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You can watch the post-match press conference from India’s batting coach SS Das here.

Thanks to the big win against Pakistan and a lone effort by Harmanpreet, the NRR remains decent for India. But from here, you would think there is no margin of error. Proverbial every-match-is-a-knockout territory.

 Australia 2 2 0 +1.061 4
 New Zealand 3 2 1 +0.799 4
 West Indies 2 2 0 +0.100 4
 South Africa 1 1 0 +0.640 2
 India 2 1 1 +0.450 2
 England 2 0 2 -0.190 0
 Bangladesh 2 0 2 -0.923 0
 Pakistan 2 0 2 -1.891 0

WICKET! 46.4: Rajeshwari Gayakwad 0(1) ct Katey Martin b Hayley Jensen And that will be all for this match, not much of a resistance from Gayakwad. India 198/10

WICKET! 46.3: Jhulan Goswami 15(13) b Hayley Jensen End of a lovely cameo from JG. Nice yorker from Jensen. India 198/9

India 193/8 after 46 overs: Kerr getting some heat here from India at the end. A big six over midwicket and then a reprieve as well for Jhulan. Kerr has a sheepish smile.

India 181/8 after 45 overs: Jhulan Goswami might have some fun here and hopefully she can further reduce the margin of defeat. 80 off 30 needed.

WICKET! 43.6: Harmanpreet Kaur 71(63) ct Sophie Devine b Amelia Kerr The reactions from Kerr showed how much she enjoyed that. Too much bottom hand, couldn’t get the elevation, caught at long off. A lovely lone hand from Harmanpreet comes to an end. If there was any small glimmer, that’s gone as well now. India 178/8

WHAT AN OVER: 6-4-.-.-6-4 Kaur giving Kerr the treatment. Biggest over of the innings for India. Two brilliant sixes over the midwicket region.

Fifty! Harmanpreet Kaur gets to her 50 off 54 balls. She has played a lone hand.

WICKET! 40.4: Pooja Vastrakar 6(16) ct Sophie Devine b Hannah Rowe Vastrakar gone too. Devine takes a simple catch and Rowe gets the wicket. India 143/7

India 140/6 after 40 overs: Need 121 off the last 10 overs. With maybe 8 wickets in hand, it could have been feasible. Now it’s up to Kaur to make sure the NRR isn’t hit badly.

India 138/6 after 39 overs: Three singles in the Rowe over.

India 135/6 after 38 overs: Harmanpreet Kaur will probably the sole positive to take from this batting effort for India. Another four for her behind square, moves on to 39 off 45.

Lea Tahuhu: 10-2-17-3 


India now in a little bit of trouble, says Lisa Sthalekar. She’s always been nice to the Indian team!

WICKET! 36.4: Sneh Rana 18(28) ct Katey Martin b Lea Tahuhu The bouncers had to pay off at some point. Tahuhu has been brilliant today for NZ and she finishes her spell with a much-deserved third wicket. India 127/6

India 125/5 after 36 overs: Tidy over from Mackay, three singles. The required rate 9.71. Maybe if they can keep it around 9 by the 40-over mark, could still be interesting.

India 122/5 after 35 overs: 3 runs from the Tahuhu over.

India 119/5 after 34 overs: Things are busy with this partnership, but that’s not really helping India. Some good running between the wickets though.

India 114/5 after 33 overs: Rana in the middle, not really middling everything but is on 13 off 14 balls. You cannot help but wonder about India’s planning for their top order batting, like the first 10-15 overs today.

India 103/5 after 31 overs: A top over from Tahuhu! Testing Rana with the bouncers. Time for a drinks break with the match getting out of India’s reach big time. RRR close to 8.5

India 101/5 after 30 overs: The field for the hat-trick ball... was something. Cut away by Rana for four but India in deep, deep trouble.

WICKET! 29.5: Richa Ghosh 0(1) b Amelia Kerr Mithali Raj expecting the googly perhaps, stumped by one that turned away. Richa Ghosh is then welcomed with a googly that turns in and bowls her. This is just remarkably, expectedly brilliant from Amelia Kerr. India 97/5

WICKET! 29.4: Mithali Raj 31(56) st Katey Martin b Amelia Kerr Mithali must have expected another wrong ‘un from Kerr and premeditated a sweep while stepping down but this turns away. India 97/4

India 95/3 after 29 overs: Has happened a couple of times now, full tosses have not been put away from either batter due to hint of pre-meditation. Can’t afford to miss bad balls at this stage. RRR now 7.90.

