India’s schedule for Friday: Satwik-Chirag will take on the mighty Minions, Lakshya Sen will take on a tricky opponent in Lu Guang Zu and the Treesa/Gayatri pairing with take on second seeds Lee/Shin.

India’s results today: Lakshya Sen’s win over Anders Antonsen was the highlight of the day for Indian fans!

Men’s singles, Kidambi Srikanth vs Anthony Ginting - 21-9, 18-21, 19-21: A superb come from behind win for Ginting. Srikanth stayed competitive throughout the match but the fifth seed just found a better rhythm and made the bigger plays.

Men’s singles, Kidambi Srikanth vs Anthony Ginting - 21-9, 18-21, 14-16: From 10-15 down, Srikanth made it 14-15 before sending the shuttle wide. The run of points keeps him in the game.

Men’s singles, Kidambi Srikanth vs Anthony Ginting - 21-9, 18-21, 9-11: Ginting with his nose in front, a few errors creeping into Srikanth’s game but this still remains a very close match.

Vinayakk Mohanarangan: Confusion, Srikanth thinks he has saved a game point at 18-20 (I think he did too) but the umpires seem to have been blindsided and they have to replay the point with Ginting on serve. The Indonesian takes the match to the decider.

Men’s singles, Kidambi Srikanth vs Anthony Ginting - 21-9, 18-21: Ginting wins the second game and we will have a decider. Much better from Ginting in the second game and Srikanth won’t have it easy in the easy. Still, a tight game.

Women’s doubles: With Rahayu unable to continue, Gayatri and Treesa are through! Rahayu was barely able to move after her injury.

Men’s singles, Kidambi Srikanth vs Anthony Ginting - 21-9, 11-10: Big smash earns Srikanth a one-point advantage at the break. Not much but everything counts. Ginting playing much better than he did in the first game.

Women’s doubles: An injury to Rahayu has led to a brief stoppage of play with the score at 12-11.

Women’s doubles: Treesa and Gayatri giving up easy points at the start of the second game and then not being able to catch up.

Men’s singles, Kidambi Srikanth vs Anthony Ginting - 21-9: Easy does it. Not much of a challenge for Srikanth here. It felt easy at times.

Men’s singles, Kidambi Srikanth vs Anthony Ginting - 11-4: Srikanth has started well and this is exactly he would have wanted. A nice lead at the interval.

Women’s doubles: Gayatri and Treesa gave it a good shot but in the end, the Olympic champs found their touch take the first game.

Men’s singles, Kidambi Srikanth vs Anthony Ginting - 7-3: Srikanth staying ahead and Ginting hasn’t quite got into this yet.

Men’s singles, Kidambi Srikanth vs Anthony Ginting - 3-0: Srikanth jumps to an early lead. It always helps.

Men’s singles, Kidambi Srikanth vs Anthony Ginting: The players are on the court, warming up. the match will begin in a few minutes.

Women’s doubles: Treesa Jolly and Gayatri Gopichand putting on a good fight against Greysia Polii and Apriyani Rahayu.

Men’s doubles: Satwik-Chirag seal the win without much fuss. Straight games. 27 mins.

Men’s doubles: Better news on Court 2 for India.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 16-21, 21-17 Sindhu: The Takahashi jinx continues for Sindhu. A third straight loss against the left-hander from Japan and Sindhu has been beaten in the second round at All England. The wait for the title continues.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 16-21, 20-17 Sindhu: Oh now ST does to Sindhu what she did to her earlier! A nice overhead crosscourt drop and match points.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 16-21, 19-17 Sindhu: It’s not always been spot on, but brilliant judgment from Sindhu at the backline to make it a 1-point game... oh dear and then misreads it next point. Spoke to soon.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 16-21, 18-16 Sindhu: Oh now a four point lead for ST but she gives the serve back with an error on serve.. Gift there for Sindhu.And another long rally follows that goes in the favour of the Indian. She is fighting back!

