Player of the match Rohit Sharma: “Really glad that we (batters) could get the team into a good position. We knew about the pressure on the batting unit. We just kept our head down and wanted to put pressure on their bowlers... I wasn’t under pressure (to get a first overseas Test ton). Just wanted to contribute for the team. Glad I could do that... Hopefully, I will be fit for the next Test. Doesn’t look too bad at the moment. The physio has asked me to not look too far ahead at the moment.”

Virat Kohli: “The best thing about both the wins in this series has been the character shown by the players. We don’t look to survive. If there’s an opportunity to put the opposition under pressure, we will go for it... Today was definitely one of the top 3 bowling performances in my captaincy experience... Jasprit just told me give me the ball, and he got the job done... What Shardul has done in this game will be remembered for a long time. The way he batted in the second innings was outstanding... We don’t bother about the noise on the outside. We believe completely in the batting and bowling combinations we go in with.”


ENG 210/10 after 92.2 overs: Anderson is the last man to be dismissed as he edges it to Pant. Umesh gets his third wicket of the innings and sixth of the match. Virat Kohli and Co have taken a 2-1 lead in the series with one last match to play. And the win has been achieved on the back of a stellar bowling performance on day 5 at The Oval.

ENG 210/9 after 91 overs: Robinson hit a wonderful on-drive for four earlier in the over but Umesh struck him on the shoulder with a bouncer to end the over. The ball flew up and landed just ahead of a diving Pant. England even managed to pick up a single to keep Anderson away from strike.

ENG 205/9 after 90 overs: Oh boy, Bumrah with the second new ball in hand and Anderson on strike. He starts off with a short ball that is defended and follows that up with a yorker that is guided to deep backward square-leg for one. Robinson survives the rest of the over and takes a single off the last ball.

ENG 202/9 after 88.5 overs: WICKET! There it is. Umesh strikes immediately after getting the second new ball. Overton is clean bowled and India are just one wicket away now. The right-hander got square-up completely and even got hit on his right elbow. He seemed to be in great pain as he walked off.

India have taken the second new ball. There are 34 overs left in the day. Umesh to start off.

ENG 202/8 after 88 overs: Jadeja returns to the attack and bowls a maiden over. He bowls from over the wicket and Robinson defends well.

ENG 202/8 after 87 overs: Four! Umesh bangs the last ball of the over in and Overton opens the face of his bat to guide it through the two slip fielders. That could’ve been out if there was another slip fielder.

ENG 198/8 after 86 overs: Bumrah bowls four consecutive bouncers and follows that up with a yorker, but Robinson was up to the task. India might want to take the second new ball now. This one has become very soft.

ENG 197/8 after 85 overs: Robinson guides one for four past gully and Umesh follows that up with a sharp bouncer that strikes the right-hander, who took evasive action, on the arm.

India are yet to take the second new ball. They are happy to exploit the reverse swing on offer with the old ball.

8.30 pm: The players are back on the field for the final session of what has been a thrilling Test match. India are two wickets away from the win. England need 175 runs. Here we go!


That was a sensational session by India’s bowlers. Bumrah picked two, Jadeja picked two, and Shardul and Umesh picked one each. India are just two wickets away from another famous win.

ENG 193/8 after 84.1 overs: WICKET! Umesh returns to the attack and gets the key wicket of Woakes. There was a catching mid-wicket in place and Woakes flicked it straight to him.

ENG 193/7 after 84 overs: Overton survives! Bumrah gets it to reverse in sharply and Overton gets struck on his front pad. The umpire raises his finger but the review shows the ball missing leg.

ENG 185/7 after 82 overs: DROPPED! Bumrah returns to the attack and gets one to climb on Overton. The edge loops wide of Rahane at gully, he dives and gets both hands at it but can’t hold on. India will be hungry for another wicket before tea.

ENG 182/7 after 80.1 overs: WICKET! Shardul Thakur returns to the attack and strikes with his very first ball. And it’s the MASSIVE wicket of Joe Root! The ball took the inside edge and crashed into the stumps. The Indians are ecstatic and Root can’t believe what has happened. He departs for 36 off 78.

ENG 181/6 after 79 overs: Shot! Another boundary for Root. This time Siraj pitches it wide and Root drives it past extra-cover with minimum fuss. India are just one over away from the second new ball.

