Aaron Finch (quotes not verbatim): Nope, never through we had the game in the bag (laughs). It was a great game of cricket. The way Wade and Stoinis batted at the end was incredible. It’s really strange that teams chasing have been winning so much. I was actually hoping I’d lose the toss and get to bat first and put runs on the board.

Babar Azam (quotes not verbatim): We started well with the bat and ball but when you give chances to a team like Australia you have to pay. The dropped catch (by Hasan) was probably a turning point, we would have had a new batter at the crease. But we played well in the tournament and will learn a lot from it. We will continue to keep working hard. Very grateful for all the support we received.

11.16 pm: Who is the player of the match, you ask? Matthew Wade, of course!

11.11 pm: MATTHEW WADE! OH DEAR LORD! The left-hander hits Shaheen Afridi for a hat-trick of sixes to take Australia into the final! Agony for Pakistan. Hasan Ali dropped a straightforward catch at deep mic-wicket and that’s all that Wade needed to take Shaheen to the cleaners. Wade remains unbeaten on 41 off 17, Stoinis on 40 off 31. Australia win by 5 wickets with 6 balls to spare. WOW!


AUS 155/5 after 18 overs: Hasan bowls a slower ball and Wade goes bang – a huge six over long-on. The left-hander then ends the over with a four past short-third. Hasan finishes with 0/44 from his four overs. Australia are right back in this thanks to a couple of big overs. Can they pull off what NZ did last night? The stadium has gone quiet as Pakistan feel the pressure. Australia need 22 off 12. Shaheen to bowl the penultimate over.

AUS 140/5 after 17 overs: Stoinis goes big! The right-hander whacks Rauf for six before driving one powerfully down the ground for four. Australia get the runs they needed in the over. They now need 37 off 18.

AUS 127/5 after 16 overs: Stoinis drives one past cover for four but Hasan does well after that to keep things tight. This was the over Australia would’ve wanted to attack. They need 50 off 24.

AUS 115/5 after 15 overs: Shaheen returns to the attack and bowls another fiery over, just six runs from it. It’s now or never for Australia, they need 62 off 30.

AUS 109/5 after 14 overs: Wade smashes one for four straight over but Rauf does well co concede just six runs in the over. Time running out for the Aussies, they need 68 off 36.

AUS 103/5 after 13 overs: Stoinis muscles one for six over the mid-wicket fence as Shadab finishes with excellent figures of 4/26 from his four overs. These are the best ever figures in the semi-finals of a men’s T20 World Cup. The new batter is Wade. Australia need 74 off 42.

AUS 96/5 after 12.2 overs: OUT! Shadab gets his fourth wicket! Australia lose half their side! Maxwell looks for a boundary with a reverse sweep but finds the fielder in the deep. Pakistan’s catching has been impressive, their chances of reaching the final seem solid too.

AUS 95/4 after 12 overs: Fantastic over by Imad, just three runs from it. Australia have Maxwell and Stoinis at the crease, they need 82 off 48.

AUS 92/4 after 11 overs: Well, well, what happened there?! Replays suggest that there was no edge in the Warner dismissal, in fact there seemed to be clear daylight between bat and ball. Australia had a review but Warner walked straight off. Incredible moment in the game!

AUS 89/4 after 10.1 overs: OUT! Huge moment in the game as Shadab gets Warner! The leg-spinner has picked three wickets and is playing a massive role for his team. Warner (49 off 30) slashed at it and got an edge, Rizwan completed a fine catch. Pakistan on top!

AUS 89/3 after 10 overs: Warner survives! Maxwell tapped it towards cover and set off for a single but Zaman got to it quickly and released the throw. Warner was miles out but Zaman didn’t get a direct hit. Langer with his hand covering his face in the dugout.

AUS 77/3 after 8.3 overs: OUT! This time Smith doesn’t find the middle of the bat and Pakistan (Zaman) take another good catch in the deep. Smith departs for 5 off 6 as Shadab gets his second wicket. The new batter is Maxwell.

AUS 70/2 after 8 overs: Extraordinary scenes in Dubai! Hafeez starts his spell with a delivery that bounces twice, Warner steps out and muscles it over mid-wicket for six. Gavaskar in commentary says he has never seen anything like that.

AUS 52/2 after 6.2 overs: OUT! Shadab strikes in his first over! Marsh mistimed it, the ball went high, it was swirling, but Asif got under it nicely to complete the catch in the deep. Marsh walks back for 28 off 22 as Smith comes to the crease.

AUS 52/1 after 6 overs: Australia end the powerplay strongly as Hasan Ali concedes eight runs in his first over. He dropped one short and Marsh pulled it comfortably for four. Pakistan need to pull things back quickly.

