10.20 pm: That will be all from us for this weekend’s coverage. Defeats for the Indian men and women in Rotterdam but two exciting matches once again.

India 2-3 Argentina (women): Argentina, already crowned champions, finish their season unbeaten in regular time.

India 1-2 Netherlands (men): Netherlands crowned champions after making sure Belgium and India can’t catch them. India finish third.

FULL TIME: India 1-2 Netherlands (men): A fine season for Indian men, all said and done. Plenty of late comebacks, a couple of avoidable defeats perhaps, plenty of goals scored (62 from 16 matches) Harmanpreet topping the goal-scoring charts. India (M) will finish 3rd. Congratulations to champions, Netherlands.

FULL TIME: India 1-2 Netherlands (men): A look at the full time stats. Netherlands are a proud side. They were disappointing in Tokyo, losing out in the quarterfinals, but their rebuild is off to a super start.

FULL TIME: India 1-2 Netherlands (men): Dutch delight, they win the match and with that this season’s league as well.

Q4, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): 10 seconds to go, Dilpreet with a shot on goal, saved!

Q4, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): India dilly dally too much on the ball. But they have it back with 16 secs to go.

Q4, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): Into the last 90 seconds.

FIH explanation on why that wasn’t a goal: It’s in the back of the goal, but won’t count. The ball was too high. It had to hit the backboard to count.

Q4, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): Jarmanpreet with a hit on goal, and it is deemed too high even though it finds the back of the net.

Q4, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): Manpreet, when India are chasing the game, is a beast. He wins a PC for India.

Q4, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): Harmanpreet is back on the pitch.

Q4, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): Harmanpreet is in the dugout with a pack on his knee. Hope it is nothing serious.

Q4, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): India hang on there... again Manpreet with a stunning rush. Made up twice for losing the ball. Less than 7 to go.

Q4, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): Huge chance for Netherlands after Manpreet loses the ball deep in India’s half. India manage to get away with just conceding a PC. Netherlands are also down to 10 in the meantime. Janssen’s hit is powerful enough but great rushing by Manpreet (what an effort!). PC again.

Q4, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): Oh dear, a little bit of a worrying last quarter for India. Vivek looked in pain, now Harmanpreet looks in pain... but the VC continues.

Q4, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): Netherlands lose their referral.

Q4, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): Vivek Sagar rushes well but Netherlands want a PC for this. Dangerous or not is the question... 10 mins to go.

Q4, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): After some sustained India pressure, Netherlands counter and Pawan panics a bit to kick the ball and concede a PC.

Q4, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): Visser with a super save for Netherlands as Varun gets off a superb shot from the drag flick. Good hockey all around.

Q4, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): A PC for India, lovely from Akashdeep to spin around and find the foot.

Q4, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): Pawan back in goal for India in what will be their final quarter of hockey for this season’s Pro League.

End of Q3, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): Netherlands have turned it around in what was a feisty quarter of hockey.

Q3, India 1-2 Netherlands (men): GOAL! A variation from the PC and Croon has given NED the lead! A deflection from close range. Netherlands have one hand on the title.

Q3, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): Another clash of bodies in the middle, the umpire asks them to calm down. With 43 seconds left, India have conceded a PC.

Q3, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): The drag flick is good but at a saveable height. Now Netherlands have a green card and for the next couple of minutes it will be 10v10.

Q3, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): Abhishek is fouled and India have a PC. The 10-men side have a chance to take the lead here.

Belgium lead 2-0 and that means India are likely to finish 3rd in this three-way race.

Q3, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): Oh dear, Yellow Card for Gurjant Singh and that’s 5 mins off. India will finish the half with 10 players.

Q3, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): Akashdeep Singh tries to take over from Sukhjeet after some gritty retrieval by the latter of a lost cause. It’s a cagey affair at the moment but gripping nevertheless.

Q3, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): Pieters nearly with a super deflection past Sreejesh, the Indian keeper was left scrambling there.

Q3, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): A green card for Nilakanta Sharma and India will be down to 10 for 2 minutes. Now India will have to absorb pressure.

Q3, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): India camped in the Netherlands half, good early pressure.

Q3, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): India have started on the front foot, Nilakanta and Manpreet combine but the final pass is again just a bit off.

Q3, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): We are back underway. Sreejesh in goal for India now.

