Best chases at ICC Women's CWC

Team Score Overs Opposition Ground Start Date
AUS 280/4 49.3 v India Auckland 19 Mar 2022
AUS 262/2 43.5 v SL  Bristol 29 Jun 2017
SL 244/9 50.0 v ENG  Brabourne 1 Feb 2013
SA 236/7 49.2 v ENG Mount Maunganui 14 Mar 2022
WI 234/8 45.3 v SA Cuttack 8 Feb 2013

Australia qualify for semifinals: The points table... semi-final spot was never really in doubt, Australia well on their way to top the table. Things starting to look tight for India.

Australia win by six wickets: Can’t quite understand what took so long to put pressure on Meg Lanning’s scoring areas square of the wicket. Not saying it might have changed the result at all but a bit lost about what we saw.

 Australia 5 5 0 +1.424 10
 South Africa 4 4 0 +0.226 8
 West Indies 5 3 2 -0.930 6
 India 5 2 3 +0.456 4
 New Zealand 5 2 3 -0.216 4
 England 4 1 3 +0.351 2
 Bangladesh 4 1 3 -0.342 2
 Pakistan 4 0 4 -0.996 0

Australia 280/4 after 49.3 overs: Beth Mooney finishes a run-chase off with a sense of utter calm. Australia win 5 out of 5 matches. India suffer 3rd defeat in 5 matches.

A brilliant 49th over from Meghna Singh. Australia need 8 off 6. And Mooney starts the final over with a four. What pressure?

WICKET! India finally put some pressure on Meg Lanning’s square cuts and drives... it results in a wicket. Vastrakar with a good catch. Meghna Singh strikes.

Australia 267/3 after 48 overs: A bit speechless at the moment. India have fielders behind square and suddenly Lanning has to face a few dot balls. Two runs and five dot balls in that Jhulan over.

Australia 265/3 after 47 overs FINALLY, India have two fielders to put some pressure on that shot from Lanning. A bit speechless at the moment.

Australia 257/3 after 46 overs: Maybe we tempted fate too much with the #JhuLanning throwbacks. Another cut shot for four, Lanning moves on to 92.

Jhulan has another go at Lanning

Australia 249/3 after 45 overs: An early four for Mooney in the Gayakwad over and then a two. Australia are doing this right, they need 29 runs from 30 balls. India need wickets... a mini-collapse will do too!

Australia 241/3 after 44 overs: A four off the last ball for Lanning and the equation is down to 37 runs needed in 36 balls.

Australia 233/3 after 43 overs: Australia need 45 from 42 balls. Mooney taking a few balls to get going. India will want to put on the pressure at this point. If they can get Lanning, it could become a whole new ball game.

Australia 226/3 after 41.3 overs: WICKET! Perry hits a full toss straight to the fielder. Vastrakar got lucky there but India will take it. The umpires checked to see whether it was too high... it wasn’t. Perry made 28 off 51.

Covers coming off: The covers are off and we should see play begin again very soon.

Rain stops play: Here’s some break-time reading.

Rain stops play: The backup umpire is in the middle with an umbrella on... and the cover remains on on the pitch. Australia won’t mind this.

Correction: Australia 225/2 after 41 overs. And rain! The par score is well behind in the rearview mirror. Players are off.

Australia 225/2 after 41 overs: A 1-run over from Gayakwad. Any other team chasing this you’d think India are still in with a chance. A big one at that.

Australia 224/2 after 40 overs: Good 40th over from Vastrakar...we enter the last 10 with Australia needing 54.

Australia 222/2 after 39 overs: Big over for Australia, as Perry and Lanning run really well and then Perry hits a four down the ground. 222/2 there.

Australia 211/2 after 38 overs: Another four for Meg Lanning, behind square off Rana.

Australia 204/2 after 37 overs: Jhulan has recognised (of course she did) and is bowling straighter to Lanning. Perry meanwhile might just want to rotate a bit more, with Lanning cruising. Not that they are in need of quick runs but still.

Not that this match is done yet but... just putting this pout here: There is no shame in losing a game of cricket, especially to the best sides in the world, but when it happens due to such exasperating planning, think the frustration tends to be a little bit more than just at the result.