Vinayakk Mohanarangan: Hassan Ali’s four overs (if he gets those) might well decide this match. He has been hit-and-miss in this World Cup so far, and if Pakistan don’t keep things manageable from his overs, Australia will fancy their chances. Of course, Pakistan could also turn to Hafeez to offset the damage (if any) from Hassan.

AUS 44/1 after 5 overs: Another solid over for Australia! Rauf joins the attack, bowls it short and Marsh pulls it for six. The right-hander then gets a thick outside edge for four as Imad can’t cut it off at third man. Babar did not look pleased with that effort.

AUS 30/1 after 4 overs: 6, 4, 4! Warner goes after Imad! The left-hander is in fine form and he’s given his team a much-needed push. The left-arm spinner dropped it slightly short and the left-hander went bang, a huge six over mid-wicket.

Aus 13/1 after 3 overs: Marsh stood up tall and forced Shaheen through the covers for a boundary. Australia will need to put the pressure back on Pakistan.

Aus 6/1 after 2 overs: Brilliant over by Imad. Just five off it. Keeps the pressure on.

Aus 1/1 after 1 over: One ball after Finch was dismissed, Shaheen went up for another big call. Struck Marsh on the toe and took a review too. The batter survived thanks to the umpire’s call.

Aus 1/1 after 0.3 overs: WICKET!!!! Shaheen strikes. Finch has been trapped LBW. First ball duck.

The Pakistan team is back on the field. Australia will want their openers to do exactly what the Pakistan openers did.

9.15 pm: Zaman finishes in style! The left-hander cracks back-to-back sixes off Starc to get a half-century. He remains unbeaten on a potentially match-winning 55 off 32.

Pakistan finish with 176/4

PAK 162/4 after 19.2 overs: OUT! Malik falls cheaply as well! He swings hard but is clean bowled. Starc gets his second wicket.

PAK 161/3 after 19 overs: Dropped! Zaman slices it but Smith makes a meal of it at long-off. But that was a fantastic over from Cummins, a wicket and just three runs from it.

PAK 158/3 after 18.1 overs: OUT! The dangerous Asif Ali is gone for a first-ball duck! He tries to whack Cummins out of the park but gives Smith a simple catch at long-on. This could prove to be a crucial blow by Australia. Shoaib Malik is the new batter.

PAK 158/2 after 18 overs: Zaman goes big! The left-hander has found form after all, he whacks Starc for a six straight over before almost taking out the umpire with a powerful drive for four. Another solid over for Pakistan!

PAK 143/2 after 17.2 overs: OUT! Rizwan mistimes one and offers a simple catch to Smith at mid-off. Starc with the breakthrough for Australia as Rizwan walks back for a superb 67 off 52. The new batter is Asif Ali.

PAK 143/1 after 17 overs: Massive over for Pakistan! Zaman hits a six before Rizwan hits another six and a four as Pakistan pick up 21 runs. Hazlewood finishes with forgettable figures of 0/49 from his four overs.

PAK 122/1 after 16 overs: Zampa ends his spell with another fine over, just four singles come from it. The leg-spinner returns with figures of 1/22 from his four overs.

PAK 117/1 after 15 overs: Zaman gets his second boundary as Cummins concedes 11 runs in his third over. Last five overs remaining, Pakistan will be hoping to add at least 50 runs more.

PAK 106/1 after 14 overs: FIFTY for Rizwan! Third maximum for Pakistan, third maximum for Rizwan! Hazlewood bowls a slower delivery and the right-hander whips it over square-leg. He then gets to his third half-century of the tournament off 41 balls. Top batting this.

PAK 91/1 after 12.4 overs: Ouch! Rizwan takes a nasty blow to his face. Starc banged it in and the right-hander attempted a pull but the ball crashed into his visor. There is swelling on Rizwan’s cheek but after a checkup by the physio, he seems good to go.

Big achievement for Rizwan:

PAK 89/1 after 12 overs: SIX! Big over for Pakistan! Rizwan decides to go after Zampa and slog sweeps one for a maximum. The leg-spinner then beats Rizwan’s outside edge as well as wicketkeeper Wade to concede four byes. The ball landed in the foot marks outside off and spun sharply.

PAK 75/1 after 11 overs: That’s the third straight over which Australia have won, this time Maxwell concedes just four runs. He has figures of 0/20 from three overs. The new batter is Fakhar and he needs to give Pakistan’s innings a push.

Vinayakk Mohanarangan: Twenty-four runs in the four overs since powerplay. Pakistan have missed a trick by sticking to their template while allowing Australia to rush through some crucial overs. Before you knew, the pressure built enough to take Babar. Australia could well have a strong second half.

PAK 71/1 after 10 overs: OUT! Babar (39 off 34) tries to break the shackles but finds Warner at long-on. Huge blow to Pakistan. That was another fantastic over from Zampa, the leg-spinner found the block hole on a couple of occasions and slipped in the flatter deliveries nicely as well. And that led to a false shot from the Pakistan skipper eventually. Zampa has figures of 1/7 from two overs.