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 16-21, 16-14 Sindhu: Could that be a turning point? SUPERB RALLY FROM BOTH PLAYERS! Sindhu under pressure on defence but stays in it, stays in it and then forces the error. Takahashi down on court still in the lead.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 16-21, 16-13 Sindhu: Gets the serve but gives it right back with a forehand error. Not looking good for the Indian if she cant find her range quickly... and she gets a couple of points back. Crowd cheer. ‘India, India’

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 16-21, 15-10 Sindhu: Oh dear. It was alright to trail by a point in the interval but Sayaka has come out of the break strongly and is making a decisive push now! Errors from Sindhu not helping.

(Clarification: The previous updates have been corrected from men’s singles to women’s singles. Refresh the blog for correction version)

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 16-21, 10-10 Sindhu: Four straight points to ST but Sindhu fights back to make it 10-10. Crucial point to decide who takes the lead into change of ends.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 16-21, 6-8 Sindhu: The lead with the Indian now. Crucial!

Men’s doubles: 5th seeds Satwik-Chirag about to get underway. Vs Germany’s Lamsfuss/Seidel, world No 16. This is their first meeting. On Court 2 that one.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 16-21, 4-3 Sindhu: There we go, good solid defensive play from Sindhu to remain in the rally for a long time and then closes it out with a down-the-line smash.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 16-21, 3-1 Sindhu: Think Sindhu just needs to keep herself in the game in the first half of this decider. Don’t try anything fancy, keep the game on her racket going into the change of ends. ST has made a good start.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 16-21 Sindhu: Game 2, Sindhu! There’s the shot we spoke about earlier! She is starting to pull this off more and more. Decider time.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 16-20 Sindhu: Pace injected, strong forehand crosscourt and game points for Sindhu.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 16-19 Sindhu: Couple of good aggressive points from Sindhu and then ST takes the serve back with a nice punch clear.A backhand error from Sindhu... still close.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 13-18 Sindhu: Now that’s more like it. Best point she has played in a while... and at the end of a rally, a lovely overhead inside-out winner.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 13-16 Sindhu: Sindhu lets out a big roar after an error by ST, that’s usually a sign she is trying to relieve some pressure. But ST keeps fighting back... too many errors from Sindhu but forced, to be fair.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 10-15 Sindhu: Takahashi going for the corners now and is putting together a good series of points. Errors from Sindhu’s racket too. She needs to get back her rhythm quickly.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 7-14 Sindhu: Sindhu seems to be in control now... just went back and checked that she chose the far side at the toss. Good sign then if she he is faring better from the near side as she will finish from here if the match goes into decider. But ST telling us not to get ahead of ourselves.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 4-11 Sindhu: Good confident stuff from the Indian now. Big lead into the interval.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 4-10 Sindhu: A rare error from Sindhu in this game as she misses the green with the forehand. Gets the serve right back though. Clearly the far side is proving difficult to judge on the baseline.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 3-8 Sindhu: Brilliant, good defence from Sindhu to ride out the smashes from Sayaka and forces the error. Another ST error and the Indian has a 5-point lead.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19, 1-4 Sindhu: There we go better from the Indian to start the 2nd game. Keeping the shuttle in play.

Meanwhile on Court 1, Nozomi Okuhara’s comeback is going well. Into the quarterfinal.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 21-19 Sindhu: Sayaka converts her third game point and Sindhu is once again under pressure from the left-hander. This, however, feels like more of Sindhu’s own making than Takahashi playing great. Perhaps the Indian is overthinking / overcompensating? It’s led to errors... and the Japanese player is ahead just based on a largely clean game.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 20-19 Sindhu: First a clear goes long and then a superb defensive rally from Sindhu... two game points saved!