India 92/3 after 28 overs: The Harman-sweep is here! First one is stopped brilliantly by Rowe, but she gets it right immediately after. Taking on Kerr who knows a thing or two about the sweep.

India 83/3 after 27 overs: Four singles off Mackay’s over.

The vicious cycle, eh?

India 79/3 after 26 overs: Finally, A Kerr time. She starts with a tidy over. Now NZ have spin from both ends with Mackay also coming back.

India 75/3 after 25 overs: Believe it or not, at the end of the 25th over in a run-chase, India’s scoring run-rate reaches 3.00 for the first time. A four for Kaur past fine leg. 9 runs from the Jensen over.

India 66/3 after 24 overs: First sign of intent from Harman as she pulls a short ball for a couple. Even a 5-run over is only pushing the RRR above, unfortunately for India.

India 61/3 after 23 overs: Harman is one 1 off 10 at the moment. Mithali on 17 off 35. Another good over for NZ.

India 60/3 after 22 overs: Nearly another lofted shot to cover as J Kerr comes back into the attack. Still no A Kerr though, she can have an impact too.

India 57/3 after 21 overs: A lofted shot over mid-on plugs in the outfield, then an outside edge goes for four. Maybe Mithali has decided to target Jensen.

India 50/3 after 20 overs: A wicket-maiden from Tahuhu and the required rate ticks over 7.00. Harman is a slow-starter too, mind you. So India would need some momentum from Mithali at the moment, before the VC can get her eye in and perhaps try to go big.

WICKET! 19.1: Yastika Bhatia 28(59) ct Frances Mackay b Lea Tahuhu Not very dissimilar to the chance from Mithali a little while back. An innings that left a lot to be desired from Yastika, mind you brought in today for her first match of the World Cup. India 50/3

India 50/2 after 19 overs: There’s nothing loose from NZ at the moment, mixing up their lengths too quite well. The short balls have been hard to put away too. Too much of the same from India’s batting lineup.

India 48/2 after 18 overs: Four dot balls, Yastika Bhatia gets off strike, Mithali nearly libs one to cover. Mackay got a hand to it but the timing of the jump was a bit off. Great over from Tahuhu.

India 46/2 after 17 overs: Hayley Jensen comes on. More of the same. Few dot balls, occasional rotation of strike.

That last line... quite apt in a few ways.

India 43/2 after 16 overs: At least there is a left-right combo in the middle now that can potentially up the scoring rate when they get set. Right now, the asking rate is 6.41.

India 40/2 after 15 overs: A lofted shot over midoff by Yastika for four. Rowe seemed to pull up during the run-up in that over but finishes it fine.

India 32/2 after 14 overs: Twitter is full of “rotate strike” tweets but really, if one batter rotates the strike and the other batter is going to play dots, what’s the impact. One player who was last seen playing hockey in Mumbai could have been handy if team had kept faith in her and trusted her to come good but oh well. One-run over from Tahuhu.

India 31/2 after 13 overs: A square drive from Mithali but doesn’t quite reach the fence. India run three. But now Yastika needs treatment on her leg. Right leg.

India 26/2 after 12 overs: Another maiden over, this from Tahuhu to Mithali.

India 26/2 after 11 overs: Rowe to Bhatia. Another maiden over, and the required has gone past 6.00. Nearly a couple of mix-ups.

WICKET! 9.6: Deepti Sharma 5(13) lbw Lea Tahuhu ...and thus ends the powerplay of nightmares for India. Around the wicket from Tahuhu and she is convinced that she has brought it back in to Deepti enough, but not given out. DRS does the trick for hosts. India 26/2

After not trying in any of the series before the World Cup, India’s decision to try out a three-LHB top-three at the tournament proper is quite interesting.

India 24/1 after 9 overs: Mackay did her part at the start and now Rowe comes on. Nearly a wicket there as Yastika miscues a pull but top edge falls safe. Deepti helps herself to a much-needed four there towards fine leg.

India 19/1 after 8 overs: Shot! That’s probably what both Yastika and Smriti tried to early on but couldn’t find the gap. Perfect cover drive there from the former. First real good over for India.

India 11/1 after 7 overs: Much of the same for India at the moment. Deepti replaces Smriti and NZ continue to pile on the dot-ball pressure.

WICKET! 5.4: Smriti Mandhana 6(21) ct Suzie Bates b Jess Kerr Solid plan, brilliantly executed by New Zealand opening bowlers. Packed the offside field to take the ball away from the LHBs, built up pressure, made Mandhana take a risk she might not usually... and wicket. Kerr went round the wicket too for the wicket ball but the ball still moved away. Brilliant from the NZ seamer. India 10/1

India 6/0 after 4 overs: Moving the ball away from Mandhana and packing the ring on the offside. A ploy well executed in that over, maiden from J Kerr.

India 6/0 after 3 overs: She did this against Pakistan too, finding the fielders with her shots in the early part of the innings and Nasser Hussain had observed how Mandhana has that tendency. Of course, India will want her to stay there as long as possible.

India 5/0 after 2 overs: In Jess Kerr also, NZ have another bowler who takes the ball away from LHBs naturally. Great shape from the seamer in the over in a couple of deliveries, with a packed offside field.

India 2/0 after 1 over: Steady over from Mackay, a misfield at cover point helps Mandhana get off the mark.

Here we go then, Smriti Mandhana is out in the middle with Yastika Bhatiaa and New Zealand have straightaway gone to Frankie Mackay

Best 2nd inns totals in winning chases at CWC

Team Score Overs Opposition Ground Start Date
AUS 262/2 43.5 v SL  Bristol 29 Jun 2017
SL 244/9 50.0 v ENG  Brabourne 1 Feb 2013
WI 234/8 45.3 v SA  Cuttack 8 Feb 2013
AUS 228/3 38.2 v NZ  Cuttack 5 Feb 2013
AUS 227/2 45.1 v India Bristol 12 Jul 2017

New Zealand 260/9 (50): From 222/4 after 42 overs, to 260/9 after 50 overs... that was a great finish for India all said and done (5/38 off 8 overs). Chasing 261 after asking New Zealand to bat first and the pitch potentially still great for batting, think #Mithali would have taken that.

(Screenshot below courtesy: ICC Match Centre)

Innings break: Amelia Kerr speaks about how hard she has worked on her batting against spin during the winter but not happy with being out on 50. Reckons they wanted 270-plus on this wicket but with their bowling and fielding, this is defendable.

Innings break: Just a bit of concern there for India at the end of the 50 overs, with Pooja evidently limping off the field. India will hope it is not serious.

End of New Zealand’s innings: 260/9 off 50 overs. 5/38 in the last 8 overs. That’s a fantastic finish.

That's how close Goswami came to breaking the CWC record.

WICKET! Over 49.1: Katey Martin 41(51) b Jhulan Goswami Full and straight and the record-equalling wicket is here for JG! And a nice exchange with Martin there too, two veterans acknowledging each other. New Zealand 255/9

New Zealand 255/8 after 49 overs: Oh dear. Mithali Raj, the safest catcher in this side perhaps, has put down the easiest of catches and to rub salt into the wounds, Mackay and Martin have stolen a second run.

New Zealand 244/8 after 48 overs: Solid over from Jhulan.

Pooja Vastrakar today:

  • Direct hit to dismiss Suzie Bates
  • Dismissed Sophie Devine in her first spell
  • A closing spell of 3/19 in 6 overs between overs 37-47 including the wicket of Satterthwaite.
  • 10-0-34-4
  • We shall forgive that one dropped catch and a miss through the legs for four earlier!

WICKET! Over 46.3: Jess Kerr 0(1) b Pooja Vastrakar Full again, off the pads and bowled! New Zealand 240/8

WICKET! Over 46.2: Lea Tahuhu 1(4) b Pooja Vastrakar Full, straight, you-miss-I-hit. Terrific from Vastrakar, Tahuhu could have done some damage here. New Zealand 240/7

New Zealand 239/6 after 46 overs: Back-to-back brilliant performances from Rajeshwari Gayakwad. Was near unplayable against Pakistan, gets the wicket of Amelia Kerr today and 2/46 in 10. Nearly had another there too.

WICKET! Over 45.1: Hayley Jensen 1(7) b Rajeshwari Gayakwad Pressure built from one end, Gayakwad strikes from the other. Wild sweep, no pace on offer, bowled. New Zealand 233/6

New Zealand 233/5 after 45 overs: That is another superb over in the death by Pooja. Despite a four for Martin, some lovely full deliveries. Five dot balls! And some Mackay-ing at the end too, trying to catch the batter out of the crease.

New Zealand 229/5 after 44 overs: Tight over by Gayakwad. Three singles.

In the 10 deliveries before the dismissal, Pooja Vastrakar to Amy Satterthwaite: 5 runs, 6 dot balls.

WICKET! 42.2: Amy Satterthwaite 75(84) ct Mithali Raj b Pooja Vastrakar: Pooja Vastrakar had tied down Amy Satterthwaite quite brilliantly in the last few overs. Dots after dots, and the wicket comes, safe hands from Mithali. New Zealand 224/5

New Zealand 222/4 after 42 overs: Not Pooja Vastrakar, not today. On a day her performance on the field has been superb, she drops a sitter. Martin the lucky batter. Gayakwad takes a deep breath.

New Zealand 214/4 after 41 overs: This is another good over at a crucial time from Pooja. She has bowled these solid tight overs just when NZ have looked to tee off.

New Zealand 211/4 after 40 overs: BIG OVER! Three boundaries for Amy Satterthwaite off Deepti Sharma’s bowling and NZ enter the final 10 with momentum! 300 on the cards?

New Zealand 193/4 after 38 overs: Oh, the mandatory Deepti Sharma stopping-at-the-delivery-stride moment nearly results in a wicket next ball. Satterthwaite once again misses the fielder with a lofted shot, has happened quite a bit today.

Craig McMillan: Get the feeling something’s gotta give here.

New Zealand 188/4 after 37 overs: That’s a good over for India, Vastrakar comes back and gives just two singles. Bowling to her field.

New Zealand 186/4 after 36 overs: And there is a release shot. Martin sweeps Deepti well for four.

New Zealand 181/4 after 35 overs: India will be quietly pleased with that 5-over phase. 23 runs and a wicket. Rajeshwari keeping things slow against Martin.

WICKET! Over 33.1: Maddy Green 27(36) ct Smriti Mandhana b Deepti Sharma And India needed that wicket, Deepti needed that wicket! There have been a few lofted shots that have missed the fielders, but that one is straight to Smriti at long on. New Zealand 175/4

New Zealand 170/3 after 32 overs: Again, a easy 6-run over off an Indian spinner. Deepti hasn’t been able to build pressure today.

Just very impressive from New Zealand to not left the fall of wickets affect their tempo throughout the innings. When Devine fell, Amelia Kerr immediately hit a few boundaries. When Kerr fell, Satterthwaite has kept the pace steady. Look at the immediate overs after a red dot.

New Zealand 158/3 after 30 overs: Decent from Deepti, slowing things up. Four singles. Doubling the score might be too much, but even 140 in the last 20 will take NZ close to 300.

Deepti Sharma wasn’t off to the best of starts, 16/0 in her 2 overs. She is back now.

DRINKS: New Zealand 154/3 after 29 overs, time for a quick break. Will NZ be eyeing 300 from here? Think it’s gettable.

Score correction: New Zealand 152/3 after 28 overs

New Zealand 152/3 after 28 overs: Four singles in Jhulan’s over. 150 comes up. New Zealand might have lost their top three batters but Satterthwaite looks in great touch and their batting lineup is very deep

New Zealand 148/3 after 27 overs: Stand and deliver, from Satterthwaite again. Delightful drive past cover for four as Meghna tries around the wicket to LHB. Worked alright rest of the over, one ball put away. NZ still going along nicely.

Double change, Meghna Singh from the other end

New Zealand 143/3 after 26 overs: And that’s not the ideal start to the spell for Jhulan. A short ball put away through legside for four and then a square cut too goes to the boundary despite Rana’s best efforts. She has been unlike her in conceding boundaries today.

Jhulan back for a second spell. She is so good in this phase.

New Zealand 135/3 after 25 overs: Rana errs on line and Green sweeps behind square for four. With the field and the pace she bowls, that was not an ideal length. Halfway stage, the match is finely poised.

New Zealand 129/3 after 24 overs: A four for AS off Rana, beautifully placed through cover. But 11 quiet deliveries after that as India hope to build some pressure now. Gayakwad and Rana in tandem.

