Rahul: “To put on 360 on the board was really crucial. I’m very happy. We’ve been here for a couple of months now and have worked really hard on our skills. Even in the first game at Trent Bridge the batsmen showed a lot of discipline. That’s what you expect with two competitive teams – great skills, and a few words as well. We don’t mind some banter. You go after one of our guys and all XI of us will come back.”

KL Rahul is the player of the match for his century in the first innings.

Virat Kohli: “Super proud of the whole team. The pitch didn’t offer much in the first three days. First day was the most challenging. The way we played in the second innings after being put under pressure – Jasprit and Shami were outstanding. We had the belief we can get them out in 60 overs. The tension in the field in our second innings, what happened there, helped us.”

Joe Root: “There’s still a lot of cricket to be played in this series. We’ll come back hard. I’ve got to take responsibility. tactically I could have been better in the morning session. Got a few things slightly wrong. They played well in the partnership this morning.”

11.06 pm: Mohammed Siraj gets the last wicket, his fourth (he got four in the first innings too). James Anderson clean bowled. What a finish at Lord’s, what a thrilling final day, what an epic win for India! Test cricket, you beauty!


ENG 120/9 after 51.2 overs: WICKET! Siraj gets the key wicket of Buttler! The Indians go off in wild celebrations! He poked at it and edged it to the keeper. Siraj gets his third as Buttler walks back for 25 off 96. Anderson is the last man in. India need one wicket to win with 52 balls remaining.

ENG 120/8 after 50.5 overs: WICKET! Bumrah provides the moment of inspiration! He comes from around the wicket and bowls a delightful slower ball to strike Ollie Robinson on the back leg. The umpire said not but Kohli had no hesitation in taking the review. And it showed three reds! Terrific ball from a terrific bowler. Robinson walks back for 9 off 35. Mark Wood is the new batsman.

ENG 119/7 after 50 overs: Three runs come from that Ishant over. Final 10 overs remaining. There is nothing happening for the Indian bowlers at the moment. They need a moment of inspiration from somewhere.

ENG 116/7 after 49 overs: Maiden over from Buttler to Bumrah. Kohli keeps a fielder at deep backward square for Buttler. Almost everyone else in catching positions.

ENG 116/7 after 48 overs: Buttler pushes one through the vacant cover region and picks up three. Robinson then closes out Ishant’s over by blocking a delivery that stayed low.

ENG 113/7 after 47 overs: Bumrah concedes just a single in his 13th over. There is precious little assistance on offer from the pitch. The sun is shining too. India will need a special effort to get these last three wickets.

ENG 112/7 after 46 overs: Ishant bowls a maiden over to Robinson. India now have 84 balls to get the last three wickets. Buttler is batting on 19 off 74.

Mohammed Siraj is playing just his seventh Test. Here’s a look at the high impact performances he has made in his young international career so far:

– In his debut Test in Melbourne last year, Marnus Labuschagne and Cameron Green were the top scorers in Australia’s two innings. Siraj was the one who dismissed both of them.

– In the epic series-clinching win at Brisbane, Siraj removed the dangerous Labuschagne and Matthew Wade in one over. He then returned to get the key wicket of Steve Smith before completing a five-for.

– In the second Test against England at Chennai earlier his year, Siraj got just one wicket but it was an important one. England got bowled out for 134 in their first innings and their biggest partnership was of 35 runs. Siraj broke it by removing Ollie Pope.

– In the fourth Test against England in Ahmedabad, on a spinner-friendly pitch, Siraj got the key wickets of Root and Jonny Bairstow in the middle order.

– In the first Test of the ongoing series against England, Siraj broke three partnerships of 41, 37 and 42 runs respectively.

– And in the current Test at Lord’s, Siraj was on a hat-trick in both innings. In the first innings, he broke the opening stand to remove Dom Sibley before dismissing Haseeb Hameed. In the second innings, he broke Mooen Ali’s resistance and got Sam Curran off the next ball.

ENG 112/7 after 45 overs: Bumrah returns to the attack and gets Buttler’s outside edge but it falls just short of Rahul at second slip. He then gets another edge and this time it goes past gully for four. Final hour of play coming up. England have 15 overs to survive.

More chatter in the middle. Kohli had a few words with Robinson when he came out to bat, now a discussion of some sort with Buttler. Tis all happening.

ENG 99/7 after 42 overs: Shami returns to the attack and bowls a relatively quiet over. Buttler is doing a massive job for England. He is batting on 9 off 64. There are 18 overs remaining.

ENG 93/7 after 39 overs: Drama! Oh, what drama! Robinson had a fair bit to say to the Indian batsmen and he’s getting it back with interest. First Kohli welcomed him to the crease with plenty of words and then Siraj struck him flush on the chest with a sizzling bouncer. The pacer then went face-to-face with the right-hander with a cold stare. Indian fielders surrounding the pitch to back him up. These are tough, tough times for the English batsmen.

ENG 90/7 after 38.2 overs: WICKET! Mohammed Siraj is on a hat-trick! Sam Curran gets a king pair! The Indians erupt in wild celebrations! Another brilliant delivery across the left-hander and the edge goes to Rishabh Pant. India believe!

ENG 90/6 after 38.1 overs: WICKET! This time Kohli makes no mistake in the slips. A wonderful delivery from Siraj and it gets the outside edge. Moeen walks back for 13 off 42. India believe!

ENG 90/5 after 38 overs: Consecutive maiden overs by Siraj and Jadeja. Moeen and Buttler have been lucky but they’re doing a good job not taking any risks. There are 22 overs remaining.

Clarification for the last update: The replay showed there was an edge. India and no balls....

ENG 90/5 after 36 overs: Moeen survives! Jadeja beat his outside edge, there was a sound, the umpire said not out, Kohli went for the review, but it was a NO BALL! Another big reprieve for England. Meanwhile, there is bright sunshine at Lord’s out of nowhere.

ENG 88/5 after 35 overs: Siraj starts proceedings after the drinks break and bowls a beauty to beat Buttler’s outside edge. India’s pacers aren’t getting much assistance from the pitch but they’re bending their backs. England now have 25 overs to survive.

ENG 88/5 after 34 overs: Shami gets inches close to knocking back Buttler’s off stump. The right-hander shouldered his arms and the ball nipped back in but not enough for India. Four runs for England in that over.

ENG 84/5 after 33 overs: Shot! Siraj pitches is full and Buttler plays a beautiful cover-drive for four. The right-hander is looking more comfortable at the crease with each passing over.

ENG 80/5 after 32 overs: Four! Moeen gets an inside edge to the boundary. Shami mixed up his length from round the wicket but the left-hander managed to survive.

ENG 75/5 after 30 overs: Shami bowls a maiden over to Buttler. The right-hander is fighting it out and resisting his urge to attack. England need 197 runs to win. India need five wickets to win. There are 30 overs left.

ENG 75/5 after 27 overs: DROPPED! Kohli drops Buttler! Bumrah got the outside edge and it went at head height to Kohli at first slip, the skipper went with his fingers pointing up and the ball burst through his hand. Oh this could costly for India.

ENG 73/5 after 25 overs: Welcome boundary for England. Bumrah comes from round the wicket to Moeen and drifts onto the pads, the left-hander clips it comfortably to the fine-leg fence. Bumrah, though, comes back with an absolute jaffa to beat Moeen’s outside edge.

ENG 67/5 after 22.3 overs: WICKET! Joe Root is out! We repeat, Joe Root is out! Bumrah gets the all-important wicket as Kohli completes the catch in the slips. The England captain is gone for 33 off 60. India are 5 wickets away from a famous win!

8.33 pm: We’re back for the final session! This could end up being a truly memorable one for India. Bumrah has the ball in hand. Root and Buttler are at the crease. Here we go!

Another brilliant photo to add to the Virat Kohli collection...


ENG 67/4 after 22 overs: WICKET! Huge moment in the game as Ishant Sharma removes Jonny Bairstow (2 off 24) at the stroke of tea. He was struck in front and the umpire said not out. But Kohli decided to go for the review at the last second and it showed three reds. Kohli is ecstatic, Ishant is ecstatic, India is ecstatic. Ishant now has super impressive figures of 2/6 from four overs. Another session won by India. They now have 38 overs to pick the remaining six wickets. England have their irrepressible skipper Joe Root fighting a lone battle again, batting on 33 off 57. They need 205 runs to win.

ENG 66/3 after 21 overs: Four. More. Byes. Shami returns to the attack and sends one down leg again. Pant dives full length but gets nowhere close to it. India will need to address this issue going forward.

ENG 59/3 after 19 overs: Siraj concedes three singles in his fourth over. He isn’t getting much movement but is attacking the stumps, as he often does.

ENG 56/3 after 18 overs: Bairstow gets off the mark with his 10th delivery. Ishant drifts onto the pads and the right-hander clips it to fine-leg. We’re about 18 minutes away from tea now. Another wicket here and England may start to panic.

CHANCE! Oh, Rishabh Pant does brilliantly to get his left glove out while diving as Joe Root glances one down the leg side. It doesn’t stick. Tough chance, but a chance nonetheless. Siraj the bowler.

ENG 48/3 after 16 overs: The end of a successful first over by Ishant. He welcomed Bairstow to the crease with a sharp bouncer that hit the right-hander on the shoulder and flew over Pant for four.

ENG 44/3 after 15.3 overs: WICKET! Ishant Sharma strikes in his first over! He wasn’t steaming in but hit the perfect length and got the ball to nip back in sharply. Hameed was struck in front and given out but he took the review. DRS showed umpire’s call on wickets. Hameed walks back for 9 off 45, England in trouble.

ENG 43/2 after 15 overs: Another maiden over, this time from Siraj. The right-arm pacer posed a stern test to Hameed in that over. Brought the ball back in sharply and mixed his lengths up nicely.

ENG 43/2 after 14 overs: Maiden over from Jadeja to Root. Much tighter line from the left-arm spinner. Root is batting on 20 off 39, having made an unbeaten 180 in the first innings.

ENG 43/2 after 13 overs: Mohammed Siraj joins the attack and concedes five runs in his first over. England need 229 runs to win from 47 overs.

ENG 38/2 after 12 overs: A single each for Hameed and Root in Jadeja’s second over. The left-arm spinner’s line was a bit all over the place there.

ENG 36/2 after 11 overs: Four more runs to the fine-leg boundary, this time off the bat. Bumrah looks to attack Root’s stumps but gets clipped comfortably. This could be it for Bumrah’s first spell. England are moving along nicely after the jittery start.

ENG 32/2 after 10 overs: Perhaps the right change from India as Jadeja comes on to bowl. The left-arm spinner keeps a tight line to start off and bowls a maiden over to Hameed.

ENG 32/2 after 9 overs: Four more byes! This time Bumrah can’t control the big in-swinger. Root then finishes the over with a punch past backward point for four. The runs are flowing for England.

ENG 24/2 after 8 overs: Eight byes in that over as Shami slips it down leg twice. The Dukes ball swinging drastically. But Shami also sent down a couple of wonderful deliveries in that over to beat Hameed.

ENG 16/2 after 7 overs: Root with another classy shot for four. The ball was climbing on him but he got on top of it and pulled it past square leg. But Bumrah came back strong with a beauty to beat the right-hander’s outside edge. Riveting battle this.

ENG 12/2 after 6 overs: Dropped! Shami gets Hameed’s outside edge with a beauty but Rohit can’t hold on at second slip. He seemed to be slightly late at the ball and it went through. Another fiery over that from Shami. India’s pacers are really steaming in.

ENG 10/2 after 5 overs: Shot! England get their first boundary and it comes from the skipper’s bat. It was pitched full by Bumrah and Root played a beautiful, confident cover-drive for four.

What a pic this is....

ENG 6/2 after 4 overs: Wonderful delivery from Shami to Hameed. It pitched on a length and nipped away sharply. India’s fielders are making a lot of noise. This is a stern, stern test for the English batsmen.

ENG 6/2 after 3 overs: Hameed is off the mark after getting out on a golden duck in the first innings. Another top over from Bumrah, he isn’t giving an inch. England have their skipper at the crease now. He’s done so much for his team in this match but still has a big job left to do.

ENG 1/2 after 1.4 overs: WICKET! England have lost both their openers! This time Shami gets Sibley’s outside edge. The Indians are pumped!

ENG 1/1 after 0.3 overs: WICKET! Dream start for India! Bumrah has removed Burns off the third ball! It took the leading edge and looped gently to cover.

6.31 pm: Target: 272 runs. Overs remaining: 60. The England openers are out in the middle and Jasprit Bumrah has the new ball in hand. Strap in, folks. We could be in for another cracking session!


IND 298/8 after 109.3 overs: England need 272 runs to win. India have 60 overs to bowl them out. Bumrah (34*) and Shami’s (56*) partnership remains unbeaten on 89.

IND 294/8 after 109 overs: Four byes! Robinson banged it in and that stayed really low. It clipped Bumrah’s thigh and ran away to the fine-leg fence. Another four! This time Bumrah drives it straight and Anderson misfields at mid-on.

6.12 pm: India haven’t declared just yet. They lead by 259 runs. Bumrah and Shami are back at the crease. The players are ready for the post-lunch session. There are 64 overs left in the day.


IND /2868 after 108 overs: The end of an absolutely extraordinary session at Lord’s. Bumrah (30* off 58) and Shami (52* off 67) have added an unbeaten stand of 77 off 111 and India now lead by 259 runs.

IND 282/8 after 106 overs: FIFTY FOR MOHAMMED SHAMI! And what a way to get there! He steps out and whacks a 92-meter six! The helmet is off in celebration and the team-mates are up in applause. Scenes at Lord’s! Take a bow, Shami.

IND 270/8 after 104 overs: Four! This time Moeen tosses it up and Shami hits it over the long-on fielder. He moves on to 40 off 54. India lead by 243 runs. Should they declare?

