Thailand’s Chaloempon Charoenkitamorn and Nanthakarn Yordphaisong produced an unforgettable rally at the ongoing Thomas and Uber Cup Finals.

The unheralded Thai pair have caught the eye in Bangkok, producing entertaining rallies in their matches so far for the hosts in the Thomas Cup.

The latest one on Monday came against the best of the best. For the record, the pair on the other side of the net from the Thai pair was Mohammad Ahsan-Hendra Setiawan, three-time World Champions and one of the all-time greats who eventually did win the match in three games. But this rally at 20-20 in the second helped Charoenkitamorn and Yordphaisong take the ‘Daddies’ to three games.

A day earlier too, the Thai pair were at it again, even though they lost this point: