Update: Germany beat England 8-0 in the second semi-final. India will play the English for the bronze - just as it happened at the 2013 Junior World Cup.

The tournament is still not over for India - there’s still the bronze medal match to play. They will face the losing team from the second semi-final between Germany and England.

That match will take place on Tuesday, April 12 at 17:00 hrs IST.

We’ll see you then.

“I’m very proud. It was a very good start. Altogether a great learning experience and I think we did good. Now it’s head up and focus on the next game. We have to give the same fight and same spirit,” said India coach Erik Wonink

The Netherlands go through to fourth consecutive final. They will take on the winners of the second semi-final between England and Germany. Goals from Tessa Beetsma, Luna Fokke and Jip Dicke accounted for the Dutch team’s 3-0 win over India. So far, this Junior Orange Machine has manufactured 46 goals in this tournament and conceded none. So strong is their forwardline that you forget how capable the defence is.

But it’s still not over for India. The bronze medal playoff beckons, and there’s still a good chance the team, which has been impressive no doubt, will not return home empty handed.

And that’s the final hooter.

Q4 - India 0-3 Netherlands: Green card for Jip Dicke with 40 seconds to go.

Q4 - India 0-3 Netherlands: Just over a minute left in this match. The Netherlands will play either Germany or England in the final.

Q4 - India 0-3 Netherlands: Shot played towards Beetsma to deflect, but she misses the ball.

Q4 - India 0-3 Netherlands: Penalty corner for the Dutch as the ball hits Priyanka’s foot in the circle.

Q4 - India 0-3 Netherlands: Just gets worse for India as skipper Salima Tete gets a green card with just over 3 mins left.

Q4 - India 0-3 Netherlands: ANOTHER GOAL FOR HOLLAND! Just a minute after Luna Fokke gets her 11th of the tournament, Jip Dicke gets her 13th. Beetsma goes for the reverse-hit, and Dicke rushes in to deflect home the Netherlands’ 46th goal of the tournament. Surely, no way back for India now.

Q4 - India 0-2 Netherlands: GOAL FOR THE NETHERLANDS! That pass made the goal. Excellent cross-field slap by Noor Omrani hugged the floor and got to Luna Fokke. She controlled well, got away from Sharmila Devi, pulled the ball to her left and then played a reverse-hit past Bichu Kharibam to double the Dutch lead.

Q4 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Eight minutes away, India still trailing, still trying to get any meangful possession.

Q4 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Another reminder flashes across the screen, that the senior Women’s World Cup will start in 82 days. Surely, there will be a number of these young stars - across all teams - playing at that tournament.

Q4 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Tessa Beetsma gets the first chance of this quarter, but her reverse-hit goes well over the crossbar.

Q4 - India 0-1 Netherlands: India is yet to have any meangful possession on the ball 3 minutes into this last quarter. The Dutch have been content with holding the ball, passing it around and slowing the game down.

Q4 - India 0-1 Netherlands: The Dutch gets us off for this final 15 mintues.

That’s the end of the third quarter. The Dutch have continued to press, and the Indians have continued to defend. Bichu Kharibam has made a few telling saves, while the likes of, but not limited to, Lalremsiami, Priyank, Ishika, and Akshata, have been strong at the back. But in this final 15 minutes though, the Indians will have to up the pressure on the Dutch to get back into this semi-final.

Q3 - India 0-1 Netherlands: India not showing too much urgency as we reach the final minute of the quarter. Just making sure they don’t concede this quarter.

Q3 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Bichu gets another block to end another Dutch move. She’s had a very good tournament.

Q3 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Netherlands back on the break. Floor de Haan goes for a shot from close range, but it’s not as strong as she would have wanted and Bichu Kharibam in the Indian goal clears it away.

Q3 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Half-chance for India as the cross comes in from the left, but Beauty Dung Dung can’t reach it.

Q3 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Another dangerous passing build-up move by the Netherlands, but Lalremsiami gets in an interception on the pass into the circle. She’s been all over the pitch today.

Q3 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Lalremsiami, the first rusher, gets a good block away. The Dutch collect it again and get a shot but Bichu makes another save.

Q3 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Mistrap, but they do get a shot away in the resulting melee. Bichu makes the save but the ball chips up dangerously. Another PC for the Dutch.

Q3 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Noor Omrani turns sharply to find the foot of Ishika Chaudhary, PC for the Netherlands.