WICKET! Over 21.6: Amelia Kerr 50(64) lbw Rajeshwari Gayakwad. Maddy Green is the new batter. New Zealand 121/3

FIFTY AND OUT! What a moment in the match, this could be. Amelia Kerr misses a sweep against Gayakwad again and this time she is out LBW. Marginal call on impact!

Amelia Kerr vs IND in ODIs in 2022

Batting Bowling Date
50 - 10-Mar-2022
66 1/55 24-Feb-2022
68* 3/30 22-Feb-2022
67 1/60 18-Feb-2022
119* 1/43 14-Feb-2022
33 1/54 11-Feb-2022

New Zealand 119/2 after 21 overs: Chance! AS mishits a slog sweep of Rana, but the edge falls safely. Lisa Sthalekar reckons Mithali Raj could have reacted quicker from mid-off but that was well away.

New Zealand 117/2 after 20 overs: Another moment of superb game awareness from Kerr. She has spotted India have only fielders inside the circle. Alerts the umpires, gets it reviewed, gets a free hit. Reverse sweeps for four, but given leg byes. The partnership is past 60 too. Danger signs for India.

New Zealand 102/2 after 19 overs: If Kerr doesn’t sweep you low down, Satterthwaite will sweep you standing tall. Lofted one over midwicket for four off Rana’s over. Three singles from Gayakwad before that who is back into the attack.

New Zealand 90/2 after 17 overs: Oh stop it Amelia! What a superb cover drive for four. That is as good as it gets. Really. Pooja finishes that over with another throw at the stumps, and Satterthwaite again doesn’t seem pleased. The Indian must be hanging out with Frankie Mackay.

New Zealand 84/2 after 16 overs: Sneh Rana comes on and Kerr welcomes her too with a boundary and a late cut for three.

Just to add on to the point below... what makes the sweep so effective is also how great she is at cutting the ball. The moment a bowler is trying to adjust length to avoid getting swept, she cuts through cover or behind point. Just awesome to watch.

New Zealand 76/2 after 15 overs: Good over from Vastrakar to Satterthwaite, finishes with a Mackay moment as the Indian takes a shy at the stumps on her follow through. AS didn’t seem to like it much. DRINKS

New Zealand 75/2 after 14 overs: India have addressed the sweeping of Amelia Kerr against spinners evidently and seemingly have the plans in place for it. But once she has been dropped and other time she has managed to find the gap with surgical precision. Will that Yastika drop come back to haunt India?

New Zealand 68/2 after 13 overs: Lovely punch past point for four by Satterthwaite off Vastrakar. That went so smoothly to the boundary.

It’s a chasing ground, always one. Ball comes on better under lights, not surprised to see India chasing: Simon Doull

New Zealand 63/2 after 12 overs: Odd, just one over for Gayakwad and then Deepti Sharma comes on. Kerr pounces in no time, a lofted shot and then adjusts length to cut one through cover.

Also Simon Doull corrects something from earlier: The soil for this pitch will apparently make the ball come on to the bat more, not low-slow. And that fits what we are saying so far.

WICKET! Over 10.6: Sophie Devine 35(30) ct Richa Ghosh b Pooja Vastrakar: Pooja Vastrakar strikes again! This time off her own bowling, and a wicket to her name. What a big one too! Devine cuts too close, Richa Ghosh takes a sharp catch. New Zealand 54/2

New Zealand 51/1 after 10 overs: CHANCE! Amelia Kerr swept, swept and swept some more against India recently and she got one wrong there. Rajeshwari Gayakwad should have had a wicket but Yastika Bhatia couldn’t hold on. Dived forward, got to it on the full. Tough perhaps, but should ideally be taken.

New Zealand 47/1 after 9 overs: Oh, that should have been a tight, pressure-building over from Jhulan Instead Pooja, of all fielders, lets one through the legs for four at cover.

New Zealand 42/1 after 8 overs: A natural away-swinger of the ball, Meghna Singh has now brought the ball back in a couple of times to Amelia Kerr. A lesser batter might have fallen for it, but Kerr must be seeing the ball like a football. Didn’t even make it look hard. Devine then goes hard to cover again, geez the power in that drive. Speeds along the beautiful Seddon Park outfield. Good comeback from the Indian pacer after that.