Women’s singles, Takahashi 20-17 Sindhu: The Indian gets the serve at 17 as Sayaka returns the favour... needs a few points here.... but game points for Sayaka as she goes for Sindhu’s backhand with a smash and forces the error.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 19-16 Sindhu: Another Sindhu error on the forehand crosscourt.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 18-16 Sindhu: Sayaka pulls ahead by 2 again, Sindhu gets the serve back at 16 but a bad error on her smash after a good rally. Middle of the net! That’s going to hurt.

women’s singles, Takahashi 15-12 Sindhu: Sayaka constantly targeting Sindhu’s forehand defence with her downward shots. And then changing it up with a crosscourt effectively. Sindhu gets the serve back but gives it right back after a net exchange.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 12-11 Sindhu: Couple of errors from Sayaka after the interval but she gets the serve back.

Women’s singles, Takahashi 11-9 Sindhu: Sindhu has misjudged on the backcourt a couple of times in this opening game... the Japanese shuttler has the lead in the interval.

women’s singles, Sindhu 7-7 Takahashi: The Indian has not quite her lengths on offence and defence right yet, perhaps trying to get used to the court conditions still. A couple of good aggressive points from the Indian and we are back level again.

women’s singles, Sindhu 4-4 Takahashi: Good fast start from PV Sindhu to go up 4-1 but the Sayaka is fighting back... tends to be the pattern in their matches.

H2H: Sindhu 4-4 Takahashi

PV Sindhu vs Sayaka Takahashi about to start, live streaming available here on Court 3.


From the archives: A recent interview with Lakshya Sen. He outlined his plans for the season and is now following through on them!

Lakshya Sen interview: ‘That’s the kind of player I want to be, not to give up at any point’

Men’s singles: Lakshya Sen will next face the winner of the match between Lu Guang Zu and 8th seed Ng Ka Long Angus.

Men’s singles, Sen vs Antonsen - 21-16, 21-18: Sen wins it in two. Superb play... he has knocked out the third seed. Safe to say no one intimidates Sen on the badminton court anymore. A win over Axelsen last week and now one over Antonsen. A comprehensive win!

Men’s singles, Sen vs Antonsen - 21-16, 20-17: Almost there. Almost there. Three match points for the young Indian... lovely crosscourt smash to get to 20.

Men’s singles, Sen vs Antonsen - 21-16, 17-16: Sen sneaks ahead again. Some fine play, as always he will keep hanging in there and never give up

Men’s singles, Sen vs Antonsen - 21-16, 14-14: Really intense battle. Antonsen has changed his game plan and Sen is responding. Some really high quality badminton on display.

Men’s singles, Sen vs Antonsen - 21-16, 12-13: Sen finally breaks Antonsen’s run of points. But it would have helped the third seed to feel confident again.

Men’s singles, Sen vs Antonsen - 21-16, 11-12: Antonsen moves ahead. He targetted Lakshya’s backhand and got just reward for it. The battle has been joined in every sense. How will the Indian respond?

Men’s singles, Sen vs Antonsen - 21-16, 11-10: Three quick points for Antonsen and the lead is down to just one point. Here we go!

Men’s singles, Sen vs Antonsen - 21-16, 11-7: Sen’s down-the-line smash is working and it earns him another point. Antonsen’s return going into the net. Another consequence of the smash working is that it opens up the rest of the court for him.

Men’s singles, Sen vs Antonsen - 21-16, 9-5: Antonsen doesn’t quite have an answer to Sen right down. The third seed is trying stuff but nothing is working against the Indian at the moment.

Men’s singles, Sen vs Antonsen - 21-16, 7-4: Nice down the line smash to open up a three-point gap. Great from Sen!

Men’s singles, Sen vs Antonsen - 21-16, 4-4: Back level at 4-4. Sen doing his thing and keeping Antonsen off balance.

Men’s singles, Sen vs Antonsen - 21-16, 2-2: And the match finally gets going again. Antonsen hasn’t been able to find the consistency that we have come to expect of him.

Brief stoppage in play as the court was being cleaned. Pretty intense operation if one might say.

Men’s singles, Sen vs Antonsen - 21-16: Sen getting some treatment on one of his fingers. Another blister?