Australia 197/2 after 35 overs: You can hear the exasperation in Nasser Hussain’s voice as Lanning cuts another for four, albeit a think edge this one. “They have got to bowl straight. If you are bowling to her strengths have fielders there, they have neither done one nor other”

Australia 185/2 after 33 overs: Nearly Lanning plays one on to the stumps as Jhulan comes on.

Nasser Hussain: “....that’s what you want in white-ball cricket, no width. And that’s what they have offered up Lanning. A lot of width. She loves it outside her offstump”

Australia 183/2 after 32 overs: India continuing to let Meg Lanning pick up boundaries on her square cut. Have to wonder about the bowling/fielding plans from the management. Again.

Australia 164/2 after 30 overs: Meg Lanning loves a good run-chase and she is getting into her zone. Wonder when and if Jhulan will be called on.

Australia 162/2 after 29 overs: India letting Meg Lanning get into rhythm with the freedom of her favourite scoring area... file that under “what, why, how?”

Australia 154/2 after 27 overs: Oh back-to-back fours for Lanning off Meghna and she is starting to activate chase mode.

Australia 142/2 after 25 overs: What a shot, Meg! And given her last couple of dismissals, that would have filled her with confidence.

Australia 135/2 after 24 overs: Just a good little phase for India this. The wickets, as you’d think, will slow the run-scoring for a bit. But their batting depth is the stuff of legends... India need to keep their pressure up. And now Jhulan in the middle to perhaps have a go at Lanning...

WICKET! 20.6: Rachael Haynes 43(53) ct Richa Ghosh b Pooja Vastrakar Wickets in quick succession! Both set batters gone, good bouncer from Vastrakar and it is gloved by Haynes for a caught behind Australia 123/2

WICKET! 19.2: Alyssa Healy 72(65) ct Mithali Raj b Sneh Rana Had to be Sneh Rana... and sharp catch by Mithali Raj too, the player you want for those takes. Goes for a reverse sweep (first of the night I think) and the captain takes a sharp one. Australia 121/1

Australia 120/0 after 19 overs: Mithali was briefly off the field too but she is back. Good over from Vastrakar. India need to figure out bowling plans now if Jhulan is not available anymore.

Back-to-back fours for Healy off Gayakwad... and another one couple of deliveries later. 100-run opening partnership. Meanwhile, Jhulan seems to be having an issue with her foot. That’s not a good sign.

Australia 97/0 after 16 overs: Another great decision by umpire Lauren. India lose a review for a LBW appeal against Haynes. Signs of desperation there.

Perhaps a bit early to say this but saying it anyway: A good thing India did by scoring at least 277 is making sure the NRR damage won’t be significant if they lose. (Felt slightly below par then, well below par now).

HALF CENTURY! Alyssa Healy reactivating some not-so-good memories for India fans perhaps... back-to-back World Cup half centuries for her against the Indians, in different formats. AUS 88/0 after 16 overs. DRINKS.

Australia 85/0 after 14 overs: Decent first over from Sneh Rana, Aussie openers taking their time... they have done their homework evidently.

Sneh Rana changed the match against West Indies. India need her to again here.

Australia 83/0 after 13 overs: Delightful from Haynes, guided one past point for four off Meghna.

Australia 76/0 after 12 overs: Runout seems to be the only real chance of a breakthrough here. Harman could have and should have done better there at mid-off after getting so quickly around to the ball. Haynes was struggling. The win predictor meanwhile has gone 80% plus for AUS.

Australia 67/0 after 10 overs: Well, could that powerplay have gone any better for Australia? Six fours for Healy, three fours for Haynes... it was a good over from Vastrakar with 5 dot balls, but a short ball to finish. Haynes won’t miss that.

Unlike the West Indies run-chase where you knew the wicket of Dottin (and perhaps Matthews) will put the match away from them, it’s going to be near impossible against this lineup if the wickets don’t arrive soon.

Australia 63/0 after 9 overs: Chasing some leather, says Nasser on air. India unable to put any brakes on the scoring as Healy-Haynes keep finding the gaps.

Australia 53/0 after 8 overs: A rare boundary-less over as Vastrakar comes on.

7 fours in the first 7 overs of the Aussie run-chase with No 77 on fire and 50 is up.

Australia 50/0 after 7 overs: First sight of spin. Gayakwad spoils a good over with a full ball on Haynes pad, gleefully swept for four.

Australia 43/0 after 6 overs: The boundaries keep coming, another through cover for Healy off Meghna.

