Eng 423/8 after 129 overs: Strange review by India to end the day. Huge inside edge. Ishant wanted to review it. Kohli obliged. Well, in a way, it sums up the day. England needed to bat through the day and put up some good runs and they did exactly that.

Eng 418/8 after 127.1 overs: WICKET! Fielders in the deep and Curran (15) still went for the hook shot. To India’s delight he picked out one of the fielders – Mayank Agarwal, who is on the field as a substitute fielder. England lead by 340 runs

Eng 411/7 after 126 overs: Curran and Overton have put on 27 runs to extend the lead to 333 runs. They are both looking pretty decent.

Eng 383/7 after 118.4 overs: WICKET! Moeen hits that straight to mid-on. Jadeja and India get another wicket. He hit it well but picked out Axar Patel. England lead by 305 runs.

Eng 383/6 after 117.2 overs: BOWLED! Root walking back after being bowled by Bumrah. A terrific delivery, nipped back between bat and pad. 121 off 165. The England skipper has done the job for his team once again. A simply brilliant knock.

Eng 378/5 after 116 overs: England lead by 300 runs. The focus is now simply on how long England want to bat on. There is still a lot of time left in the match. Root is on 116 and Moeen Ali is giving him company on 8.

Eng 360/5 after 107 overs: WICKET! Buttler throws it away. Shami gets another one but this time the batsman gave him a helping hand. Picked out the fielder. He is such a nervous starter. Kohli, meanwhile, is laughing again.

Eng 349/4 after 107 overs: WICKET! Kohli takes a good low catch in the slips to send back Bairstow (29 off 43). Shami the bowler. Kohli, at first slip, kept his eyes on the ball even as Pant dived across. India needed this.

Eng 349/3 after 107 overs: Bairstow starting to open his shoulders now. He clubs Jadeja for a six and if India aren’t careful, this could get ugly (that is if this isn’t already it). Another four to end the over. England lead by 271 runs.

Eng 333/3 after 104 overs: ROOOOOOOOOOOT! 100 off 124 balls. A most brilliant of innings. Test match hundred No 23. The England captain in his home county ground scores another hundred. His sixth of the year, and third in this series.

Eng 323/3 after 102 overs: England lead by 250 runs now and this is just Day 2. They can bat on for another day and they will still have enough time to try and bowl out India.

Eng 313/3 after 100 overs: England are motoring along thanks to Root. He finished the Siraj over with a wonderful straight drive for four and has scored 93 off 116 balls.

Eng 301/3 after 97 overs: Maiden over from Jadeja and the umpire went up for a bit. It seemed like the ball might have bounced off the foot into the gloves of the keeper. But replays showed it cleared bounced. Bairstow still there.

Eng 301/3 after 96 overs: Bairstow will take a bit to get set but he could be really dangerous given the match situation. The lead is 223 runs.

Eng 298/3 after 95 overs: Bairstow in the middle and the session starts with a maiden over.

The post-tea session begins.

Eng 298/3 after 94 overs: WICKET! Nothing happening. Malan beaten down the leg side. Siraj convinced there was an edge. Pant didn’t hear it. Kohli decided to take the review anyway and there is an edge! At long last, India have a wicket as they go in for tea. Malan made 70 off 128 balls.

Eng 292/2 after 92 overs: The lead has now grown to 214. India are trying some stuff in the middle but nothing seems to be working.

Eng 282/2 after 90 overs: Siraj and India going to Plan B now. The short ball and the fielders in the deep and it almost worked. Root got a top edge off a slowish bouncer but it dropped short of fine leg.

Eng 274/2 after 89 overs: England lead by 200 runs now. India are playing the waiting game; waiting for England to hopefully make a mistake. This is perhaps where they need to try something – maybe go short a lot more or at least set up some sort of trap.

Eng 274/2 after 88 overs: Siraj into the attack. The novelty of the new ball has worn off rather quickly and Kohli has run out of ideas as well.

Eng 269/2 after 87 overs: Ishant back into the attack and he looks completely out of rhythm. Two no-balls and a four ball in the over. In 15 overs, he has conceded 59 runs and looked out of sorts at all times.

Eng 259/2 after 86 overs: Fifty for Malan too! A superb knock in his comeback. He has enjoyed his time in the middle. 50 off 99 and he also brings up his 100-run stand with Root in the same over.

Eng 256/2 after 85 overs: There was just one run-scoring shot played in the over but it was worth the price of admission. A backfoot punch by Root. Waited for it, then got nn the toes, on top of the bounce and just punched it through the covers. Class.

Eng 252/2 after 84 overs: A bit too wide from Shami and Malan played some punishing square cuts either side of Ishant Sharma. He moves on to 49.

Eng 243/2 after 83 overs: Time for a drinks break and heaven knows India need it. Root (56) and Malan (41) have stepped on the accelerator and put on 45 runs in the last 10 overs.

Eng 239/2 after 82 overs: 51 off 57. Root on the charge and looking so good while doing it. Some exquisite shots being played. The truly worrisome part for India is how he doesn’t even seem to be pushing it. He is making batting look easy at the moment. Far too easy.

Eng 230/2 after 81 overs: The margin of error for the Indian bowlers is very small now. The batsmen are well set and there is little in the pitch for the bowlers. The new ball might give them something though.

Second new ball taken by India. England are 226/2, a lead of 148.

Eng 221/2 after 79 overs: England lead by 143 runs. They are bringing out the shots and India are but mere spectators at the moment. So much will hinge on India’s batting effort in the second innings but they need England to have a not too sizeable lead.

Eng 204/2 after 74 overs: Root (35) going along merrily here, he has overtaken Malan who has added just one run after lunch. He looks determined to push the scoring rate up and if this goes on for a while, it will force Kohli to set defensive fields too.

Eng 196/2 after 71 overs: Root has come in and scored at a fair clip already. He has the natural ability to keep things ticking along. Two fours in the Jadeja over – one off a full toss and one off the back foot. The England skipper has scored 27 runs off 25 balls.

The sun makes an appearance for the first time today. A peek and then it goes away again.

Eng 182/2 after 69 overs: Jadeja starts off with a quick maiden. Barely took a minute.

Time for the post-lunch session to begin. Jadeja it is.

Eng 182/2 after 68 overs: And that is lunch. 62 runs, 2 wickets, 26 overs in the session. England have done well in overcast conditions but India have got a couple of wickets too. A shared session but England well ahead in the game. Malan (27) and Root (14) in the middle for England.

Eng 170/2 after 66 overs: A bit of a mix-up in the middle. Malan dabbed it towards point and set off. Root wasn’t as sure. A misfield ensured they went through eventually.

Eng 169/2 after 65 overs: Root in the middle now. He isn’t short on confidence and Malan might feed off that too. For India, though, getting him will be a huge boost. Interesting phase of play coming up.

Eng 159/2 after 63 overs: WICKET! Jadeja with the much-needed breakthrough. Hameed (68) played inside the line, the ball turned and hit the top of the off-stump. A fine innings. It was just what England needed.

Jadeja comes into the attack. Some footmarks for him to exploit.

Eng 158/1 after 62 overs: Hameed and Malan are staying patient in the middle and India’s bowlers are being forced to do the same. Because of India’s collapse of Day 1, there is a lot of time left in the game and England are in no hurry. They don’t need to be.

Eng 153/1 after 60 overs: The runs are coming at the moment but England won’t mind this. The workload on the Indian bowlers is increasing all the time. Siraj still hasn’t got his line yet though.

Eng 149/1 after 59 overs: Hameed gets through the rest of the over safely but Bumrah will feel he has something to work on.

Eng 149/1 after 58.2 overs: Hameed tried to duck a bouncer from Bumrah, takes his eyes off the ball and gets hit on the helmet. Seems okay though but he might get a few more short ones heading his way now.

Eng 149/1 after 58 overs: A bit too short and wide from Siraj in his first over and he gets smashed for two fours by Malan. England lead by 71 runs.

Siraj coming into the attack for the first time today.

Eng 141/1 after 57 overs: Another maiden over. That makes it four maiden overs on the trot.

Eng 141/1 after 56 overs: Shami persisting with the round-the-wicket line of attack. Getting a few to nip back in quite sharply.

Time for a drinks break. England lead by 63 runs.

Eng 141/1 after 55 overs: A maiden over by Bumrah. Hameed looking a little shaky in the middle.

Eng 141/1 after 54 overs: The last ball of the Shami over should give India another clue of what they need to do more of. It was pitched up, Malan went for the expansive drive, connected with nothing but air. Smiles all around.

Eng 140/1 after 53 overs: Bumrah still a little short but he needs to pitch it up even more to Malan, who is much more comfortable off the back foot. After two deliveries from over the wicket, the pacer decided to go round the wicket to the left-hander.

Eng 136/1 after 52 overs: Shami and Bumrah, bowling in tandem finally. They won’t make it easy for the batsmen. England lead by 58 runs.

Eng 135/1 after 51 overs: Dawid Malan joins Hameed in the middle. A chance for him to score some big runs and make an impression. Bumrah getting some movement. Nothing extravagant but this was a change that should have been made a long time back.

Bumrah being brought into the attack. Ishant gets a break.

Eng 135/1 after 50 overs: WICKET! Shami gets one to nip back and hit the top of off-stump. Perfect. Burns walking back after a fine 61.

Eng 135/0 after 49 overs: Ishant continues. He gets one to go past the bat too. But where is Bumrah? Where is Siraj?

Eng 133/0 after 48 overs: Still not enough swing for India’s bowlers. England’s openers starting to get set again.

Eng 121/0 after 44 overs: Shami comes on from the other end and he started off with a maiden over. Steady stuff but India want wickets and they want the bowlers to pitch it up.

Eng 121/0 after 43 overs: Ishant Sharma started things off for India on Day 2 too. Many thought he should have gone with Bumrah and Shami to start the day but he went with the veteran again. After a few widish deliveries, he got it closer to where he wanted to ideally be.

Day 2: India’s bowlers would have had a chance to look at what they were getting wrong but it will be interesting to see whether they can execute their plans. The pitch map showed that India were a bit all over the place and not as full as the England bowlers were. To get back in the game, India need early wickets. Habeeb Hameed and Rory Burns will have to get set again and it is overcast at Headingley. Too early to start dreaming again but India will have to make a start somewhere.

Day 1: England great James Anderson ripped through the top order as India collapsed to 78 all out in the third Test at Headingley on Wednesday before openers Rory Burns and Haseeb Hameed capped a near-perfect first day for Joe Root’s men with an unbroken stand of 120.

Anderson took 3-6 in eight overs – a haul that included the prize dismissal of India captain Virat Kohli, who won the toss.

Already the most successful fast bowler in Test history, Anderson now has 629 wickets at this level.

He was well supported by Sam Curran and Craig Overton, who both took two wickets in two balls.

Overton finished with 3-14 in 10.4 overs after being recalled in place of injured fast bowler Mark Wood.

Nevertheless, there remained the worry for England, beset by top-order woes during a run of seven Tests without a win, of a similar collapse.

But Burns and Hameed - England’s 22nd Test-opening pair since Andrew Strauss retired nine years ago – saw them to a first-innings lead of 42 at stumps.