HS Prannoy 25-23, 22-20 Kanta Tsuneyama: HS PRANNOY WINS! Wow! The 29-year-old Indian saved two game points and won four points in a row to close out the match in straight games in exactly an hour. He becomes the only Indian to reach the semifinals in the tournament.

HS Prannoy 25-23, 21-20 Kanta Tsuneyama: And now match point for Prannoy! Kanta finds the net and the Indian wins a third straight point. What a comeback this was!

HS Prannoy 25-23, 20-20 Kanta Tsuneyama: Brilliant from Prannoy! He saves both game points, the second one with a superb cross court smash.

HS Prannoy 25-23, 18-20 Kanta Tsuneyama: A brutal rally, with Prannoy finding himself on his knees twice, and it’s Kanta who comes out on top. The Japanese has two game points.

HS Prannoy 25-23, 18-19 Kanta Tsuneyama: Prannoy manages to create a sharp angle with his inside-out cross court drop and Kanta can’t get to it. The Japanese still leads by one point, though.

HS Prannoy 25-23, 17-18 Kanta Tsuneyama: Prannoy nails a smash before drawing an error from Kanta. It’s a one-point game now.

A little earlier...

HS Prannoy 25-23, 15-18 Kanta Tsuneyama: Three straight points for Kanta and he has opened up a healthy lead at a crucial point in the game.

HS Prannoy 25-23, 15-15 Kanta Tsuneyama: Wonderful, wonderful play from Prannoy. Kanta was moving him around but he manages to finish the point with a delightful cross court winner. The score is level again.

HS Prannoy 25-23, 13-14 Kanta Tsuneyama: Yep, same thing again. Kanta wins three points to take the lead. It’s been a strange match this way, neither player has been able to get on a roll.

HS Prannoy 25-23, 13-11 Kanta Tsuneyama: Now four straight points for Prannoy and he has a two-point lead. This match has kept going back and forth. Can Prannoy build on this momentum and pull away?

HS Prannoy 25-23, 11-11 Kanta Tsuneyama: Magical play from Prannoy again! This time he nails a backhand smash before drawing an error from Kanta. He makes it look easy too.

HS Prannoy 25-23, 9-11 Kanta Tsuneyama: Make that five straight points for Kanta. He takes a lead to the interval. Prannoy would want to pull things back quickly here.

HS Prannoy 25-23, 9-10 Kanta Tsuneyama: Four straight points now for Kanta and he has the lead. Prannoy pulls a smash wide before the Japanese nails a cross court smash.

HS Prannoy 25-23, 9-7 Kanta Tsuneyama: Prannoy loses a point before Kanta smashes his way to another point.

HS Prannoy 25-23, 7-5 Kanta Tsuneyama: Another jump smash winner from Prannoy. He makes that shot look so elegant. Also, his movement doesn’t seem to be hampered thankfully.

HS Prannoy 25-23, 4-4 Kanta Tsuneyama: Prannoy with a bit of magic at the net! He holds his shot right till the end and plays a delightful flick that Kanta can’t get to. But worrying signs thereafter as he seems to have an issue with his foot and the trainer is called out to have a look. But he’s back on court and ready to play. Hope it’s nothing too serious.

HS Prannoy 25-23, 2-3 Kanta Tsuneyama: It’s neck and neck at the start of the second game too. Kanta with a narrow lead.

HS Prannoy 25-23 Kanta Tsuneyama: Prannoy converts his fourth game point to take a lead in the match! A brilliant jump smash by him and it lands just in. Kanta took a review and it showed the shuttle just about kissing the line. That was a highly entertaining first game, 27 minutes it lasted. Prannoy would want to carry the momentum and pull away at the start of the second.

HS Prannoy 23-23 Kanta Tsuneyama: Prannoy gets a third game point and Kanta saves it yet again with another cross court smash. That shot has been massive for him so far in the match. We’re back level!

