Four! Jadeja drops it short and Curran punches it through cover. The left-hander has moved on to 20 off 19. England lead by 169 runs now.


And he lets out a HUGE roar. This has been a special knock from the England captain. His 21st Test century. Take a bow!

ENG 243/6 after 72 overs: India lose their last review. Quite poor from Siraj. He hit Root on the pad and was absolutely convinced the ball had struck in line. Kohli wasn’t sure but Siraj insisted and India took DRS at the last second. The replay then showed that the ball had struck well outside off.

ENG 237/6 after 70.2 overs: WICKET! What a start to the post-tea session for India! Jos Buttler (17 off 22) is clean bowled by Shardul Thakur off the second ball. It nipped back in and the right-hander shouldered his arms. Big moment in the match.

8.48 pm: The final session of the day is coming up and the match is nicely poised. India would want to wrap up the England innings soon, but Root and Buttler have looked solid so far.


That will be tea. England are 235/5 now and lead by 140 runs. Joe Root (96 off 138) and Jos Buttler (15 off 20) are at the crease. The hosts fought back nicely in this session.

ENG 227/5 after 68 overs: Shot! Bumrah pitches it full and wide, Buttler leans forward and drives it through cover for four. India would want to get Buttler soon, he can be devastating if he gets his eye in.

ENG 211/5 after 64.5 overs: WICKET! Shardul Thakur traps Dan Lawrence (25 off 32) front. The runs were starting to flow for England and this is a key breakthrough for India.

ENG 177/4 after 57.3 overs: WICKET! A breakthrough against the run of play for India. Bairstow (30 off 50) absolutely nails the pull shot but it goes straight to Jadeja at deep square leg. Siraj with an important strike.

ENG 166/3 after 54 overs: Shot! Bairstow with another confident drive through extra cover for four. This is turning into another impressive partnership for England. The runs are flowing.

ENG 152/3 after 51 overs: Shot! This time Shami pitches it up and Bairstow drives it powerfully for four. The right-hander looked good in the first innings too. This is a key partnership for England.

ENG 146/3 after 49 overs: India waste another review. They have just one remaining now. Siraj struck Bairstow on the pad and the umpire said not out. Kohli took the review and it showed the ball missing the stumps. Bairstow then ended the over with a back foot punch for four.

ENG 135/3 after 45.5 overs: WICKET! Bumrah gets India the breakthrough. Gets one to nip back in and it takes Sibley’s inside edge. Good catch from Pant again. England’s 3rd wicket partnership ends for 89 runs as Sibley walks back for 28 off 133.

ENG 133/2 after 44 overs: Root is looking in complete control. Playing the ball late and picking the length early. India will need a special effort to get rid of the England captain.

6.10 pm: The players are back on the field for the post-lunch session. England lead by 24 runs with Sibley and Root at the crease.


India got quick wickets in the morning but Root and Sibley have built a fine partnership to keep England in the game. England are 119/2 after 40 overs.

ENG 118/2 after 38 overs: Fifty for Joe Root! The England captain has looked a class apart again. He gets to his 51st Test half-century off 68 balls. But his job is far from done.

ENG 105/2 after 36 overs: England have the lead now but India wouldn’t be worried at the moment. There’s plenty in the pitch for pacers and quick wickets are always round the corner.

Root and Sibley bring up their 50-run partnership for the third wicket. The sun is out and the conditions are good for batting at the moment. India are bowling with discipline, though.

ENG 88/2 after 30 overs: Root and Sibley have added 42 runs now. They’re looking increasingly comfortable at the crease. But the Indian pacers are being disciplined and hitting good areas consistently.

ENG 72 /2 after 26 overs: Wonderful delivery by Thakur to beat Root’s outside edge. There is considerable lateral movement for the pacers.

ENG 68/2 after 24 overs: Shami and Thakur in the attack for India now. The visitors would want to make sure Root doesn’t settle in.

ENG 56/2 after 21 overs: Root survives! Bumrah bowls another brilliant delivery that angels in and nips away. Root gets the edge and luckily for him, it falls inches short of Kohli at first slip.

ENG 51/2 after 20 overs: Shot! Siraj bowls it wide and Root gets on his front foot to thump it through cover for four. Classy batting. But Siraj does well to come back and test the right-hander by getting deliveries to nip back in.

ENG 47/2 after 18 overs: Another fine over by Siraj. England have their skipper Joe Root at the crease now. He’s the batsman in form and needs to do a massive job for his team.

ENG 46/2 after 17 overs: WICKET! And now Bumrah strikes! These Indian fast bowlers are relentless. Crawley edges it and Pant takes a superb catch diving to his right.

ENG 43/1 after 16 overs: Zak Crawley is the new batsman and he gets off the mark straight away. But the end of a successful over for Siraj and India.

ENG 37/1 after 15.1 overs: WICKET! Siraj gets the outside edge and Burns is out! India finally get the breakthrough. That was a wonderful delivery from Siraj, it nipped away and opened the left-hander up.

ENG 37/0 after 15 overs: Sibley survives! Rahane with a superb diving stop at gully and a quick release, Sibley tried to scramble back but would’ve been short had it been a direct hit.

ENG 37/0 after 14 overs: Burns and Sibley are keeping the scoreboard ticking along. England used a heavy roller before the start of play today and the pitch seems to be completely flat at the moment. With the sun out as well, these are good conditions for batting. It’s going to be hard work for the Indian bowlers.

ENG 34/0 after 13 overs: Shot! Bumrah drifts onto the pads and Burns clips it past square-leg for four. The left-hander is strong off his pads. Some movement for Bumrah in his first over of the day.

ENG 27/0 after 12 overs: Siraj strikes Sibley on the pad off the last ball, there was a big appeal for LBW but Kohli decided not to take the review.

3.30 pm: We’re ready for play at Trent Bridge. Rory Burns and Dom Sibley are at the crease. England trail India by 70 runs. It’s bright and sunny. Here we go!

3.00 pm: Hello and welcome to live coverage of day four of the first Test between India and England at Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

KL Rahul, Ravindra Jadeja and Jasprit Bumrah took a toll of England’s attack in contrasting fashions to leave India well-placed in the first Test on Friday before rain cut short the third day’s play at Trent Bridge.

Opening batsman Rahul, in his first Test for nearly two years, top-scored with 84 as India made 278 in reply to England’s first-innings total of 183.

At stumps, England were 25/0 in their second innings – a deficit of 70 runs – after rain meant only 50 overs out of the 98 scheduled for the day were bowled.