Australia 38/0 after 5 overs: Just as I was about to say, Jhulan’s been a bit too short for her own liking inside the powerplay this tournament. Back-to-back fours for Healy.

Australia 29/0 after 4 overs: Another four for Healy through cover. Taniya Bhatia is on the field for India, not sure in place of who yet.

Australia 20/0 after 3 overs: The Aussie team have a lot of respect for Jhulan Goswami... but they will test her and India’s bowling unit to the hilt here. A fantastic batting unit. Off to a good start.

Australia 15/0 after 2 overs: Meghna starts with a bad ball on Healy’s pad, put away for four.

Australia 8/0 (1 over): A cover drive for Healy from a Jhulan full ball, good rotation of strike. Casually 8 runs from the first over.

India 277/7 (50): Here we go then! Jhulan Goswami to Haynes and Healy.

Precise, patient, powerful, prolific: For Jhulan Goswami, a final push towards World Cup glory

Innings break: Not quite sure if this is enough for India, we shall know that soon. But what it does it gives Australia their first real test in a run-chase at this World Cup. It gives their star-studded, deep batting lineup a challenge. That’s something for starters.

India 277/7 after 50 overs: Pooja Vastrakar is run out off the last ball, but not before she put on a crucial partnership with Harmanpreet Kaur at the end. Harman, meanwhile, finishes 57*.

Harmanpreet Kaur vs Australia in the last 2 World Cup matches combined: 228 not out off 162 balls.

India 269/6 after 49 overs: Jonassen with a tight over. Followed by a big over for India as Vastrkar hits another six.

HALF CENTURY: Another World Cup match, another good innings by Harmanpreet Kaur (Misses out on a full toss there though!). Third 50-plus score of the tournament. Back-to-back good innings against Australia at the World Cup too

India 251/6 after 47 overs: A cheer goes up as the 250 comes up. A well placed four through the deep pocket in that Schutt over by Kaur.

India 242/6 after 46 overs: India desperately needed that over. Starts with a four for Kaur down the ground, then a six and four for Vastrakar down the ground. Targeting the right pockets. 2/52 from 10 for King.

Misfield now at long on for four

India 225/6 after 45 overs: Steady over for India off Schutt.

India 219/6 after 44 overs: Harmanpreet gets a life... from Mooney of all people.

WICKET! 42.1: Sneh Rana 0(5) b Jess Jonassen Terrific from JJ, through the gates and gone. India 213/6

WICKET! 41.1: Richa Ghosh 8(14) st Alyssa Healy b Alana King That’s a wicket that will hurt India. NZ found that out against SA. Richa was struggling in the middle, beaten by flight and turn. India 212/5

India 212/4 after 40 overs: Two fours for Harman off McGrath. Good start to the last 10.

India 200/4 after 40 overs: Some really shaking between the wickets in this partnership so far. 200 comes up and we enter the final 10 overs. How much can India add from here? Harmanpreet Kaur and Richa Ghosh have the range to do some damage... can they?

For no reason: Harmanpreet and Deepti watch back the CWC 2017 run-out incident

25 years old and acing it

India 196/4 after 39 overs: India really need this partnership to click. Another wicket here will result in a below par score, inevitably. Richa joins Harmanpreet. Big appeal for LBW against the Indian VC but Australia lose their review.

WICKET! 37.3: Mithali Raj 68(96) ct Ellyse Perry b Alana King End of the Indian captain’s innings. Finishes with a strike rate of just over 70. Tried to teed off but like Bhatia, finds Perry in the deep. India have not quite played the dimensions well in this phase. Timed well but hit to the wrong part of the ground. A good innings though! India 186/4

India 185/3 after 37 overs: Four runs from Schutt’s over. India’s run-rate at 5 now... tracking along decently for a big finish if they can make the most of this.

India 181/3 after 36 overs: The Kaur sweep is here. Four off King.

India 176/3 after 35 overs: A brilliantly placed four over through the deep pocket on leg side by Mithali off Brown. Followed by a 4-run over for Perry. India can do with a steady 5-over phase here before teeing off in the last 10 perhaps. 200-210 at the end of 40 will be ideal.

The Mithali Raj six from earlier

India 166/3 after 33 overs: Perry immediately at ease bowling to two RHBs.