IND 262/8 after 102.4 overs: Bumrah struck on the helmet again, this time by Anderson. The physio comes for another check but Bumrah is smiling and seems good to go.

50-run partnership between Mohammed Shami and Jasprit Bumrah comes up as Joe Root drops a catch at slip. What an unbelievable performance this has been by the duo.

IND 257/8 after 101 overs: Anderson returns to the attack and Shami clips one over mid-wicket for four. India lead by 230. Have England been batted out of the contest?

IND 248/8 after 99 overs: Shot! Moeen tosses it up and Shami plays a gorgeous cover-drive for four. Bumrah then ends the over with a solid forward defence. Indian fans in dreamland.

IND 243/8 after 98 overs: Four! Curran gets one to shoot and it catches the top edge of Bumrah’s bat and flies over the slip cordon. England are running out of ideas here.

IND 237/8 after 97 overs: Moeen Ali comes on to bowl but that doesn’t stop Bumrah and Shami from rotating the strike freely. What a partnership this is turning out to be! India lead by 210.

IND 229/8 after 95 overs: Another brilliant straight drive from Bumrah and again it crashes into the stumps at the other end. Bumrah (14 off 23) and Shami (13 off 24) have added 20 runs for the ninth wicket. India lead by 202 runs.

India lead by 200 runs! As England continue with a short-ball tactic and defensive field, Bumrah and Shami build a crucial partnership.

IND 220/8 after 92.4 overs: Now Bumrah fails to connect and is struck on the helmet. That looked nasty. The physio is out now for the concussion protocol. This ought to fire Bumrah up when he has the ball in hand.

IND 220/8 after 92.1 overs: Four! Wood bowls it short again and Bumrah somehow slaps it for four. Replays show that there were some heated words exchanged between Bumrah and Buttler between overs. Kohli is pumped at the balcony, letting loose his regular expletives.

IND 213/8 after 91 overs: Fiery over from Wood! Bumrah is at the crease and it’s no surprise that Wood peppers him with the short stuff. Bumrah was lethal against Anderson on day three and England are returning the favour. No harm done, though.

IND 209/8 after 89.3 overs: WICKET! A wonderful slower ball from Robinson and he traps Ishant in front. India take the review but it doesn’t help. They have two wickets remaining now and lead by 182 runs. Ishant walks back for a valuable 16 off 24.

IND 207/7 after 89 overs: Another painful tumble for Mark Wood. He hurt his right shoulder on day four trying to save a boundary. He is back bowling now but seems to be in considerable pain. Maiden over that.

IND 207/7 after 88 overs: Four! Now Shami gets in on the act with a punch through extra-cover. Another good over for India, seven runs from it. They lead by 180.

IND 200/7 after 87 overs: Four! Ishant swings hard and gets an edge over the slip cordon. He then pushes the last ball through mid-wicket for two as Shami scampers back. Six runs come from that Anderson over. India lead by 173 runs.

IND 194/7 after 85.3 overs: WICKET! Rishabh Pant is gone! England get the man they wanted as Ollie Robinson strikes. Pant poked at it and edged it to Jos Buttler. He departs for 22 off 46. India lead by 167.

IND 192/6 after 85 overs: Cracking shot from Pant! He steps out to Anderson and thumps a cover-drive for four. That went off his bat like a rocket! Ishant then ends the over with a boundary through extra-cover. Priceless runs for India.

IND 183/6 after 84 overs: Robinson starts proceedings from the other end and this time Pant picks a single off the fifth ball. The last ball was a bouncer and Ishant managed to block it. No rash shots from Pant so far.

IND 182/6 after 83 overs: Pant picks a single off the fourth ball of the over and Ishant plays out the last two. Anderson wasting no time in finding his mark.

3.30 pm: Rishabh Pant holds the key as India lead by 154 runs. Can he help his team set a big target? James Anderson has the new ball in hand. This promises to be a cracking day of Test cricket. Here we go!

3.00 pm: Hello and welcome to live coverage of day five of the second Test between India and England at Lord’s.

England’s Mark Wood and Moeen Ali struck late on against India at Lord’s on Sunday to leave the second Test intriguingly poised heading into the last day.

India were 181/6 in their second innings, a lead of 154 runs, when bad light forced an early close.

The start of a fourth day of fluctuating fortunes had seen Wood remove in-form openers KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma.

And the visitors were in even greater trouble at 55-3 when Sam Curran captured the prize wicket of India captain Virat Kohli.

Cheteshwar Pujara (45) and Ajinkya Rahane (61), both of whom had previously struggled for runs this series, checked England’s progress albeit it took them a sedate 59 overs to add exactly 100 for the fourth wicket.

But from 155/3, India lost three wickets for 20 runs.