Coach Graham Reid: Repeats the point about counter control, says the decision-making has been better today but wants to see more from the chances India are creating but not taking.

HALF TIME: India 1-1 Netherlands (men) Apparently Belgium are also leading against England at the moment and that would mean India’s slim title chances are nearly over anyway.

HALF TIME: India 1-1 Netherlands (men) A look at the stats below (Not sure about the accuracy, India had more than 1 PC, maybe the ones late on in the half were not added).

HALF TIME: India 1-1 Netherlands (men) Another fast half of hockey comes to a close and both sides will be a little disappointed with not adding to their tally. India had a penalty stroke & also a series of PCs at the end and couldn’t convert those. Pawan had a good senior debut in goal in that quarter, keeping Netherlands at bay.

Q2, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): Oh India try a variation this time. Harmanpreet sends it back to Jugraj, we saw that last weekend. But Jugraj can’t find the target. What great rushing by Netherlands in that phase of play.

Q2, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): Oh wow, another PC for India. This time Harmanpreet finds the feet.

Q2, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): They swap places but it is still Jugraj taking this one, it is rushed out superbly. Another PC for India.

Q2, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): Harman lets Jugraj takes this one, and it leads to another PC for India.

Q2, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): A lightning counter by Netherlands and Pawan had to be alert from a close range shot. Another chance comes NED’s way and India under pressure again. Down the other end, Manpreet is fouled and India win a PC. Can Harman make up for the miss earlier?

Q2, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): India with more attacking intent in this quarter, some half chances being created. Will they rue that penalty stroke miss though?

Hockey India update: A big shout-out goes to Pawan, who makes his debut in the FIH Hockey Pro League 2021-22 (Men)! We wish him luck in his opening match against the Netherlands today.

Q2, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): PC for Netherlands and Pawan had to be alert a few times, and the crossbar came to his rescue once. Sreejesh applauds from the dugout.

Q2, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): Penalty stroke India. And Harmanpreet with a rare miss!

Q2, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): Pawan is in goal for India now. India do change their goalkeepers sometimes in matches but haven’t done in this leg so far. First time in the last 4 matches, if I am not wrong.

End of Q1, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): India started off on fire but Netherlands have dominated since and Sreejesh and the Indian defence have had to hang on for the final few minutes.

Q1, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): India have to finish with 10 after a green card for Dilpreet.

Q1, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): Another PC for Netherlands, India rush well. It’s been all Netherlands in the last few minutes.

Q1, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): BIG SAVE! Another drag flick from Janssen but this one not as powerful. Still Sreejesh had to put his left foot in the right place to push that away. India clean up.

Q1, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): Both teams are going forward every chance they get. Now Netherlands have another PC.

Q1, India 1-1 Netherlands (men): GOAL NETHERLANDS! Well there is one word enough to describe that goal. Power. Nothing else. Janssen with a brute of a hit from a PC. And Sreejesh has no chance.

Q1, India 1-0 Netherlands (men): Yesterday Reid had said he’d like to see his side start as fast as the Dutch sometimes do. And boy did they do that. They had another chance not long after too but the game has settled down since.

Q1, India 1-0 Netherlands (men): GOAL INDIA! What a start, no time to even say pushback in Rotterdam, 30 seconds on the clock and it is a stunning goal too. Abhishek with a sublime individual goal, dribbling through a crowd of defenders, lifting the ball past a few feet and finishes.

Coach Graham Reid: Yeah it is part of the regime, and back-to-back matches, we stay up late to watch videos. Pretty even game, when you look at scores behind the scores. Both teams had good opportunities. Probably 2-2, 3-3 was fair. Couple of things I have been speaking about, counter control is one of those. Their counters hurt a little bit. And we didn’t make good decisions on the ball.

India vs Netherlands (men): Alright then, not long left for this one.

India vs Netherlands (men) FIH Update on what’s at stake in this match: “Outright win for Netherlands will make it impossible for Belgium and India to catch up with them in this season.”

India vs Netherlands (men): Alright then, time to start looking forward to the second match. India showed fantastic fight to equalise with no time left on the clock. The shootout bonus didn’t go their way and it would have things even more interesting in the title race. India will have to win today and then hope other results go their way.