PAK 68/0 after 9 overs: Maxwell returns to the attack and bowls a tidy over, six singles come from it. Babar is batting on 38 off 29 with Rizwan on 27 off 25.

PAK 62/0 after 8 overs: Shot! Babar with a powerful short-arm pull for four. He found the gap expertly to beat the fielders in the deep. Expensive start from Marsh, 11 runs come from his first over.

PAK 51/0 after 7 overs: Zampa joins the attack and gives Australia a much-needed quiet over, just four singles from it. The leg-spinner varied his length smartly in that over.

Correction: The ball didn’t fall short of Zampa at fine-leg. He put in a dive and got his hands to the ball but it popped out.

PAK 47/0 after 6 overs: Babar with another stylish punch past cover for three before Cummins offers a juicy full-toss to Rizwan and gets flicked for four. Rizwan whips the last ball in the air and it falls just short of Zampa at fine-leg. Another brave effort that, putting in a dive forward to try and make the catch. That was a frenetic powerplay all right!

PAK 38/0 after 5 overs: SIX! Stunning shot from Rizwan! Slightly short of a length from Hazlewood and the right-hander sweeps it for a flat six. That will give him a lot of confidence. Nine runs come from that over.

PAK 29/0 after 4 overs: This time Cummins errs in line and Babar doesn’t miss out again, a stylish flick past the fielder for four. He moves on to 20 off 15. Australia can end the powerplay in a solid position if they get a wicket here.

PAK 21/0 after 3 overs: Dropped! Rizwan comes down the track to Maxwell and goes for a big hit. But he doesn’t connect properly and Warner tracks back from mid-off. He runs at full tilt and puts in a dive to get his hands to it but can’t hold on. Valiant effort that. Babar then ends the over with a sweep over backward square-leg for four.

PAK 11/0 after 2 overs: Shot! Hazlewood pitches it full and wide and Babar plays a sumptuous cover-drive for four. He didn’t get his foot near the pitch of the ball but managed to play a thumping on-the-rise drive through the gap. Class. Meanwhile, Rizwan is yet to get off the mark after facing five deliveries.

PAK 6/0 after 1 over: Four! Starc strays in line and Babar clips it for four to the fine-leg fence. The over started with Rizwan swinging his bat wildly outside off and getting an inside edge to Wade, it ends with Rizwan swinging his bat outside off again and getting beaten.

7.29 pm: We’re ready for play in Dubai! Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan are at the crease, Mitchell Starc has the new ball in hand. Are we in for another cracking semi-final? Let’s find out!

7.25 pm: The players are out on the field and it’s time for the national anthems.

Pakistan come into the game on a 16-match T20I winning streak in the UAE but the chasing side has had the advantage in Dubai. In the 11 group games played at Dubai, only one team has successfully managed to defend a score. A stat that Pakistan will have to forget.

Playing XIs:

Pakistan: Mohammad Rizwan (w), Babar Azam (c), Fakhar Zaman, Mohammad Hafeez, Shoaib Malik, Asif Ali, Shadab Khan, Imad Wasim, Hasan Ali, Haris Rauf, Shaheen Afridi.

Australia: David Warner, Aaron Finch (c), Mitchell Marsh, Steven Smith, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Matthew Wade (w), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Adam Zampa, Josh Hazlewood.

7.03 pm: Both teams remain unchanged.


Aaron Finch has won the toss and Australia will bowl first.

Some pre-match reading:

Hello and welcome to our coverage of the second semi-final of the T20 World Cup. Australia take on Pakistan in Dubai to decide who will play New Zealand in the final.

The Aaron Finch-led Australian side are looking to their top-order batting led by the explosive David Warner as well as Adam Zampa’s bag of leg-spin tricks to get past a red-hot Pakistan, who have been unpredictably predictable in the tournament.

Australia have won five 50-over World Cup crowns, including three in a row, but still await a T20 world title in six attempts. Will that change today or will Pakistan march into the final?


Top scorer at 2021 T20 World Cup: David Warner - 187

Top wicket taker at 2021 T20 World Cup: Adam Zampa - 11

Path to semi-final

Super 12

bt South Africa by 5 wickets

bt Sri Lanka by 7 wickets

lost to England by 8 wickets

bt Bangladesh by 8 wickets

bt West Indies by 8 wickets


Top scorer at 2021 T20 World Cup: Babar Azam - 264

Top wicket taker at 2021 T20 World Cup: Haris Rauf - 8

Path to semi-final

Super 12

bt India by 10 wickets

bt New Zealand by 5 wickets

bt Afghanistan by 5 wickets

bt Namibia by 45 runs

bt Scotland by 72 runs