This is a multi-format series so Australia hasn’t won yet. But the next match will be the final ODI and a chance for India to work on their problem areas. Join us on Sunday for he third ODI. Meanwhile, the winning moments from Australia’s 26th STRAIGHT ODI WIN. Perhaps the most exciting of the streak. And this year.

So... that was some match yeah? From India celebrating a win, to the no ball call and Australia running the final two, it all felt like the climax to a sports biopic.

How did Australia chase down 275 after Alyssa Healy, Meg Lanning and Ellyse Perry went out within 10 overs?
An all-time great century from Beth Mooney, who was only promoted to open after Rachael Haynes was injured. Tahlia McGrath and Nicola Carey showed the value of batting deep and all-rounders. And of course, the experience of similar pressure situations in a certain, highly competitive domestic league called WBBL.

For India, there are many positives after the drubbing in the opener: Smriti Mandhana finding form, Richa Ghosh settling in the middle order, partnerships! But many, many more lessons they have to still learn. First one – Fielding, fielding, and fielding.


An unbelievably dramatic end to an incredibly exciting match to keep Australia’s amazing unbeaten run in ODIs alive.

Carey and Mooney run the final two like their life depended on it and they make it to seal a memorable win. WHAT. A. MATCH!

Correction: The umpires have amended the equation to 2 runs off 1 ball as the single is not counted

INDIA WIN.... or have they?
Carey is caught out, but they ran a single.... and they are checking for a no ball! Talk about last-gasp drama. Multiple replays and the third umpire confirms the delivery was high enough to be a NO BALL. That means Carey is not out and Australia need 1 to win off 1.
Heartbreak for India.... they were already celebrating.

Fourth ball – Another single.

Fifth ball – A quick double

3 runs needed off 1 ball to win, 2 for Super Over

8 needed off 4 balls

Third ball – A NO BALL! A beamer... possibly slipped out, clatters into Carey’s helmet. She apologises, the player is checked but Australia get a free hit.
Third ball, reprise – a single as the keeper collects but can’t hit the mark.

13 runs needed in 6 balls

First ball – 3 runs... one off overthrow. Not a great start.
Second ball – a quick double

Jhulan Goswami to bowl the final over.... India going with the most experienced player to deliver the decisive over. Mooney on 122 off 131, Carry on 33 off 32. Here we go!

Australia 261/5, need 13 runs in 6 balls

Gayakwad to bowl the penultimate over and Mooney smacks a four on the second ball after surviving an appeal on the first. Nerves all over, as Mooney top edges behind the keeper and survives and then Rodrigues spills a half chance at the boundary. 10 runs off the over.

Australia 252/5, need 23 runs in 12 balls

Poonam Yadav to continue as India continue with spin at the death. That means Jhulan Goswami won’t finish her spell. Doesn’t quite work out as she goes for 10 runs, with a boundary off the last ball. Mooney. batting on 114 and carrying her bat, looks a little exhausted but she is keeping her team in the hunt.

Australia 242/5, need 33 off 18

Going down to the wire... all results possible. (There is a Super Over though)

HUNDRED for Beth Mooney! Her second ODI ton comes off 117 balls
An outstanding effort from the regular T20I opener, who was only promoted up because of Haynes’ injury but has grabbed the chance made a difficult chase look almost smooth. Australia 234/5, need 41 off 24

Australia 229/5 after 45 overs, need 46 runs in 30 balls

India’s fielding levels dropping, as the shoulders droop in face of this Australian onslaught. A missed stumping chance off Carey piles on the woe. The 50-run stand comes up between Carey and Mooney, off just 39 balls.
The required runs below 50 now as Mooney is just 2 short of a hundred.

Australia 210/5 after 42 overs, need 65 off 48 balls

13 runs off the Vastrakar over as Carey & Mooney are pushing close to the required run rate. Mooney on 89, nearing what will be a well deserved ton.

Australia 197/5 after 41 overs, need 78 off 54 balls

Another over, another early boundary. Mooney masterclass continues.

Into the business end of this match. 10 overs to go. What a finish we have on the cards! Australia 188/5, need 87 off 60 balls.

Australia 184/5 after 39 overs, need 91 off 66 balls

The batters will keep coming for Australia though. Carey gets going in no time. 6 off 3 balls.