FULL TIME, India 2-3 Argentina (women): Savita Punia with a quick chat post-match and she says she is proud of the fight shown by her side in both matches against a really good Argentina side.

FULL TIME, India 2-3 Argentina (women): Argentina will be crowned champions in a short while.

FULL TIME, India 2-3 Argentina (women): Another thrilling game of hockey. Indian women gave it a good go at the end and had their chances but Argentina showed why they are champions, finish off their season with a win.

Here’s a look at the final stats:

FULL TIME, India 2-3 Argentina (women): Janneke Schopman is convinced it was a PC at the end but Salima Tete’s run ends on the turf and that’s the end of the match as well.

Q4, India 2-3 Argentina (women): 22 secs to go, India ball. A counter fizzles out in the end!

Q4, India 2-3 Argentina (women): Argentina ball with 30 secs to go.

Q4, India 2-3 Argentina (women): Navneet cuts in well from the left flank, but ARG hang on. India with all the offensive pressure. But only 80 secs left.

Q4, India 2-3 Argentina (women): India are giving this a really good go, into the final 3 mins now.

Q4, India 2-3 Argentina (women): Super counter by India. Succi with a good save as Vandana gets a shot away. The buildup was beautiful with Salima and Navneet involved. Great save, India lose their review in the aftermath.

Q4, India 2-3 Argentina (women): Victoria Granatto with a shot-cum-cross and it is away from goal. Into the final 7 mins.

Q4, India 2-3 Argentina (women): End to end at the moment, India did well to build some pressure from the right but Argentina nearly hit at the other end. Neha then heavily involved again down the left flank.

Q4, India 2-3 Argentina (women): Argentina come back on the attack and it is a PC for them. India plead their case to the referee but don’t review it. Gorzelany’s effort is high and wide this time.

Q4, India 2-3 Argentina (women): GOAL INDIA! Deep Grace! India respond superbly at the start of Q4 and the pressure pays. From a PC, the Indian VC puts her side within one goal.

Q4, India 1-3 Argentina (women): Deep is in the middle for this PC.

Q4, India 1-3 Argentina (women): Chaos in the Argentinian circle. A good move with Neha involved heavily. India review this for dangerous play... eventually after some confusion and anger on a few faces, it is a PC to India.

Q4, India 1-3 Argentina (women): Oh chance for India, well done by Salima and Vandana to combine and fashion a chance. The shot on goal is not the strongest though.

Q4, India 1-3 Argentina (women): the final quarter begins, and it is a huge task facing the Indian team now.

Q3, India 1-3 Argentina (women): A Green card for Sauze and India will have 2 mins with a player advantage but the quarter is almost done.

Q3, India 1-3 Argentina (women): GOAL ARGENTINA! And this time it is the brilliant Agustina GORZELANY with her drag flick. Brilliantly done even if the trap wasn’t great. Savita got the touch btu the power on it was too much.

Q3, India 1-2 Argentina (women): Another PC for Argentina. India struggling a bit at the moment.

Q3, India 1-2 Argentina (women): GOAL ARGENTINA! The commentator had mentioned yesterday about how good Argentina are with their deflections off PCs. Eugenia TRINCHINETTI does the job perfectly at the far post, lifting it over the Indian defence. Superb execution.

Q3, India 1-1 Argentina (women):Udita didn’t get out of the way of a free hit quickly enough and it is another PC for Argentina.

Q3, India 1-1 Argentina (women): India win a PC right after that goal. And it results in another after review. Udita with the hits on both occasions. Oh Sonika goes so close from the rebound!

Q3, India 1-1 Argentina (women): GOAL ARGENTINA! Sofia TOCCALINO with a stunning turn of pace and run from the right flank and she goes all the way to the byline and cuts the ball back. The final touch is not clean, but it loops over a diving Rani. THOME Delfina given the goal.

Q3, India 1-0 Argentina (women): For the first 7 mins or so in the half, Argentina hadn’t threatened Savita’s goal... and up comes Julieta JANKUNAS with a reverse hit that brings a save out of Savita.

Q3, India 1-0 Argentina (women): India will start the half with 10 women on the pitch for three minutes. They have seen that out with a good defensive set up. Now they come forward.

India coach Janneke Schopman: Yes, I am enjoying watching the team. They are working hard, moving the ball quite well. Little bit nervous at the start with many turnovers but quite happy after that. We can still do a little more on attack, see if we can create chances.

