FULL TIME: Timothee Clement’s 12th, 13th and 14th goals of the tournament give France a famous win. Vivek Sagar congrats his opponents, disappointed with India’s defeat. What else can you say. That will be all for now. Argentina will take on Germany for gold medal at 1930 IST.

Bronze for France: Good signs for Paris 2024 for France. Unbeaten in the group stages, beaten India twice, four hat-tricks for captain Timothee Clement. India’s campaign had good moments but fizzled out after the Belgium win. Tears for the hosts.

FULL TIME, India 1-3 France: BRONZE FOR FRANCE! 2016 champions India finish outside the podium. Fully deserved for the Europeans.

Q4, India 1-3 France: France are already celebrating. Seconds left.

Q4, India 1-3 France: Worryingly, France still seem more likely to score on the counter. Less than 2 mins left.

Q4, India 1-3 France: India’s plan A, B and C seem to be winning a PC and then hope. They keep looking for the feet and not space when chances present. 3 mins left.

Q4, India 1-3 France: Not sure who it was, but some sensational stick work from a French player almost results in another goal. Post! Less than 5 to go. Uttam Singh with a huge chance to find an open player but he can’t get the pass right.

Q4, India 1-3 France: Uttam is adamant he’s won a PC, no nod from the referee. Nothing comes from open play for India but that was some good high pressing there. All too late as it stands.

Q4, India 1-3 France: Both sides down to 10 for the time being... and soon after India have an advantage as their yellow times out. Can they make something out of this??

Q4, India 1-3 France: No joys from PC for India tonight... Sanjay can’t convert. India create a couple more chances from open play but France hang on. 8 mins to go.

Q4, India 1-3 France: Sudeep with more good attacking work. Wins a PC. India need a goal. Desperately.

Q4, India 1-3 France: India evidently can’t even take the goalkeeper of because at the moment he seems to be the busiest player. Oh, big chance at the other end. Hundal’s cutback beats the keeper but India can’t deflect in.

Q4, India 1-3 France: Prashant with a good save and India keep it to 3-1. TClement goes close again. They are still a man down too.

Q4, India 1-3 France: India have had a yellow card shown to Sunil... and not long after more PCs for France. Geez, ridiculous pressure on the Indian defence all night.

Q4: IND 1-3 FRA Wow. TIMOTHEE CLEMENT’S FOURTH HAT-TRICK OF THE TOURNAMENT! India trail by 2 goals again. This was deflected into the goal.

Q4, India 1-2 France: Much like Tokyo, the Indian men need to post a comeback win if they want the bronze here. But France have a PC early on in the final quarter. Prashant in goal.

Final quarter begins.

End of Q3, India 1-2 France: Lifeline for India and this is not over yet. Sudeep has given the hosts some hope with 15 mins left. Really lovely finish.

Q3, India 1-2 France: The French have put the ball back in the net but it has been ruled out for a foul it would seem. In the meantime, a green card for Hundal and off he goes for a couple of mins. Sudeep with good play down the other end, can’t find the finishing touch.

Q3: IND 1-2 FRA GOAL INDIA! Sudeep with lovely control of a bouncing ball and a deft lob over the goalkeeper. He has been India’s best player in this match and he gives India a lifeline.

Q3, India 0-2 France: The French trying to keep the ball as long as possible, holding on at their own byline. India win it back but the long ball from outside the D is wayward. Less than 5 mins to go.

Q3, India 0-2 France: Deflected wide, long corner for India. Two PCs, neither converted yet. Sudeep with a chance from open play not long after, straight at the goalkeeper.

Q3, India 0-2 France: PC for India. Sudeep with a good play. India need to convert here.

Q3, India 0-2 France: Vivek trying to take matters into his hands and forces a save down the other end. But India have created precious little overall. India pull off another massive at the other end, Sharda just about stopping the ball from going in.

Q3, India 0-2 France: GOAL! France make the series of PCs eventually count. Timothée Clément has another game with multiple goals. 13th goal of the tournament, 2nd of the evening.

Q3, India 0-1 France: Goes wide... but it came off Indian’s leg. Another PC. And once again rushed well by Lakra... but another PC. Geez, lost count. But finally, Pawan pulls off a superb save and India can breathe... for now.

Q3, India 0-1 France: Pawan saves but it results in another PC.

Q3, India 0-1 France: Pressure from France and it results in a PC.

HALF TIME STATS: Bit better going forward in this game than they were against Germany but still not enough. Far too dependent on the PCs at the moment and teams are not conceding too many against India.

India have struggled to score enough goals in their last three matches. They trail with one half to go in the tournament... they need inspiration from somewhere.