Over 38.3: WICKET! Tahlia McGrath (74) c Yastika Bhatia b Deepti Sharma, 178/5

That’s the breakthrough India had been desperate for. Comes from perhaps one of the poorer deliveries from Deepti Sharma, but India won’t care. Banged in short, could have been hit anywhere, but McGrath finds the fielder at short-fine.

Australia 175/4 after 38 overs

Six runs, easily done, from Gayakwad’s over. The dew on the field, two well-set batters... India not exactly looking threatening with the ball in hand at the moment. 100 needed off 72 balls.

Australia 169/4 after 37 overs, need 106 runs in 78 balls

A boundary over mid-on for Mooney in Meghna’s over. From the sidelines, Lanning says that the plan was to keep the rate around 9.00 going into the final 10, they are well on track for bettering that.

Australia 160/4 after 36 overs, need 115 runs in 84 balls

Another boundary through the leg side for McGrath, played brilliantly behind square. 8 runs from that over, Aussies are cruising it feels at this point.

Australia 152/4 after 35 overs, need 123 runs in 90 balls

The required run rate is at 8 but the stand between McGrath and Mooney is worth 100 now (from 116 balls) and the many Indian bowling combinations tried are not getting a breakthrough. This also brings up the 150 for Australia.

FIFTY for Beth Mooney, her ninth in ODIs!

Mooney, batting lower down the order in ODIs, was promoted to opener due to Haynes’ injury and she has made the most of the chance.

FIFTY for Tahlia McGrath, her first in ODIs!
What a time to get her first ODI fifty, coming off 57 balls, outscoring opener Mooney. The young all-rounder was handy with the ball earlier, and now is keeping Australia alive in the chase.

Australia 118/4 after 30 overs. (Target 275)

Jhulan Goswami is back into the attack in the 30th over as Indian spinners fail to get the breakthrough. Four runs off the her over.

Australia 110/4 after 28 overs. (Target 275)

Correction: Poonam Yadav is now bowling from the other end as India go for spinners in tandem. But she goes for a boundary again, with 8 runs coming off the over.

Australia 102/4 after 27 overs. (Target 275)

Deepti Sharma comes into the attack as Poonam Yadav is taken off after the 11-run over. The 100 comes up for Australia in the 27th over, as does the 50-run stand off 67 balls) between Mooney and McGrath. No boundary in this over though.

An injury update on Shafali Verma, who is off field. Jemimah Rodrigues is in as substitute fielder.

Australia 92/4 after 25 overs. (Target 275)

The partnership between Mooney and McGrath is burgeoning and is worth 40 runs now. McGrath has smacked three boundaries in the last two overs, two off one Yadav over with 11 coming off it.
At the halfway mark, Australia need more than 7 runs per over. A very tall ask, but a team like this can never be counted out.

Australia 68/4 after 21 overs. (Target 275)

Poonam Yadav comes into the attack, replacing Gayakwad. Interesting how Australia will play her, is she the spinner they will look to attack or keep playing from the back? Two runs off her first over.

Australia 66/4 after 20 overs. (Target 275)

Mooney and McGrath are trying to rebuild against the seam and spin combination of Vastrakar and Gayakwad, but it’s all India at the moment. Big shout for caught behind in the 20th over but umpire doesn’t think so.

WICKET! Ash Gardner is out on 12 off 24, Australia 52/4. (Target 275)

Pooja Vastrakar, after that direct hit, comes into the attack and has a wicket in her first over. She breaks a partnership that was starting to gain strength as Gardner edges to Yastika Bhatia at slips. Tahlia McGrath in at No 6.

Australia 44/3 after 14 overs. (Target 275)

Good couple of overs as Indian bowlers apply the breaks to Australia’s scoring. The required rate is already over 6 and their current run rate is at at 3.

Australia 35/3 after 11 overs. (Target 275)

Spin comes into the attack with Rajeshwari Gayakwad playing her first international since the South Africa series in March. She’s already made an impact with that stunning catch. Just 1 run off her first over.

WICKET! Ellyse Perry is run out on 2 off 7. Australia 34/3 after 10 overs.
The third Australian wicket falls in the Powerplay. Perry is run-out and she does not even wait for the third umpire. Direct hit from Vastrakar gets her. What a start from India!
Ash Gardner walks in at No 5.