Second half is underway

What a start it was to the match, as the Indians got off the blocks with two quick chances - the second hitting the post. The Dutch did assert their authority thereon, but needed an extraordinary 18-pass build-up to get past this dogged Indian defence through Tessa Beetsma - the goal of this tournament arguably. Beetsma did hit the back of the net again a minute later, but excellent work from the referee to spot the backstick. India has managed to pushback and moved this match into the midfield, creating a few chances on the break, making sure the Dutch don’t run away with this. India still needs to do what no other team has done so far to get back into this match, score against the Netherlands.

That’s the end of the first half. Netherlands leads 1-0 after scoring their 44th goal of this tournament.

Q2 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Just under 2 minutes left in this first half, this match has become a midfield battle, but credit to India, they have not let the Dutch dominate this match.

Q2 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Luna Fokke with the drag-flick and it crashes dangerously into Lalremsiami, the first rusher.

Q2 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Noor Omrani wins Netherlands their third PC of the match.

Q2 - India 0-1 Netherlands: India on the quick counter-attack. Baljeet gets the pass through to Beauty, who plays the snapshot, but the ball goes just wide. Excellent chance for the equaliser goes just inches away.

Q2 - India 0-1 Netherlands: This time Lalremsiami gets the block away accurately.

Q2 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Shot fired into Lalremsiami’s foot, PC reawarded.

Q2 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Penalty corner for the Dutch. Obstruction. This is the first PC for the Dutch.

Q2 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Second quarter underway.

That’s it for the first quarter, and what an opening 15 minutes it’s been. India had a good quick start with back-to-back chances - Mumtaz even hitting the post. But then the Dutch scored their 44th goal of the tournament after excellent build-up play that involved 18 passes.

Q1 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Here’s a stat from the Dutch goal, 18 passes from back to front before Beetsma’s slotted home.

Q1 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Beetsma scores another one, but it’s disallowed. Another excellent piece of work by the Dutchwoman to make space for herself in the circle and get a reverse-hit away. But the referees confer and decide it was a back-stick shot. Replays confirm it.

Q1 - India 0-1 Netherlands: Goal for Netherlands! The Dutch move the ball through the length of the pitch, passing it around accurately, before Noor Omrani made the final cross from the right for Tessa Beetsma to control and slot home.

Q1 - India 0-0 Netherlands: India goes for a slap-shot variation, but the Dutch defenders get a block in.

Q1 - India 0-0 Netherlands: Third PC for India.

Q1 - India 0-0 Netherlands: The Dutch launch a quick counter-attack but vice-captain Ishika Chaudhary makes a clever interception.

Q1 - India 0-0 Netherlands: Deepika gets it away but good save.

Q1 - India 0-0 Netherlands: Another PC, ball strikes the first rusher.

Q1 - India 0-0 Netherlands: Penalty corner for India after a stick check on Deepika.

Q1 - India 0-0 Netherlands: Chance for India as Deepika pushes it forward and Jiwan Toppo gets a deflection, but the shot crashes straight into Netherlands goalkeeper Sophia ter Kuile’s leg.

Q1 - India 0-0 Netherlands: Excellent chance for the Dutch. Jip Dicke - the highest scorer of this tournament with 12 goals gets past Salima Tete, but just as she’s about to pull the trigger with a reverse hit, she looses her footing.

Q1 - India 0-0 Netherlands: HITS THE POST! Just over a minute, Salima Tete with a strong run through the middle, gets it through to Mumtaz Khan, she rounds past the goalkeeper and hits the post.

Q1 - India 0-0 Netherlands: Early chance to India within 30 seconds of the start as Sangita fires just over.

And they’re off. India with the pushback

That’s it for the anthems and the stats. Time for the match.

Another few stats. This is the third time these two teams are meeting at the Junior World Cup, the Dutch won both, scoring four goals. India hasn’t managed to get past the Dutch. Yet...

India has scored 14 goals in four matches and conceded two. The Netherlands has scored 43 and is yet to concede over their four matches.

The senior teams played in the FIH Pro League twice over the past two days, India winning the first match 2-1 and the Netherlands taking the second match over the shootout after the match ended 1-1 in regulation time.

Both teams have left the pitch after warm-up and will walk onto it again in a minute, ready for the national anthems. And then, the semi-final of the 2021 Hockey Junior Women’s World Cup

Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup. India, led by Salima Tete, take on the Netherlands in the first semi-final of this World Cup, after beating South Korea 3-0 in the quarterfinal.

This is only the second time India has reached the semi-final of the Junior Women’s World Cup, finishing with bronze at the 2013 edition. Incidentally, it was the Netherlands who beat India in that semi-final nine years ago, as the Dutch went on to win their record third crown. The Indians will be looking to go one better this time around, but they’ll have to punch above their weight against the high-flying Dutch. But it’s not beyond this talented Indian outfit from getting the job done. The winner here will face the winner of Germany and England in the final.