ENG 169/6 after 77 overs: Close shout against Woakes! Siraj gets one to jag back in and it strikes the right-hander on the back leg. The umpire says not out and Kohli doesn’t take the review (India have one remaining). And the replay shows it would’ve been umpire’s call as the ball was only clipping the stumps.

ENG 160/6 after 75 overs: Shot! Welcome boundary for England. Siraj gets too straight and full, Root presents the full face of the bat and plays a classy on-drive for four.

ENG 153/6 after 74 overs: Umesh starts off after the drinks break and bowls a quiet over. There are 48 overs left in the day.

ENG 150/6 after 73 overs: Siraj replaces Bumrah in the attack and concedes just a single in his 11th over. England need 218 runs to win, that seems a long, long way away now. What a dizzying hour after lunch this has been.

ENG 149/6 after 72 overs: Now a maiden over from Jadeja to Woakes. The left-arm spinner has been brilliant as well. Since lunch, India have barely given an inch.

ENG 149/6 after 71 overs: Another fiery over from Bumrah! Bouncer, yorker, reverse swing, length ball attacking the stumps – he is at the top of his game. Root using all his skills to keep him out. This is blockbuster Test cricket.

ENG 149/6 after 69 overs: Jasprit. Bumrah. Is. On. Fire! Joe Root, the best batsman in Test cricket at the moment, just about hung in there in that over. Bumrah is running in hard and getting late swing, and the in-swinging yorker is absolutely lethal at the moment Chris Woakes is the other batsman. England are well and truly under the pump.

ENG 147/6 after 67.2 overs: WICKET! This match has turned on its head after lunch! Now Jadeja removes Moeen with a simple catch to short-leg. After Bairstow, it’s Moeen walking back for a duck. India are 4 wickets away from the win!

ENG 146/5 after 66.3 overs: WICKET! Jasprit Bumrah dismisses Jonny Bairstow for a duck with a sensational in-swinging yorker that rattles the stumps. England have lost half their side.

ENG 146/4 after 66 overs: India lose a review! Jadeja struck Root on the back leg and the umpire said not out but Kohli went for the review. The replay showed that the ball had pitched outside leg. It’s all happening at the moment!

ENG 146/4 after 64.5 overs: WICKET! Jasprit Bumrah gets his 100th Test wicket! It was angled in and nipped away a bit to clean up Ollie Pope. India have started the second session with fire!

ENG 145/3 after 64 overs: Another good over from Jadeja. He’s bowling from over the wicket to the right-handed batsmen and attacking the rough outside leg. Kohli has a leg-slip and short-leg in place for him.

ENG 144/3 after 63 overs: Pope has come out looking positive. He gets off the mark with an on-the-rise against Bumrah drive through extra-cover for two.

ENG 141/3 after 61.3 overs: WICKET! What a start to the post-lunch session for India! Jadeja has removed the set batsmen Hameed by rattling his stumps. It turned from the rough outside leg and beat the bat. Hameed walks back for 63 off 193. Ollie Pope is the new batsman.

ENG 140/2 after 61 overs: Bumrah bowls a tight over but Pant ends up conceding two byes at the end as the ball goes straight through him. Kohli looks pumped, trying hard to charge up his players.

ENG 136/2 after 60 overs: Poor start from Jadeja. He bowls a full-toss first up and Root reverse-sweeps it for four. The left-arm spinner then bowls a no-ball as well. Five runs from that over.

6.11 pm: It’s time for the second last session of this rollercoaster of a Test match. India need 8 wickets to win. England need 237 runs to win. Here we go!

Eng 131/2 after 59 overs: And that is lunch on Day 5. In the session, 27 overs, 54 runs, 2 wickets. Match still evenly poised. England started the day very solidly thanks to Burns and Hameed but Thakur, coming on in the 40th over, got India the breakthrough and then a run out of Malan kept India interested. Kohli and Co have the edge and the runs on board. Can England do the incredible?

237 runs needed in two sessions, a minimum of 63 overs to be bowled.

Eng 130/2 after 58 overs: Umesh comes back into the attack and Kohli will hope he can produce another beauty to send back Root.

Eng 124/2 after 57 overs: A single for Root but England just hoping to take this to lunch without losing another wicket.

Eng 123/2 after 55 overs: Siraj getting one to go through Root, beating him with the movement. He is the big player here. India get him early and England will crumble. He bats on and the pressure will go back on India.

Eng 120/2 after 53.1 overs: WICKET! A run out. Malan (5) walking back but a poor call by Hameed, who is suddenly looking so nervous in the middle. Good throw by Agarwal. England suddenly looking so nervous in the middle.

India as they decided whether to take the review against Malan or not... Screenshot / Sony Liv

Eng 119/1 after 52 overs: Malan survives! No shot offered, reviewed and it comes down to umpire’s call. He looked to play it with the front pad, picked the wrong line and the ball hit the back pad. Very close. Very lucky.

Eng 119/1 after 50 overs: Hameed moves on to 59 off 153 while Malan has 5 off 26.

Eng 116/1 after 49 overs: England need 252 runs to win. Still a long way to go. But that shot by Hameed would just made everyone in the dressing room wonder why he did that... is the pitch? is it the bowler? What just happened there?

Eng 112/1 after 47.5 overs: SIRAJ DROPS IT! Hameed, on 55, hammered it to mid-on off Jadeja and Siraj failed to hold on. Big miss. The fielder also hurt himself in the process. The physio was on the field. Easy catch. Regulation catch.

First slip, leg slip, silly point, short leg. Jadeja’s field for Malan.

Eng 111/1 after 47 overs: Shardul keeps it steady. He is troubling the left-hander and has been getting some movement from round the wicket. Got one to go past Malan’s bat and that will keep the slips interested too.

Eng 109/1 after 46 overs: From time to time, Jadeja is getting some sharp turn from the rough. One bounced and had Malan in all sorts of trouble. He survived. Time for a drinks break.

Eng 109/1 after 45 overs: England need 259 runs with 9 wickets in hand. Some easy singles on offer. Earlier in the day, Pope had said that England can catch with the scoring rate if they need to later.

Eng 104/1 after 43 overs: Thakur continues from the other end. He has the knack of getting the odd ball to do something. The batsmen can get off guard. Kohli will hope the medium pacer can get him another wicket in the session.

Eng 103/1 after 42 overs: Three runs from the Jadeja over and that helped Hameed get to his 50 (off 123 balls). A solid innings by the England opener. He has been very watchful. Malan, the left-hander, is in. That keeps the rough in play.

Jadeja into the attack from the other end. Double change for India.

Eng 100/1 after 40.4 overs: WICKET! Fifty and out. Thakur produces some magic. Gets the ball to straighten from round the wicket. and Burns edges it. 50 off 125. Solid knock but what a ball!

It isn’t Jadeja. Thakur comes into the attack for the first time in the innings.

Eng 94/0 after 40 overs: Another two runs off the Bumrah over. How much longer before Jadeja is brought into the attack?

Eng 92/0 after 39 overs: Six welcome runs for England off the Umesh over. Nothing happening for the bowlers.

Update: India head coach Ravi Shastri has tested positive for Covid-19 in the confirmatory RT-PCR test as well and will remain in isolation for at least the next 10 days, ruling him out of the team’s fifth and final Test against England in Manchester this week.

Eng 86/0 after 38 overs: One from the Bumrah over. The Indians have bowled decently but England are just looking to get their eye in and get settled. Nothing much in the wicket for the bowler. Nice easy pace for batting.

Eng 85/0 after 37 overs: Lot of chatter around in the field. The spirits are high at the moment, as they should be. The day is just starting.

Eng 84/0 after 36 overs: Another maiden over for Bumrah. All the runs today have come off Umesh.

Eng 84/0 after 35 overs: Another single from Umesh over. On the legs and Burns got his first run of the day. And then another ball on the legs gave Hameed another single. The line hasn’t been good. Then, dabbed to the third man boundary line by Burns to end the over.

Eng 78/0 after 34 overs: Bumrah starts with a maiden over. Lots of fielders in close, trying to prevent the quick single. Three on the off-side. Three on the leg. Two slips. Just the second over of the day, the bowler and the batsmen trying to work out what is happening and what isn’t.

Eng 78/0 after 33 overs: Umesh starts things off with a ball down the leg side. And a few more on the legs. No swing on display. The ball isn’t new. India would love an early breakthrough.

Players are back on the field. Play is all set to begin on Day 5. Here we go!

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the fifth and final day of the fourth Test between India and England at The Oval. With England needing 291 runs to win with all ten wickets intact, it promises to be a belter of a final day as all three results are very much possible. Can India take the wickets they need or will England pull off a remarkable chase or will the two teams settle for a share of spoilts and take it to the fifth Test? Hang around for all the updates.