Australia 24/2 after 8 overs (Target 275)

Beth Mooney, the opener in T20Is, looking to keep the scoreboard ticking with a boundary in apiece against Goswami and Singh. Ellyse Perry is the new batter in.

WICKET! Meg Lanning is out on 6 off 21, Australia 11/2 after 6 overs.

Make that all three batters who scored a fifty in the first ODI are out in the first six overs, what a start for India. Meghna Singh gets the wicket as Rajeshwari Gayakwad takes a very good, running-and-tumbling catch at the boundary line.

Australia 8/1 after 5 overs. Australia need 275 runs to win

Both Alyssa Healy (bowled by Goswami) and Rachael Haynes (out with injury in training), who were the standout players in the last match with Meg Lanning, are out. A chance for the rest of the Australian batting lineup to stand up, but a big opportunity for India too given this will be the first international for most of them in five months.

Australia 2/1 after 4 overs. Australia need 275 runs to win

Brilliant start from India. Jhulan Goswami strikes in her first over to send the dangerous Alyssa Healy back on a duck.

What a way to bounce back after the, in all honestly, drubbing in the first ODI.

India’s 274/7 has been built on all aspects of the batting clicking at a basic level – a solid opening stand, a senior making a big score, a youngster providing the spark, the lower order playing a cameo and partnerships at all levels. And such is this is Indian batting order that one could say that is was not even them at their peak!

India have now given themselves a genuine chance to win this match, draw level and end Australia’s famed 25-match ODI win streak. An innings, under lights with dew to go, but this is the kind of performance India needed to spark the self-belief that this team usually has in plenty.

The hosts, without in-form opener Rachael Haynes, bat deep and strong but will have to pull off their second highest successful run chase and the highest during their unbeaten streak to win this match.

Stay tuned and join us for Australia’s chase.

India finish on 274/7 – set Australia their highest target of their winning streak

The 50-run stand between Goswami and Vastrakar comes up in the final over, for less than run a ball, and it has been vital. Vastrakar is bowled by Molineux on the last ball of the innings but not before India have set a target that will genuinely challenge the hosts. It’s GAME ON!

India 270/6 after 49 overs. Pooja Vastrakar 26 off 32, Jhulan Goswami 27 off 24

Another boundary for Goswami and India are surely getting to a score that can give them a solid chance to end the famed Australian streak. 11 runs off the over from Darlington. One more to go.

India 259/6 after 48 overs. Pooja Vastrakar 24 off 30, Jhulan Goswami 19 off 20

Just the one over for Perry then as spinner Molineux comes in and gives away just 5 runs.

India 254/6 after 47 overs. Pooja Vastrakar 21 off 27, Jhulan Goswami 17 off 17

The 250 comes up for India in 46.1 overs with four wickets in hand. The mark set by the coach before the series has been reached. This is also now the highest target Australia have had to chase in their ongoing 250match winning streak. Is today the day? An innings under lights still to go, of course.

India 248/6 after 46 overs. Pooja Vastrakar 19 off 25, Jhulan Goswami 14 off 13

Ellyse Perry comes back into the attack to bowl what is just her fifth over. This should be seen as an opportunity as she has not been in the best of touches. And it is indeed, with 10 runs coming off it.
Vastrakar gets a boundary off a wonderful cover drive and Goswami top edges a short ball over the keeper for another.

India 238/6 after 45 overs. Pooja Vastrakar 14 off 22, Jhulan Goswami 9 off 10

Finally, a boundary as a Goswami cuts through the inner circle and find the gap. India need more of that with five overs to go.

India 231/6 after 44 overs. Pooja Vastrakar 13 off 21, Jhulan Goswami 3 off 5

Couple of close run out calls in the last two overs, and no boundaries. The two are trying to swing and score runs but the Australian bowlers are keeping it tight and tidy in the slog overs.

WICKET! Deepti Sharma is out on 23 off 34.
A third wicket for Tahlia McGrath as Sharma’s loft can’t clear the boundary rope. The stand is broken on 22 off 31 and Jhulan Goswami, who played a crucial cameo down the order in the last match, comes in next.

