Here’s how Pool B finishes:

Full time: A good win for India, expected as it was. Sudeep the player of the match, for his two goals. Having lost against France, India will have to defeat 2016 silver medallists Belgium to progress further. Reid would love to make sure indiscipline doesn’t cost them in that match, quite a few cards tonight as the stats show:

Full time: India 8-2 Poland.

Defending champions are through to the knockouts. And in the quarterfinal, it will be a repeat of the 2016 final. India vs Belgium! Belgium topped Group A, and that’s the price India have to pay for not winning the opener against France. But you know what they say, at a World Cup, you have to defeat the best at some point.

Q4: India 8-2 Poland And another for Hundal Araijeet Singh. The evening started with a goal for Sanjay and Hundal, ends with the same pattern.

Q4: India 7-2 Poland: Score correction. Into the final minute.

Q4: India 7-2 Poland: Goal, India! He has been scoring one set piece goal after another, but this is a field goal for the vice captain. A scrappy one, but it all counts. His 8th of the tournament.

Q4: India 6-2 Poland: 3 mins to go. Great fight by Poland still.

Q4: India 6-2 Poland, GOAL POLAND!: Robert PAWLAK with a good reverse hit from the right flank. India down to 10, concede a second goal. Manjeet had an yellow card earlier and not long after.... Reid will be concerned.

Q4: India 6-1 Poland: Now a save from open play, Wojciech RUTKOWSKI denied by Pawan. And soon after another yellow card for India... oh dear. That is bad.

Q4: India 6-1 Poland: India are back to 11 men on the field... Vivek with some good play but doesn’t result in a goal.

Q4: India 6-1 Poland, GOAL POLAND! No clean sheet again for India tonight. Poland have been superb in the fourth quarter and their efforts are rewarded with a goal. Wojciech RUTKOWSKI with the drag flick. They rush back to the center circle too, great spirit shown by the Europeans here.

Q4: India 6-0 Poland: India have clearly taken their foot off the pedal... another PC for Poland with 10 mins left.

Q4: India 6-0 Poland: Another drag flick goes wide of the goal, Pawan not having to make a save.

Q4: India 6-0 Poland: India’s clean sheet in tact. Nice save from Pawan, but it might have been going wide anyway. And soon after, another PC for Poland.

Q4: India 6-0 Poland: Another PC for Poland. They are not going away without a fight. Good start to this quarter.

Q4: India 6-0 Poland: Save, Pawan! The possession is lost close to the goal, a powerful shot is kicked away by the Indian goalkeeper. A PC for Poland now, seems Vivek has had another card (yellow). Indiscipline is a real area to work on for this Indian side.

Even though the tournament is supposed to be behind closed doors, looks like a small crowd has been allowed for this match, comprising school children. Nice little atmosphere at the Kalinga. Q4 begins.

Q3: India 6-0 Poland: Superb work from Sanjay down the right flank and his long cross in to the box is not deflected in. End of Q3 with that.

Q3: India 6-0 Poland: India have been alternating between goalkeepers Prashant and Pawan. This is the former in the middle now. He saves one well, and the second PC sees a drag flick soar over the crossbar.

Q3: India 6-0 Poland: A PC for Poland.

Q3: India 6-0 Poland, GOAL INDIA! Sudeep with his 2nd of the night, a powerful finish to score a field goal. Will it be his turn to get a hat-trick tonight? India have had three hat-tricks in two matches so far.

Q3: India 5-0 Poland, GOAL INDIA! India continue to dominate from set piece situations. Their drag flicking has been great in the tournament and this time it is Sharda Nand Tiwari. There are three real high quality PC specialists in this side, and they are making the most of it.

Q3: India 4-0 Poland: Uttam in the thick of things again, a PC earned down the right byline. Who’s going to take this?

Q3: India 4-0 Poland, GOAL INDIA! Uttam Singh gets on the scoresheet again in this tournament (fourth) but that goal was all down to the brilliance of captain Vivek Sagar Prasad. Sensational stick-work to set up the finish. 3D skills as it is called, then a perfectly timed cut-back

Q3, India 3-0 Poland: Well, Poland pressure early on. This is what indiscipline can do to a side. A shot on goal goes wide and India are on the backfoot.

Q3, India 3-0 Poland: The stats are unavailable at this time, but fair to say India had better of most of the metrics in the opening half. India are once again down to 10 men, this time it seems a yellow card. Once again Rabichandra. Reid won’t be pleased.