First half stats: Even possession but Argentina did much more with the ball than India, going forward and entering the opponent circle. But it is India who have the lead after that super Salima goal.

HALF TIME, India 1-0 Argentina (women): Argentina’s star Maria Granatto walks off not so pleased about something (perhaps the scoreline) as Indian defence hangs on in the final stages of that half. Savita has come up with at least two MASSIVE saves either side of a stunning solo goal by Salima. The champions trail.

Q2, India 1-0 Argentina (women): SAVE-ITA! Superb reflex save from the Indian captain as a long ball into the circle is deflected in. She couldn’t have seen that till like the last microsecond. Just sheer reflex.

Q2, India 1-0 Argentina (women): Wow with 2:40 to go, now Deepika gets a yellow card so that’s a 5-minute suspension. 9v10 now.

Q2, India 1-0 Argentina (women):Green cards for the both teams. First for ARG, then for IND. Level pegging then.

Q2, India 1-0 Argentina (women): WHAT A GOAL! SALIMA TETE! Gets the ball at the halfway line on the right flank and she goes all the way into the circle, cutting in and then unleashing a shot on the angle.

Q2, India 0-0 Argentina (women): Another decent attacking move, but the final pass from India is well off. But the defence has been solid today as they deal with a good counter by Argentina.

Q2, India 0-0 Argentina (women): India are unable to stitch together the pacy combinations that Schopman wants to see. Offensively, they look a bit off today.

Q2, India 0-0 Argentina (women): The driving run from the right flank catches Sonika off guard and it’s a PC for Argentina. And the drag flick from Gorzelany is saved BRILLIANTLY by SAVITA PUNIA! Going into the roof of the net, pushed over by the Indian captain. (If it had gone in, could have been reviewed too).

End of Q1, India 0-0 Argentina (women): A solid first quarter from both teams it must be said. Argentina, the more attacking side, not surprisingly. But India have absorbed pressure well and looked to counter. Think both coaches will be happy with those 15 mins.

Q1, India 0-0 Argentina (women): Into the final minutes of this quarter, a great piece of calm defending by Grace.

Q1, India 0-0 Argentina (women): India are growing into this match and they win a PC. No Gurjit today, so this is a HIT from Monika, and it is actually a nice one. Saved well by ARG.

Q1, India 0-0 Argentina (women): The injector is trying to deflect the ball in but it caught her foot. Initially a PC is given to Argentina but the 2nd official overrules it. Argentina keep coming forward again.

Q1, India 0-0 Argentina (women): Just after the opening five minutes, Argentina have their first PC.

Q1, India vs Argentina (women): Argentina have started like they mean business today.

Q1, India vs Argentina (women): Pushback! The national anthems are done and we are all set.

A little bit more of India’s team changes: No Gurjit Kaur and Lalremsiami either for India, the latter perhaps a safety measure after her injury to the finger.

Coach Janneke Schopman: Belgium was bit of a rough patch but yesterday the team showed up, fought together. Happy with the performance. They are a very good team (ARG) and we have to be even better to beat them, they are good at transitions like I said, we need to see if we can do that to them.

India vs Argentina (women): Here’s a look at the starting XIs and bench for both teams. No Rani Rampal today as well for India. Ishika, Deepika among those getting a look in alongside the usual suspects.

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Here’s a quick look at the recent H2H:

After their superb performance on Saturday in the first leg against the champions of this Pro League season, Indian women are back in action against Argentina. What’s in store today in Rotterdam?

Hello and welcome to our coverage of the FIH Pro League and it is once a double-header for Indian hockey fans.

On Saturday, a fantastic evening of hockey on Saturday in Rotterdam where the Indian women drew against season champions Argentina, then the Indian men drew against potential champions Netherlands (before contrasting shootout results). What’s in store today?

FIH Hockey Pro League matches on Saturday:

India 3-3 Argentina (women): India win shootout bonus point

Savita Punia-led India clinch shootout bonus after 3-3 draw vs toppers Argentina

India 2-2 Netherlands (men): Netherlands win shootout bonus point

Harmanpreet’s late goal helps India hold Netherlands 2-2, hosts clinch shootout

Screenshots in the blog courtesy: FIH Media / Disney+Hotstar