WICKET! 31.4: Yastika Bhatia c Ellyse Perry b Darcie Brown 59 (83)

Partnership is broken. Yastika Bhatia with a good-looking shot over offside but finds the fielder perfectly placed in the deep. Darcie Brown has her 3rd. Brings Harmanpreet Kaur to the middle...

Half century! Brilliant innings from Yastika Bhatia, a second half century against the Aussies. The first time she got past 50 against this side, India ended Australia’s world record winning streak. India 157/2 (31)

HALF CENTURY! A great time to return to her run-scoring ways. Mithali Raj reaches another milestone as well with her 12th 50-plus score in this tournament, the joint-most now. Gets a big hug from Yastika.

Most 50-plus scores at CWC

Player Mat Inns 50+
DA Hockley (NZ) 45 43 12
M Raj (IND) 36 34 12
CM Edwards (ENG) 30 28 11
KL Rolton (AUS) 28 22 9
SW Bates (NZ) 25 24 8

India 141/2 after 29 overs: Nearly another six in that over as Yastika takes on King but through the longest part of the ground.

India's best 3rd wickets vs AUS

Partners Runs Ground Start Date
YH Bhatia, M Raj 113* Auckland 19 Mar 2022
H Kala, M Raj 109 Vadodara 24 Dec 2004
YH Bhatia, M Raj 77 Mackay 21 Sep 2021
M Raj, PG Raut 75 Chesterfield 2 Jul 2011
H Kaur, M Raj 71 Hobart 7 Feb 2016

India 135/2 after 28 overs: A century partnership and soon after a six from Mithali Raj! Takes on JJ impressively down the ground.

India 123/2 after 26 overs: India have managed to negotiate the Tahlia threat alright so far.

India 115/2 after 25 overs: Yastika Bhatia and Mithali Raj keep things ticking over steadily... at the half-way stage India are going at just above 4.5. Maybe a shift of gears soon with plenty of batting to come?

India 113/2 after 24 overs: Superb on drive for four by Yastika off McGrath. Lovely atmosphere at the stadium now, great support for India.

India 105/2 after 23 overs: Tidy over from Alan King, the leggie.

India 101/2 after 22 overs: The late cut for Mithali has been handy today, another four in that Gardner over. 100 comes up.

India 90/2 after 20 overs: A decent 10-over phase for India, helped by some extras from the Aussie bowlers.

Cluster of wickets or complete anchor drop... no middle ground for this Indian middle order it would seem. But they’d do well to convert this into a bigger stand now that the time has been taken.

India 86/2 after 19 overs: 50-run partnership comes up in Gardner’s over with fittingly a major contributor to this India innings so far, wides. McGrath comes back and bowls another tight over. India’s momentum has just been completely halted, in a quest to avoid a cluster of wickets.

India 76/2 after 17 overs: Tahlia McGrath comes on to bowl. Hold on to your hats India fans. Just one run there. Australia have put the brakes on again. 16 runs from the last 5 overs after that 16-run over.

India 75/2 after 16 overs: Over and around and over from Garnder. Maiden over to Mithali. Time for drinks.

India 75/2 after 15 overs: Two delightful cover drives from Mithali in the Jonassen over... one for four and one for three. The longest pocket of the ground. Good spell for India.

India 67/2 after 14 overs: Nice late cut by Mithali for four off Gardner.

India 63/2 after 13 overs: As we saw sometimes during India tour of Australia, Ellyse Perry with a bunch of wides to start off. The umpire looked a bit tired at the end of that over. Nice to see how relaxed the Aussie team atmosphere is through all that though. 16 runs in that over with a wide for four.... and a few more wides. Jess Jonassen follows that up with a tidy over and soon after we have spin from both ends. A break for Perry right away, perhaps will return when right-handers are at the crease.

India 44/2 after 11 overs: Ellyse Perry with a great effort but a mistimed sweep from Bhatia fell short of her.

India 39/2 after 10 overs: End of another below par powerplay for India. Brown with a 1-run over, 2/16 in her first five.

India 38/2 after 9 overs: A well-timed shot past point by Bhatia for four off Schutt.

India 33/2 after 8 overs: Nice carry for Brown in that over. What a bowler she is.

India 30/2 after 7 overs: The catches from Meg Lanning and Beth Mooney so far... the biggest compliment to pay is how easy they made those look. They weren’t but so *effortlessly* taken. Mithali in the middle.