HS Prannoy 22-21 Kanta Tsuneyama: The Japanese saves a game point but Prannoy plays another excellent rally to get his second game point.

HS Prannoy 21-20 Kanta Tsuneyama: The longest rally of the match so far – 35 shots – and Prannoy comes out on top! Game point for him now.

HS Prannoy 20-20 Kanta Tsuneyama: Aggressive play from Prannoy and he saves a game point. The crowd is making a lot of noise for a match on the adjacent court and that must definitely be adding to the difficulty for Prannoy and Kanta.

HS Prannoy 19-19 Kanta Tsuneyama: A couple of errors at the net and we’re back level! Crucial few minutes coming up, the Japanese seems to have the momentum.

HS Prannoy 19-17 Kanta Tsuneyama: Prannoy’s jump smashes have been lethal so far. He’s happy to pull the trigger and it’s getting the job done.

HS Prannoy 18-17 Kanta Tsuneyama: Strong defence backed up by some smart play at the net and Kanta has reduced the deficit to just one point. Still very little to choose between these two.

HS Prannoy 17-14 Kanta Tsuneyama: Four straight points for Prannoy now! A brilliant jump smash by him that lands perfectly on the line, before he shows good judgement again at the back court to let the shuttle land wide.

HS Prannoy 13-14 Kanta Tsuneyama: Four straight points for Kanta! Soft errors from Prannoy and the Japanese is doing well to build pressure.

HS Prannoy 13-11 Kanta Tsuneyama: Both players are looking to get on the offensive at the slightest opportunity. It’s been a cagey match so far.

HS Prannoy 11-10 Kanta Tsuneyama: Prannoy shows great judgement at the back of the court as the shuttle lands just wide. He has a narrow lead but there’s precious little to choose between the two players at the moment.

HS Prannoy 10-8 Kanta Tsuneyama: Four straight points for Prannoy! He’s injecting more pace now in his shots and Kanta is being forced to scramble.

HS Prannoy 6-8 Kanta Tsuneyama: Prannoy is defending well but it’s Kanta who is dictating points at the moment. The Japanese player is mixing the pace up smartly.

HS Prannoy 5-6 Kanta Tsuneyama: Neck and Neck so far as both players try to settle in. The Japanese hits a nice cross court smash to take a slender lead again.

HS Prannoy 3-3 Kanta Tsuneyama: Swift movement and price strokes from Prannoy early in the match. He’s been playing well of late and it’s showing immediately.

HS Prannoy 1-2 Kanta Tsuneyama: The Japanese wins the first two points of the match but Prannoy gets going with some solid defence and a nice flick winner.

Both players are on court, the warmups are done, and we’re ready for play.

We’re back: Time for HS Prannoy’s quarterfinal match! With PV Sindhu bowing out earlier today, can Prannoy become the only Indian to reach the semifinals? The 29-year-old is up against Japan’s Kanta Tsuneyama. Prannoy has a 2-1 head-to-head lead against the world No 14 and last met him at this same event in January 2020, a match he won.

2.48 pm: There are two matches now before HS Prannoy takes the court for his quarterfinal clash. We will be back with live updates shortly.

Vinayakk Mohanarangan: Sindhu started the decider so well and was well in the game even at the break but seemed like she started getting frustrated by TTY’s fightback and her own fine margins with challenges. The first of two challenges dropped literally a millimeter and Sindhu’s reaction was one of frustration at her luck. Her game was there today, just had a lapse of focus in that phase in the decider and TTY pounced.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 21-12, 12-21 Tai Tzu Ying: TTY WINS! It seemed we will have a thrilling finish but the world No 2 simply ran away with the contest after the interval. Sindhu put up a strong fight but lost steam at the end. Another fantastic performance from TTY and she betters her head-to-head record against the Indian to 5-17.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 21-12, 11-19 Tai Tzu Ying: There’s no stopping TTY at the moment. Sindhu’s level has dropped and the world No 2 has taken full toll.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 21-12, 11-16 Tai Tzu Ying: The world No 2 is running away with this! This time she hits a masterful cross court shot that lands just inside. Sindhu has lost her intensity a bit.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 21-12, 11-14 Tai Tzu Ying: A superb rally and it’s TTY who comes out on top to open up a three-point lead. Sindhu defended brilliantly once again but ended up hitting one wide.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 21-12, 11-11 Tai Tzu Ying: Errors from TTY and Sindhu squares things up. Whoever picks up momentum here will take a huge step towards victory.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 21-12, 9-11 Tai Tzu Ying: It’s TTY who has a slender lead at the interval. Sindhu will be disappointed considering she had a four-point lead at one stage but she will now play from the side she won the second game. This match could go either way!

