Arshdeep attempts another yorker but it was a full-toss and Iftikhar hit it straight over to run two. The end of another cracking match between these two great rivals.

Pakistan win by 5 wickets

PAK 180/5 (19.4 overs): OUT! Asif Ali hits a four down the ground but Arshdeep fights back by trapping him in front. The right-hander takes a review but that was plumb, he walks back for 16 off 8. This match isn’t over yet, Pakistan need 2 off 2. Can Arshdeep get India over the line?

PAK 175/4 (19 overs): A huge over for Pakistan as Asif hits a six and a four and Khushdil gets a four too. Bhuvneshwar finishes with 1/40. Pakistan need seven runs to win off the last over. Arshdeep has the ball, can he put the dropped catch behind him and do something special for India? Incredible pressure on the youngster.

PAK 156/4 (18 overs): A dramatic over with luck not going India’s way but well done by Bishnoi at the end, just eight runs from it. The young leg-spinner returns with figures of 1/26. Pakistan need 26 off 12.

PAK 151/4 (17.3 overs): Whar drama! Asif Ali misses one down leg from Bishnoi and India take a review, the third umpire takes a long, long time to make his decision and reckons it’s not out. Next, ball Arshdeep drops an absolute sitter and Rohit can’t believe it. That could hurt India but you’ve got to feel for the youngster.

PAK 147/4 (16.5 overs): OUT! Hardik gets the key wicket of Rizwan. The right-hander mistimes it and the ball loops to Surya at long-off. Rizwan walks back after a brilliant 71 off 51. Pakistan need 35 off 19.

PAK 139/3 16 (overs): An excellent over from Bhuvneshwar – a wicket and just four runs from it. India are back in this, Pakistan need 43 off 24.

PAK 136/3 (15.3 overs): OUT! Bhuvneshwar returns to the attack and gets India the breakthrough. Nawaz finds Hooda in the deep and has to walk back for a fantastic 42 off 20. India believe!

PAK 135/2 (15 overs): A forgettable over for India as Chahal, brought in with the hope of a wicket, is hit for three fours. The leg-spinner finishes with figures of 1/43. Pakistan need 47 off 30.

PAK 119/2 (14 overs): Another big over for Pakistan as Nawaz hits Pandya for two fours. The first one was a cracking cover drive and the second a top edge over the keeper. Pakistan need 63 off 36.

PAK 107/2 (13 overs): Nawaz cracks a full delivery from Arshdeep down the ground for four and it’s another good over for Pakistan, 11 runs from it. They now need 75 off 42.

PAK 100/2 (12.2 overs): FIFTY for Rizwan! He gets there off 37 balls and the 100 comes up too for Pakistan. The right-hander likes playing against India and is keeping his team in the chase here.

PAK 96/2 (12 overs): Nawaz hits another six and this time it’s Bishnoi at the receiving end. Pakistan continuing to keep pace with the required rate.

PAK 86/2 (11 overs): Pakistan have done well in the last few overs to keep up with the rate. Rizwan starts the Chahal over with a four and that is enough to make it a 10-run over.

Need 106 from 60 balls. Middle order batting is not Pakistan’s strong suit but if one or two batters click, this is still doable.

PAK 76/2 (10 overs): Somewhere Gavaskar is muttering “cricket is a great leveller” as Hardik goes for a six. Superb shot by Nawaz, picked up length quickly and played a stunning pick up shot.

PAK 67/2 (9 overs): Nawaz is the new man in and he starts off with a four. Pakistan keeping a LHB in the middle.

WICKET! 8.4: Fakhar Zaman 15(18) ct Virat Kohli b Yuzvendra Chahal. Four and out. Chahal slows one down, gives it air and Fakhar doesn’t enough timing / distance on it. Caught at wide long on. Pakistan 63/2

Chahal continues.