Vinayakk Mohanarangan: Not a win, but that’s got to be the best performance from Saina Nehwal in a long time. And that it comes on her 32nd birthday... maybe there is more left after all!

Men’s singles, Sen vs Antonsen - 21-16: Brilliant from Sen against the third seed. Antonsen started aggressively, trying to intimidate Sen into errors but the Indian stuck to his game plan and came up with some brilliant defensive plays as well to take the first game.

Men’s singles, Sen vs Antonsen - 18-15: Antonsen fighting back but Sen has a handy lead at this point. Needs to keep doing what he has so far. Defend well and attack when the opportunity presents itself.

Women’s singles: Yamaguchi prevails in the end but Saina sure gave her a fright. The second seed from Japan beat the veteran from India in 50 minutes. A great show by Saina too and this should give her more confidence in her game going forward. Some nice touches at the net especially.

Women’s singles: A lovely crosscourt drop shot makes it 17-18. Saina trails by just on point.

Men’s singles: Sen with a two-point advantage at the break. This is brilliant play and all according to plan. The young Indian is high on confidence and it is showing.

Women’s singles: Wow. Saina draws level at 15-15. What a comeback! Once again. Yamaguchi giving Saina an inch and she has taken a mile!

Men’s singles: Sen putting on a fine show. Staying calm and trusting his game. Antonsen seems to be trying more things than the Indian. Sen leads 10-8.

Men’s singles: Antonsen and Sen have both started the match well. Antonsen leads 6-5 in the early going but tough to choose between the two at the moment.

Women’s singles: Yamaguchi back to her best in the third game. Saina being caught out by some drop shots.

Women’s singles: Saina takes it to a decider against Yamaguchi. She was struggling early in the game, down 3-9. But then she turned on the charm and Yamaguchi made a few unforced errors too. The game is won and a decider it is. Who saw this coming?

Men’s singles: Time for Lakshya Sen to take on third seed Anders Antonsen. This promises to be a cracker. The players are just walking onto the court.

Women’s singles: Saina makes it 15-15. Some fine play. She is taking the risks, keeping Yamaguchi away from the net and it is working.

Women’s singles: Saina made it 9-9 but then Yamaguchi took two points in a row to go into the interval with a two-point advantage.

Women’s singles: Saina fighting hard in the second game. She trails 8-9 but a nice run of points for her. Keeps her in the game.

Women’s singles: Not much of a challenge for Akane Yamaguchi in the first game. The points coming far too easily.

Women’s singles: Yamaguchi with a four-point advantage against Saina at the interval in the first game. The second seed from Japan is well in control at this point.

Women’s singles: On court 1, Tai Tzu Ying trailed for many points in the opening game but pulls ahead when it mattered. On Court 4, Saina Nehwal in action against Akane Yamaguchi, the reigning world champion. AY has a H2H lead of 9-2. This is their first meeting since All England 2020.

Men’s doubles: Upset averted, as top seeds Gideon/Sukamuljo prevail in three close games against Japan’s Koga/Saito.

Women’s singles: Meanwhile, Tai Tzu Ying is on Court 1. Taking on Busanan.

Men’s doubles: And the Minions are on the verge of completing the comeback. A late fightback from the Japanese from 12-18 down to 15-18 but the Indonesians are in control at the moment.

5.36 pm: Top seeds Minions are fighting back against Saito/Koga of Japan. They lost the first game 15-21 but have come back to take the second 21-18 to force a decider.

5.25 pm: An Se Young gets her win over Kristy Gilmour in 40 minutes. Straight games, 21-17, 21-16.

5.16 pm: An upset brewing? In the first men’s doubles match of the day, top seeds Minions are having trouble against Saito/Koga of Japan. Trailing 15-21, 10-12...

Hello and welcome to our coverage of Day 2 of the All England Open. Day 1 saw most of the top Indian players come away with wins but Day 2 promises to be a tougher test.

Here’s a look at India’s schedule for the day:

India's Day 2 schedule