PV Sindhu 13-21, 21-12, 8-9 Tai Tzu Ying: Sindhu challenges again and it doesn’t go her way again. She is out of challenges now and TTY head the lead.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 21-12, 8-8 Tai Tzu Ying: Sindhu leaves one yet again, it’s called in, she challenges, and the replay shows the shuttle would just about kiss the line. TTY is back on level terms.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 21-12, 8-6 Tai Tzu Ying: Sindhu leaves one again at the back of the court and this time it lands just wide. Both players are celebrating each point now, this is a tense, tense battle.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 21-12, 7-6 Tai Tzu Ying: Sindhu set up the point wonderfully with some brilliant defence and had the opening but hit it wide. TTY has won consecutive points now.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 21-12, 7-3 Tai Tzu Ying: Another error from TTY and another roar from Sindhu. She has a four-point lead now!

PV Sindhu 13-21, 21-12, 5-3 Tai Tzu Ying: Sindhu nails a cross court smash and lets out as huge roar! She is pumped all right! TTY would’ve hoped to build a lead in the first half of this game before returning to the near side of the court but it’s Sindhu who is forcing the initiative.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 21-12, 3-2 Tai Tzu Ying: Another brutal rally and this time Sindhu comes out on top as TTY hits it long. Both players have stepped up their game and aren’t giving an inch.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 21-12, 2-2 Tai Tzu Ying: Brilliant rally! Sindhu defends valiantly but TTY ends up painting the line with a down-the-line smash. This is a mighty important phase in the match.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 21-12, 0-1 Tai Tzu Ying: A 32-shot rally to start the third game! TTY comes out on top as Sindhu can’t get to a drop shot. The Indian is playing from the side both players have struggled from so far, but they’ll switch ends after the interval of course.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 21-12 Tai Tzu Ying: Sindhu converts her first game point and we’re going to a decider! What a comeback this was by the Indian, she started strongly in the second game and kept up the intensity to not allow TTY a way back. It all comes down to this now, can Sindhu keep up this momentum?

PV Sindhu 13-21, 19-12 Tai Tzu Ying: Sindhu hits one wide before finding the net but she remains in pole position to win this game.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 17-10 Tai Tzu Ying: Sindhu restores her seven-point lead! TTY finding the net repeatedly and looking frustrated on the court.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 15-8 Tai Tzu Ying: A 301 kmph smash by Sindhu and it finds its mark. She is pumped!

PV Sindhu 13-21, 14-8 Tai Tzu Ying: Now a couple of quick points from Sindhu as TTY finds the net before leaving the shuttle at the back and seeing it land inside.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 12-8 Tai Tzu Ying: The game has been on TTY’s racket once again since the interval. She’s rushing Sindhu and finding her spots again. But the Indian will be determined to not let this lead slip.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 11-6 Tai Tzu Ying: Two points for TTY after the interval. This time she manages to draw an error from Sindhu after working her around nicely.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 11-4 Tai Tzu Ying: A seven-point lead for Sindhu at the interval! The change of ends seems to have had an impact but either way, Sindhu is playing much, much better in this second game. She’s found her range and it’s TTY who’s struggling with the errors.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 10-4 Tai Tzu Ying: Fantastic defence from Sindhu! TTY seemed to have got the point in the bag but the Indian produces a superb reflex winner.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 8-4 Tai Tzu Ying: Sindhu had struggled with her judgement while leaving shuttles at the back in the near side of the court and now TTY seems to be having the same problem.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 7-2 Tai Tzu Ying: Excellent play from Sindhu again! This time she pulls the trigger from the back court and nails the cross court smash.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 5-1 Tai Tzu Ying: Brilliant drop shot winner from Sindhu! She was at the back court and faked a smash masterfully. Promising signs for the Indian.