New Zealand 35/1 after 7 overs: Not happy with her length and line at the end of the previous over, Jhulan starts this one with four dot balls and a single to Devine. AKerr finishes with a single too.

New Zealand 33/1 after 6 overs: AKerr taking her time to get in. Good over from Meghna to the youngster, with the keeper standing back, more freedom to operate in the fourth-stump channel.

New Zealand 31/1 after 5 overs: Sophie Devine, whoa! She is off to a flier. Dealing in boundaries at the moment. Two to finish the Jhulan over and the Indian pacer was not happy with the last one. Dropped short, cut away.

Persisting with two slips for Jhulan to AKerr.

New Zealand 21/1 after 4 overs: And the Devine counterattack is here. A drive down the ground and a powerful square cut for four off Meghna. Richa Ghosh comes up to the stumps.

New Zealand 9/1 after 3 overs: A maiden over from Jhulan, that. AKerr is the new batter in, of course. Can India find a quick solution to the Melie puzzle today?

WICKET! Over 2.1: Suzie Bates 5(10) Run Out Pooja Vastrakar INSTANT IMPACT ON THE FIELD. Pooja Vastrakar, one of the best fielders in the Indian side, makes an early impact. Suzie Bates was living on the edge, and is now caught well short as Sophie Devine thought there was a quick run there. New Zealand 9/1

New Zealand 9/0 after 2 overs: Oh! A couple of chances offered from Suzie Bates early on, but she has managed to evade the fielders. This one a beautiful outswinger that gets the outside and flies over the two slips in place,

New Zealand 5/0 after 1 over: Oh a chance early on! Bates hits one uppishly to Harman at midwicket who puts in a dive forward but it fell short. Would have been some catch! Devine hits the first four with a square cut.

Expecting dew in the evening and consider spinners are their strength, Mithali opted to bowl with the Seddon Park surface also tipped to spin today. Devine said White Ferns wanted to bat first (much like IND-PAK, both captains got what they wanted), selecting the same side that claimed victory in a rain-hit Dunedin match. Here we go then, national anthem done. We are set.

A recent story on ESPNCricinfo of how Yastika Bhatia worked on her game to force her way into the national side:

TEAM NEWS: One change for India, no changes for New Zealand.

Playing XIs here.

India XI: Smriti Mandhana, Yastika Bhatia, Deepti Sharma, Mithali Raj (c), Harmanpreet Kaur (vc), Richa Ghosh (wk), Sneh Rana, Pooja Vastrakar, Jhulan Goswami, Meghna Singh, Rajeshwari Gayakwad

New Zealand XI: Suzie Bates, Sophie Devine (c), Amelia Kerr, Amy Satterthwaite, Maddy Green, Katey Martin (wk), Frances Mackay, Hayley Jensen, Lea Tahuhu, Jess Kerr, Hannah Rowe

So, the first big news is that Mithali Raj wins two tosses in a row at the start of the tournament. She must be pleased! After wasting no time in saying she will bat first against Pakistan, wastes no time say to bowling first here. They’ve been better off chasing in recent times, sure that would have played a role. And wasting no time in making a big selection call, perhaps the right way to go in a World Cup and match that is darn near must-win.

Pitch report: A different pitch (from the first match) and different soli for this one says Craig McMillan which tends to be lower and slower. Interesting, might not be a belter that many thought.

TOSS: Mithali Raj wins the toss and she opts to bowl! (Sophie Devine wanted to bat first anyway). India have decided to bring in Yastika Bhatia in place of Shafali Verma.

Update: 20% fans allowed in the venue now, a slight increase in crowd capacity from 10% before.

Toss coming up... the previous match in New Zealand witnessed more than 600 runs and Australia won a high-scoring contest batting first. But chasing is India’s stronger suit. Decisions, decisions.

05.45 am: Hello and welcome to live updates of India’s clash with hosts New Zealand at the ICC Women’s ODI World Cup 2022. This promises to be a big one for both sides.

Having lost their opening game of the tournament, New Zealand bounced back with a convincing win in a rain-hit match against Bangladesh. With a 1-1 record, they take on a familiar opponent now in India who started their tournament with an eventually comprehensive win against neighbours Pakistan.

Screenshots in the blog courtesy ICC Match Centre / Disney+Hotstar.

Stats in the blog courtesy ESPNCricinfo Statsguru.