PAK 57/1 (8 overs): Bishnoi returns to the attack and bowls a tight over, just six singles from it. India going with leg-spinners from both ends at the moment, albeit they’re quite different in the way they operate.

PAK 51/1 (7 overs): Another fine shot from Rizwan. He steps out to Chahal and drives the full-toss inside-out past cover for four. Kohli should’ve stopped that at the boundary, though, after covering good ground from long-off to get to the ball.

Bowling change: Yuzvendra Chahal is joining the attack now.

PAK 44/1 (6 overs): Terrific shot from Rizwan. He picks up the ball from well outside off and whacks it behind square on the leg side for six. What a sound that made off the bat. But Arshdeep does well to concede just two runs off the remaining five balls in the over. That’s the end of the powerplay, both teams will fancy their chances at this point.

PAK 36/1 (5 overs): Big over for Pakistan. Hardik is brought into the attack and he’s hit for three fours in his first over. Rizwan starts and ends the over with boundaries and Fakhar gets one too in the middle. Pakistan are keeping pace with the required rate.

PAK 22/1 (3.4 overs): OUT! Ravi Bishnoi joins the attack and gets the big wicket of Babar Azam. The Pakistan skipper chips it to Suryakumar Yadav at mid-wicket and departs for 14 off 10.

PAK 19/0 (3 overs): Bhuvneshwar does well to concede just four runs off the first five balls but he drops the last one short and Babar pulls it in front of square for four.

PAK 11/0 (2 overs): Superb over from Arshdeep to begin his spell, just a couple of singles from it. The young left-arm pacer struggled in the last game but he’s started with confidence here.

PAK 9/0 (1 over): Strong start to the chase for Pakistan as both Rizwan and Babar hit Bhuvneshwar for a four each. Just as India did, Pakistan have come out looking for boundaries.

We’re ready for the chase. Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan are at the crease. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the ball. Here we go!

End of India innings: Another India vs Pakistan contest that has lived up to its billing so far. India started on a high in the powerplay but the high-risk approach meant they also lost wickets in quick succession. Virat Kohli looked in great touch during his 44-ball-60 before succumbing in the final over. The Pakistani pacers went for plenty but spinners Mohammad Nawaz and Shadab Khan were brilliant in these conditions. A big task for the changed-up Indian bowling line-up coming up.

India 181/7 (20 overs) : A brilliant last over from Haris Rauf early on but Ravi Bishnoi pounces on the lowe full tosses to ruins those bowling figures with back-to-back fours in the end. India finish with 181.

WICKET! 19.4: Virat Kohli 60(44) Run Out Asif Ali, India 173/7 Oops... explains the hesitation to not take the strike earlier. A direct hit from Asif and Kohli’s dive is short and Kohli departs for a well-made 60.

India 171/6 (19 overs) : A relatively quiet penultimate over, just seven runs off it. Kohli will have to go all out in the last to finish on a high.

WICKET! 18.4: Deepak Hooda 16(14) ct Mohammad Nawaz b Naseem Shah, India 168/6 And Hooda also succumbs. Naseem gets one wicket.

India 164/5 (18 overs) : Hasnain relying on his pace here and consistently bowling 143-150kph. Hooda takes him on in the third delivery with a boundary over the keeper’s head! Kohli also brings up his fifty, with the classic wrist work piercing through the midwicket with a six. That’s his 32nd fifty. BACK TO BACK!

India 148/5 (17 overs) : Just the solitary boundary between mid-off and extra cover from Hooda. 8 runs off it. India need to unleash themselves now.

India 140/5 (16 overs) : Shadab ends his quota with 31/2, successfully stops the run flow. Just 5 runs off this over as India are playing cautiously.

India 135/5 (15 overs) : Pandya’s wicket and 9 runs off Hasnain’s over. Considering the start India had, they are well short of what could have been a 190-+ score at one point. With just five overs to go and no real batters left after this duo, a tricky situation for Kohli and Hooda.