India 221/5 after 42 overs. Deepti Sharma 23 off 33, Pooja Vastrakar 7 off 15

A sedate couple of overs as the boundaries dry up post Ghosh’s dismissal.

India 213/5 after 40 overs. Deepti Sharma 19 off 28, Pooja Vastrakar 3 off 8

The 200 comes up for India and with 10 overs to go, the team is very well placed for a score that challenge the storied Australian batting lineup. But this batting line-up doesn’t bat very deep so the onus will be on the two all-rounders in the middle to score the bulk of the runs. Both Sharma and Vastrakar have the ability to hit the shots and this score should give them the launchpad needed.

India 199/5 after 37 overs. Richa Ghosh out on 44 off 50

Living dangerously but getting the rewards for it, as Richa Ghosh and Deepti Sharma keep the scoreboard moving by going for their shots with positive intent. Both Darcie Brown and Tahlia McGrath coming under the pump here....

And just as I finish typing that, Richa Ghosh is bowled by McGrath on 44 off 50 at the stroke of the 37th over. But before the wicket, they had put on a partnership of 28 off 29, which can be seen as a small win for the Indian middle order.

Pooja Vastrakar is the new batter in.

India 182/3 after 34 overs. Richa Ghosh 39 off 45, Deepti Sharma 0 off 5

0 4 0 0 0 6 – That’s one way to rejig after the fall of the set batter! Richa Ghosh takes the attack to Darcie Brown in the very next over to take charge of the innings as the set batter now. This is why she was handed an ODI debut this series, this is why she was promoted to No 5.

WICKET! Smriti Mandhana is out on 86 off 94.

Tahlia McGrath gets the set batter as the Indian opener flicks it straight to the fielder at point and Beth Mooney takes a low catch. Very similar to her dismissal in the first match.
What a shame as Mandhana falls short of a century and walks back in the 33rd over after laying the foundation for a big score. Also, the promising partnership is broken on 76, big breakthrough for Australia at a crucial juncture.

Deepti Sharma is the new bat in.

Last 5 overs – 26 runs and no wickets. Mandhana and Ghosh have done well to keep the scoreboard ticking.

India 145/3 after 27 overs. Smriti Mandhana 67 off 79, Richa Ghosh 22 off 23

The 50-run partnership between Mandhana and Ghosh comes up in 46 balls. This is a good rebuilding act after the fall of three quick wickets and the gamble to send Ghosh ahead of Sharma and Vastrakar seems to have worked so far. But, as the commentator points out, 12 of those 50 runs have come from extras.

India 128/3 after 25 overs. Smriti Mandhana 58 off 71, Richa Ghosh 19 off 19

After several overs of pace in tandem, spinner Ash Gardner is back in the attack and bowls another tidy over. Pacer Hannah Darlington is introduced from the other end and is edged for a boundary on the first ball.
India are placed well at the halfway mark, with a set batter and a big-hitter on crease together. At this point, the mark of 250 should be just the minimum target.

India 106/3 after 21 overs. Smriti Mandhana 55 off 64, Richa Ghosh 2 off 2

Finally, a good over for India as Mandhana gets a boundary off Carey, who had bowled a maiden to Bhatia earlier. 8 runs off it as India get back to rebuilding after 3 quick wickets.

WICKET! Yastika Bhatia is out on 3 off 14.

No repeat of last match heroics for the youngster as a short ball from Darcie Brown gets her. Doesn’t get anything on the shot which makes for an easy catch at square leg.
But the Indian innings gets interesting as Richa Ghosh, whose late cameo was instrumental in India crossing 200 in the first ODI, is promoted up at No 5 in her second ODI.

FIFTY for Smriti Mandhana!

The southpaw has stepped up and how, scoring her 19th ODI half-century after being under pressure in the format. It’s very important she continues on and builds on the start. The task now is to guide Bhatia at the other end like she did with Verma, and see through what she has started.

WICKET! Mithali Raj is out on 8 off 23.

Mithali Raj’s streak of consecutive ODI fifties in broken at 5. The captain has to walk back after a horror mix-up with Mandhana at the striker’s end, Lanning with the run out.
Yastika Bhatia, who impressed on debut in the last match, in at No 4.