Half time: India 3-0 Poland

The defending champions are on track to reaching the quarterfinals. Solid first half, but for the brilliance of the Polish goalkeeper, the match could be done and dusted by now. Stats coming up soon.

Q2: India 3-0 Poland: Rabichandra MOIRANGTHEM with the green card. But India continue to go forward every chance they get. Another great save by the Polish GK.

Q2: India 3-0 Poland: Another green card shown, to an Indian player but not quite clear who.

FYI, this is how Group A finished. So Belgium await the winner of this match.

Q2: India 3-0 Poland: Appreciation for Maciej WIECZOREK, the Polish keeper is a big reason India have not already ran up a tennis score. Another save from a PC to deny Hundal.

Q2: India 3-0 Poland: GOAL INDIA! A great exhibition of stick-work and positional awareness from Sudeep... turns his defender one way and the other, powers a shot past the GK. Sharp finish, lovely field goal.

Q2: India 2-0 Poland: Another save by the Polish keeper but soon after India lose their captain Vivek for a time period after a green card it would seem. Can Poland make the most of it?

Q2: India 2-0 Poland: Poland it must be said have been defensively solid. There have been some good saves already.

Q2: India 2-0 Poland Maninder Singh gets some attention on his hamstring at the sidelines. It might be tournament over for him if it is a hamstring strain.

Oh dear, a solid first quarter for India spoiled a bit by an injury to Maninder Singh. He was sensational against Canada. Needs a stretcher to be taken off the turf. India lead 2-0.


End of Q1: India 2-0 Poland: Great save from Prashant, a powerful drag flick there. End of the quarter as India started to counter.

Q1: India 2-0 Poland: Good spell for Poland and it results in a PC for the Europeans with 14 seconds to go.

Q1: India 2-0 Poland: Three mins to go in the quarter, I’d guess Graham Reid will tell his side to recycle possession better during the break. Sloppy phase from the men in blue.

Q1: India 2-0 Poland: Turnover from both sides in the middle of the park. India can afford to manage the game here. Don’t have to go all out.

Q1: India 2-0 Poland, GOAL INDIA! Well, one hat-trick hero follows another. Hundal Araijeet Singh also gets off the mark tonight and it is another PC converted. Terrific drag flick, India have been solid from set pieces so far.

Q1: India 1-0 Poland: Another PC for this time, Sharda Tiwari to drag flick this time but it is straight at the GK. Poland regroup.

Q1: India 1-0 Poland,: An early goal was vital to calm any nerves for the players. India are strong favourites no doubt, but can’t afford any slip-ups early on to put themselves under pressure.

Q1: India 1-0 Poland, GOAL! Sanjay, after two hat-tricks in the first two matches, gets off the mark tonight as well. Another solid drag flick, his 7th goal of the tournament. The vice captain has been in fine set piece form.

Q1, India 0-0 Poland: First PC of the evening for the India, Uttam Singh (fit after an injury scare) wins the set-piece situation.

Q1, India 0-0 Poland: India dominating possession in the early stages as expected. A chance early on for hat-trick hero Araijeet, but the shot is not strong enough to beat the goalkeeper but the whistle went anyway.

How they qualified: Nominated as reserve team
Junior World Cup history: 2009 – 10th, 2005 – 14th

How they qualified: Host nation
Junior World Cup history: 2016 – 1st, 2013 – 10th, 2009 – 9th, 2005 – 4th, 2001 – 1st, 1997 – 2nd, 1985 – 5th, 1982 – 5th, 1979 – 5th


Players are in the middle. Pullela Gopichand is in attendance as one of the pre-match dignitaries. Reminder, India need at least a draw to qualify for quarterfinals. They cannot top the group. Poland need a win.

This is, of course, India’s final Pool B fixture. The defending champions and hosts take on Poland. A quarterfinal spot is at stake for both these sides who have won one and lost one so far. France have qualified from this group.

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup. Stay tuned for updates from the pool B match between India and Poland in Odisha with a quarterfinal spot at stake for both teams.

India bounced back from their loss at the hands of France to defeat Canada in a strong display of attacking play and clinical finishing. Despite Canada’s best efforts, India pushed and probed and then exploited the gaps that they created in the Canadian defence. 

Both Sanjay and Player of the Match Hundal Singh scored hat tricks. Canada did rally on the stroke of half-time through a well-taken penalty corner from Chris Tardif but they were chasing shadows for much of the 60 minutes. 

India bounced back from their loss at the hands of France to defeat Canada in a strong display of attacking play and clinical finishing. Despite Canada’s best efforts, India pushed and probed and then exploited the gaps that they created in the Canadian defence. 

— via FIH