Rizwan is down with pain, probably a cramp. The physio has a look at him and he seems to be limping but he’s back on the field.

Aditya Chaturvedi: Pant looked like he was getting rushed by the situation. Hardly a surprise with the instability he has to deal with at the moment.

WICKET! 14.4: Hardik Pandya 0(2) ct Mohammad Nawaz b Mohammad Hasnain, India 131/5 A sharp catch from Mohammad Nawaz at the mid-wicket and it’s a soft dismissal for Pandya, who is out for a two-ball duck. India in a bit of a fix now with five wickets down.

India 126/4 (14 overs) : Great over by Shadab and again, the debate around whether Pant needed to play that shot.... we have heard this story before.

WICKET! 13.5: Rishabh Pant 14(12) ct Asif Ali b Shadab Khan, India 126/4 No timing on that reverse sweep and Asif Ali safely pouches it at backward point. India lose their fourth.

Vinayakk Mohanarangan: Mohammad Nawaz finishes with 4-0-25-1, India will need to figure out solutions for dealing with left-arm finger spinners.

India 118/3 (13 overs) : Vintage Kohli, comes down the track and the ball is through the covers. The second boundary comes off Pant’s bat, just pushes it across the square-leg. A rather expensive over from Naseem. He has conceded 38 runs in his three overs so far.

India 105/3 (12 overs) : Just the four runs off that over. Mohammad Nawaz keeping it exceptionally tight here.

India 101/3 (11 overs) : Kohli and the running for quick singles, at least that’s back. Almost fumbles in the first delivery but he’s safe. A boundary in the next delivery and India have also brought up 100 runs.

Incase you missed the Rohit Sharma show in the power play:

India 93/3 (10 overs) : Halfway through the mark and Pakistan have managed to put the brakes on the India onslaught. It can largely be attributed to their spin, who have relatively quietened things in the middle. Up to Kohli and Rishabh Pant now to perhaps, anchor the innings now.

WICKET! 9.4: Suryakumar Yadav 13(10) ct Asif Ali b Mohammad Nawaz, India 91/3 Live by the gun and all that.... the same high-risk approach means India have lost their third wicket. Suryakumar attempts a sweep but holes out to Asif Ali in the deep.

India 88/2 (9 overs) : The scoring rate is down from 12 RPO to 9.64 RPO but India are still focusing on sneaking in at least a boundary in each over. Kohli, this time with one off Shadab.

India 79/2 (8 overs) : A stunning inside out over extra-cover with the drive to start proceedings in the over by Suryakumar. A total 8 runs off Nawaz’s over.

India 71/2 (7 overs) : Suryakumar and Kohli both get in a boundary each. Trying to make sure in this over itself that KL Rahul’s wicket doesn’t entirely put them on the back foot.

WICKET! 6.1: K L Rahul 28(20) ct Mohammad Nawaz b Shadab Khan, India 62/2 Shadab strikes in his first delivery and India have now lost both the openers. Is there a shift in the momentum? Virat Kohli and Suryakumar Yadav on the crease now.

India 62/1 (6 overs) : Barring the five bonus runs conceded, a pretty solid over from Rauf. Manages to get away with a boundary scored off him.

WICKET! 5.1: Rohit Sharma 28(16) ct Khushdil Shah b Haris Rauf, India 54/1 A bit of confusion there between Fakhar Zaman and Khushdil but the latter takes it. Playing with the aggression Rohit was, has its occupational hazards but it’s given India a solid start and it’s now up to the rest of the batters to carry on with the same approach.

India 54/0 (5 overs) : Pakistan introduce spin with Mohammad Nawaz. It’s relatively quieter with just 8 runs off it but India have brought up 50 inside 5 overs.

India have brought up 50 in just 26 deliveries, that’s the team’s fastest opening stand against Pakistan.

India 46/0 (4 overs) : Yeah... the pacers are just not working out for Pakistan at the moment. The Indian opening duo is taking them on with great ease. Haris Rauf on the receiving end this over, 12 runs off it. India are off to a terrific start!