HALF TIME, India 0-1 France: Sudeep tries to break forward at pace but that’s that for the first half. Looked for a PC but didn’t arrive. India made to pay for the one they conceded a little while back with Clement adding another goal to his tally at the event.

Q2, India 0-1 France: More purpose from India at the moment, decent response to going down. But final minute of the half, time running out to find an equaliser before the hooter.

Q2, India 0-1 France: India try switching flanks at pace to drag France wide but not paying off.

Q2, India 0-1 France: GOALLL, FRANCE! Timothée Clément, who else. HE has been on fire in Odisha and the French captain steps from the PC again.

Q2, India 0-0 France: Oh dear, green card for India. Sharda will be off the pitch for a couple of minutes. India have a PC to defend as well.

Q2, India 0-0 France: Third place and classification matches can sometimes be high scoring but both teams staying strong on defence. Huge chance for India as I say that, with India seemingly in a 3v3 position but doesn’t come to anything.

Q2, India 0-0 France: Oh chance, India. Half chance rather. Sudeep breaks forward down the right but his cutback is intercepted by French defence on time.

Q2, India 0-0 France: Vivek and Co are unable to get beyond the half-way line even on counters at the moment. Great phase for France.

Q2, India 0-0 France: India are pegged back into their own half at the moment.

Q2, India 0-0 France: India defend the PC again. Looks like it is Prashant in goal now for Q2.

Q2, India 0-0 France: Captain vs captain battle... and the France star Clement wins the PC.

End of Q1, India 0-0 France: Good spell of possession for India after those PCs but they didn’t get forward enough as the hooter goes. Eventful Q1.

Q1, India 0-0 France: Third PC on the trot for France and they completely mistrap this time. India hang on.

Q1, India 0-0 France: PC FOR FRANCE! Right at the close of Q1. India rush well, but results in another PC.

Q1, India 0-0 France: POST! HUNDAL! Superb strike across goal from the right channel by the lanky forward, it thuds into the frame of goal and comes back. So close.

Q1, India 0-0 France: Brilliant flowing counterattack from their own byline by India. Terrific build-up down the left. No clear cut chance comes out of it.

Q1, India 0-0 France: Cagey from both sides now, avoidable turnovers of possession aplenty. 5 mins left.

Q1, India 0-0 France: Uttam has been one of India’s best players in the tournament and he is making a driving run down the right channel... looks for a PC, not given. India built well from the back there.

Q1, India 0-0 France: Possession from France now. India a bit shaky in the defence as France press high.

Q1, India 0-0 France: Plenty of possession early on from India. Good to see them start on the front foot, didn’t happen in the last two matches.

Q1, India 0-0 France: An early PC for India, won by Hundal. But the drag flick from Sanjay is saved brilliantly. Early pressure from the hosts.

PUSHBACK: India vs France for the bronze medal at the men’s junior hockey World Cup.

India have won gold (2) and silver (1) in the past, France won silver (1). Neither side have a bronze medal to show for. That will change tonight.

The previous match today (an absolute goal fest, Netherlands win a 10-goal thriller versus Belgium to end their FIH Odisha Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup 2021 with a win) was started with a delay because of the rains in Odisha. We are ready to go on time here. National anthems time.

Group stage meeting: India 4-5 France (Pool B)

A Player of the Match performance from France captain Timothée Clément gave his team a sensational victory over title holders and hosts India, edging a nine-goal thriller. Clément and Benjamin Marque established a 2-0 lead inside the opening seven minutes, with India restoring parity through Uttam Singh and Sanjay before the end of a pulsating first quarter. Penalty corner goals either side of half time earned Clément a hat-trick and took the score to 4-2 before he produced a stunning stick save on his own goal-line from an India penalty corner. Corentin Sellier’s composed finish moved France closer to victory with 12 minutes to go before Sanjay’s second and third strikes of the match set up a dramatic finish. However, France held on to secure a famous win over India on home soil, giving coach Aymeric Bergamo a dream start to the world cup campaign.  


4,30 pm: Their title defence might be over after a semifinal defeat but India have a chance to make it to the podium of the Men’s Junior Hockey World Cup as they take on France for the bronze medal.

India’s men’s Junior World Cup history: 2016 – 1st, 2013 – 10th, 2009 – 9th, 2005 – 4 h , 2001 – 1st, 1997 – 2nd, 1985 – 5th, 1982 – 5th, 1979 – 5th

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the bronze medal match at the FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup in Odisha. Hosts and defending champions (for now) India take on France to battle for bronze medal. Germany and Argentina will compete in the final later in the evening. Match coverage starts at 430 pm IST.

Here’s a look at the starting XI for the Indians:

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