WICKET! 5.6: Shafali Verma 12(16) ct Beth Mooney b Darcie Brown Just after she started to get going, Shafali Verma falls too as India continue to struggle in the powerplay overs. Superb catch by Mooney at gully, Brown has another. India 28/2

India 27/1 after 5 overs: A six down the ground off Schutt’s bowling! Followed by a big smile on her face. Followed by a well-placed four behind square on off. That should give Shafali confidence.

India 15/1 after 4 overs: A wicket, couple of wides and all around eventful over from Brown comes to an end.

WICKET! 3.1: Smriti Mandhana 10(11) ct Meg Lanning b Darcie Brown Huge wicket! Australia get the big breakthrough early as Smriti Mandhana falls. Darcie Brown, back into the XI and back taking wickets right away. Meg Lanning takes the catch at slip. India 11/1

India 11/0 after 3 overs: The ball not coming onto the bat all that well it would seem. A couple of uppish shots from Shafali in that Schutt over.

India 10/0 after 2 overs: Mandhana with the first boundary of the day, glancing one down the leg side for four as Brown errs in line.

India 3/0 after 1 over: Megan Schutt is in to the attack straightaway today, no holding back. Shafali beaten by one that moves in after Mandhana starts with a nice cover drive.

About team change: Honestly not sure what to make of the changes India have been making, but hope the players are all being well communicated with. Cannot be easy going from vice captain after arriving in New Zealand to being dropped mid-way through WC.

Elsewhere from the tournament, some important news.

Playing XIs

India: Smriti Mandhana, Shafali Verma, Yastika Bhatia, Mithali Raj (c), Harmanpreet Kaur, Sneh Rana, Richa Ghosh (wk), Pooja Vastrakar, Jhulan Goswami, Meghna Singh, Rajeshwari Gayakwad

Australia: Alyssa Healy (wk), Rachael Haynes, Meg Lanning (c), Ellyse Perry, Beth Mooney, Tahlia McGrath, Ashleigh Gardner, Jess Jonassen, Alana King, Megan Schutt, Darcie Brown

This what Nasser Hussain had said during India-England: “Personally, I’d go Shafali Verma. To beat AUS, you don’t need good; you need exceptional. And she can provide you with exceptional. May not be her day, she might not get any runs. But against Australia you can’t just plod along, you need above par & she can provide that”

TOSS: It’s time for a marquee battle! A red-hot Australia vs an inconsistent India.

Meg Lanning wins the toss and has opted to bowl. Darcie Brown comes back in for Annabel Sutherland.

Big news: Shafali Verma is back for India. She replaces Deepti Sharma in the XI.


05.45 am: Hello and welcome to live updates of India’s clash with the mighty Australians at the ICC Women’s ODI Cricket World Cup 2022.

Match 17 of this year’s tournament will be the 13th meeting between India and Australia at ICC Women’s World Cups. The last time they met each other in this competition was in the 2017 semifinal (remember that? of course you do!). India won on this occasion by 36 runs with the help of Harmanpreet Kaur’s (171*) heroics.

These two nations have played 49 ODIs including at the World Cups. Australia have dominated the head-to-head battle so far. Nine of those Australia’s wins have come at ICC Women’s World Cups.


Result Margin Ground Match date Toss won by
India won 36 runs Derby 20 Jul 2017 India
Australia won 8 wickets Bristol 12 Jul 2017 Australia
India won 3 wickets Sydney 21 Mar 2009 Australia
India won 16 runs Sydney 14 Mar 2009 Australia
Australia won 98 runs Centurion 10 Apr 2005 Australia
Abandoned - Pretoria 3 Apr 2005 -
Australia won 51 runs Lincoln 6 Dec 2000 Australia
Australia won 19 runs Delhi 24 Dec 1997 India
Australia won 7 wickets Wetherby 21 Jul 1993 India
Australia won 39 runs Christchurch 4 Feb 1982 Australia
Australia won 4 wickets Wellington 26 Jan 1982 Australia
Australia won 153 runs Auckland 10 Jan 1982 Australia
Australia won 71 runs Patna 8 Jan 1978 India

Screenshots in the blog courtesy ICC Match Centre / Disney+Hotstar.

Stats in the blog courtesy ESPNCricinfo Statsguru.