PV Sindhu 13-21, 4-1 Tai Tzu Ying: Positive start for Sindhu in the second game. TTY dictates play with her deceptions but ends up hitting one wide. Sindhu then wins two quick points to open up a healthy lead.

PV Sindhu 13-21 Tai Tzu Ying: Sindhu injects more pace into the rallies and saves two game points. But TTY works her opponent around nicely in the next point before drawing an error. First game in the bag for the world No 2 in 14 minutes.

PV Sindhu 11-19 Tai Tzu Ying: What should have been a routine put-away ends up going wide... not much going Sindhu’s way at the moment.

PV Sindhu 11-17 Tai Tzu Ying: Absolutely delightful play from TTY at the net. She holds her shot till the very end before changing directions. Sindhu having to work extremely hard here to stay in the rallies.

PV Sindhu 9-14 Tai Tzu Ying: Three quick points for TTY and she has a healthy lead all of a sudden. Sindhu is struggling to dictate points and the errors are flowing.

PV Sindhu 9-11 Tai Tzu Ying: It’s TTY who has the lead at the mid-game interval in the opener. The world No 2 seems to have settled in now and is hurrying Sindhu with her deceptions. The Indian will want to keep pace and not let TTY get on a roll.

PV Sindhu 8-9 Tai Tzu Ying: This time TTY attempts a drop from the back court and finds the net. Sindhu is playing with great intensity, as he has at the start of all her matches this week, but needs to cut down on the errors.

PV Sindhu 6-7 Tai Tzu Ying: It’s neck and neck at the moment. TTY shows her magical touch with a drop winner at the net before Sindhu finds the net again.

PV Sindhu 5-5 Tai Tzu Ying: Wonderful reflexes from Sindhu! TTY hits a smash and the Indian taps it back to the open court to win the point. But she then pulls a backhand wide and TTY levels things up.

PV Sindhu 3-3 Tai Tzu Ying: Errors flowing from both players early in the contest. Sindhu loses two points after leaving the shuttle at the back court and seeing it land inside.

PV Sindhu 2-0 Tai Tzu Ying: Second rally of the match and it’s an entertaining one. Both players move each other around the court before TTY hits an overhead wide.

The formalities are done and we’re ready for play!

1.39 pm: An Se Young has completed a brilliant comeback win against Ratchanok Intanon. Now, it’s time for Sindhu’s highly-anticipated clash with Tai Tzu Ying. Both players are making their way out to the court now.

Hello and welcome to live coverage of PV Sindhu and HS Prannoy’s quarterfinal matches at the Malaysia Masters Super 500 event in Kuala Lumpur.

Sindhu and Prannoy are the only two Indian shuttlers to make it to the quarterfinal stage of the tournament.

Sindhu defeated 2021 World Championships bronze medallist Zhang Yi Man of China in the round of 16 and will take on second seed Tai Tzu Ying in the quarters today. It will be a rematch of the Malaysia Open Super 750 quarterfinals from last week and Sindhu will be keen to put an end to a six-match losing streak against Tai and improve a 5-16 head-to-head record against the world No 2.

Prannoy, meanwhile, got the better of Wang Tzu Wei in the round of 16 and will be up against Kanta Tsuneyama of Japan in the quarters today. Prannoy has a 2-1 head-to-head lead against the world No 14 and last met him at this same event in January 2020, a match he won.

Screenshots in the blog courtesy BWF / Viacom 18 / Tournament Software