India 85/1 after 15 overs. Smriti Mandhana 47 off 49, Mithali Raj 7 off 18

Mithali Raj is taking her time to settle in while there is spin from both ends.

India 77/1 after 13 overs. Smriti Mandhana 45 off 46, Mithali Raj 2 off 9

Couple of sedate overs but that was expected after the fall of a wicket. Crucial overs coming up now as Mandhana has to regain the rhythm with Mithali at the other end.

WICKET! Shafali Verma is out for 22 off 23.

Spin does the trick, Sophie Molineux gets the breakthrough Australia were looking for. Verma misreads the line and gets an inside edge on to the stumps. And it is Mithali Raj has come up at No 3 today!

India 68/0 after 10 overs. Smriti Mandhana 44 off 40, Shafali Verma 17 off 20

Powerplay done and India are yet to lose a wicket while Australia have brought in spin from both ends. The Indian openers were asked to step up after the first match and they have responded in style with a much improved show.

India 65/0 after 9 overs. Smriti Mandhana 41 off 34, Shafali Verma 17 off 20

Spin comes in the Powerplay, the Mandhana effect! Ash Gardner with the ball but both Indians get boundaries in the over to make it another good one.

India 55/0 after 8 overs. Smriti Mandhana 36 off 30, Shafali Verma 13 off 18

Two good overs. A classic Verma four off Brown is the only boundary off the over of Brown and a good over from Perry follows with 3 off it. Brown comes back. What happens next?
Three boundaries from Mandhana with two identical shots, brilliant back-foot punches through the offside and a superbly timed glide through the covers. That’s the 50-run opening stand we were looking for too.

India 32/0 after 5 overs. Smriti Mandhana 18 off 17, Shafali Verma 9 off 13

Verma cops a nasty hit from Perry on the helmet as the Indian takes her eyes off the ball. The ball bounces to the boundary as everyone checks on Verma, who says she is fine now. Not the best of times with the ball for Perry, which is rare. Given Australia’s depth, she has the time to settle in though.

India 23/0 after 4 overs. Smriti Mandhana 17 off 14, Shafali Verma 6 off 10

A bouncer from Brown already! Much better over from Australia’s perspective, with only 1 run off it.

India 22/0 after 3 overs, Smriti Mandhana 17 off 11, Shafali Verma 5 off 7

Shafali Verma gets off the mark with a crunching four off Perry on the first ball of the over and Mandhana ends the over with another well-timed boundary. The positive intent from India’s openers is showing

India 13/0 after 2 overs, Smriti Mandhana 13 off 9, Shafali Verma 0 off 3

Darcie Brown, Player of the last match, with the new ball from the other end. This time, Mandhana creams her for two boundaries in the opening over, looking to set the tone and gets 8 runs off the over. A good start from the under-pressure opener.

India 5/0 after 1 over, Smriti Mandhana 5 off 3, Shafali Verma 0 off 3

Ellyse Perry with the new ball again, she struggled in the last match. Couple of doubles and a single to begin the match.


One change each for the teams. Opener Rachael Haynes isn’t fit and Nicola Carey comes into the side while left-arm spinner Rajeshwari Gayakwad comes in for India in place of off-spinning all-rounder Sneh Rana.

India: Shafali Verma, Smriti Mandhana, Yastika Bhatia, Mithali Raj(c), Deepti Sharma, Richa Ghosh(w), Pooja Vastrakar, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Jhulan Goswami, Meghna Singh, Poonam Yadav

Australia: Beth Mooney, Alyssa Healy(w), Meg Lanning(c), Ellyse Perry, Ashleigh Gardner, Tahlia McGrath, Nicola Carey, Sophie Molineux, Georgia Wareham, Hannah Darlington, Darcie Brown

TOSS: Meg Lanning has won the toss and once again and Australia will field first.

This means India has to bat first and set a target, something Mithali Raj and Co have been struggling to do. Since the 2017 World Cup, no team has lost more matches while batting first in the 50-over format than India. Read more

Data check: The numbers behind Mithali Raj and Co’s woes while batting first in ODIs

10.30 am: Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the second One Day International on India’s tour of Australia. Meg Lanning and Co will be looking to extend their world record winning streak to 26 after dominating the first match by nine wickets. India will be hoping to stop them in their tracks and draw level in the three-match ODI as well as multi-format series,