Aditya Chaturvedi: The first one bounced about thigh-high and was hit behind square for six. The second one bounced a little higher and was hit in front of square for six. Rohit Sharma’s pull shot is a work of art.

India 34/0 (3 overs) : KL Rahul joins the party! Naseem’s bowling figures have already taken a hit in the second over. Two sixes off that over, 14 runs off it overall. That’s the approach Dravid, Rohit and the Indian players spoke about getting behind in T20 cricket.

India 20/0 (2 overs) : A stunning second delivery, bowled at 146kph by Hasnain but that’s about it. Because Rohit is in some mood today. The approach here is aggressive and he is clocking in the momentum early for India.

India 11/0 (1 over) : The first over Naseem bowled in the previous match and the one he has bowled now... contrasting! Rohit takes the pressure off early on with two mighty good shots, one for a boundary and the other for a six.

It’s go time! Rohit and KL Rahul in the middle for India.

Vinayakk Mohanarangan: So Jadeja’s injury has proved to be a problem for Dinesh Karthik, who seems to be a collateral damage in India’s right-heavy batting lineup. Hasn’t done anything wrong, but finds himself outside the XI with Pant offering that LHB option in the middle overs.

India Playing XI: KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma(c), Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant(w), Deepak Hooda, Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ravi Bishnoi, Yuzvendra Chahal, Arshdeep Singh

Pakistan Playing XI: Mohammad Rizwan(w), Babar Azam(c), Fakhar Zaman, Khushdil Shah, Iftikhar Ahmed, Shadab Khan, Asif Ali, Mohammad Nawaz, Haris Rauf, Mohammad Hasnain, Naseem Shah

India captain Rohit Sharma: Momentum counts in this format, you’ve to be on the money from the start, not worry about external pressures. Injury is something we can’t control, Jadeja has been ruled out and he’s back home. It was a headache to select the playing XI.

Pakistan captain Babar Azam: We had a lot of positives from the last match against India. The message is to play positively.

Toss news: Pakistan win the toss and opt to bowl first.

Virat Kohli made an unbeaten 59 in India’s group win over Hong Kong and looks revitalised ahead of the Super Four clash with fierce rivals Pakistan today. Head Coach Rahul Dravid insisted the former captain was getting back to top form after a break from the game in the pre-match press conference. What does he have in store today?

“It’s nice to see that he has come back fresh. He played very well in the last match, and we are happy with his performance. For us, it’s not really about how many runs he makes. Especially with Virat, people get a little bit obsessed with his statistics and his numbers. For us, it’s not really about that,” said Dravid.

Team news: There are a few forced changes for both sides ahead of this encounter. Ravindra Jadeja, of course, misses out due to injury but Avesh Khan is also unwell. Meanwhile, Shahnawaz Dahani is out of the game with a suspected side strain. Should be interesting to see the team compositions at the toss.

Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Asia Cup 2022 Super Fours clash between India and Pakistan at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

Despite the fact that the two teams don’t play each other often, India against Pakistan is one of the biggest rivalries in world cricket. But this Asia Cup is proving to be a treat for fans as just a week after a thrilling match between them, Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam’s sides will lock horns once again – this time in the Super Four stage. The first round went India’s way, thanks to Hardik Pandya’s all-round brilliance, and we can expect a close battle tonight as well. The first match of the Super Fours saw Sri Lanka beat Afghanistan and tonight, India and Pakistan will be determined to get going too.

Rahul Dravid: ‘People get obsessed with Virat Kohli’s statistics but for us it’s not about that’


India: Rohit Sharma (c), KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Hardik Pandya, Axar Patel, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Avesh Khan, Yuzvendra Chahal, Arshdeep Singh, Rishabh Pant, R Ashwin, Deepak Hooda, Ravi Bishnoi.

Pakistan: Babar Azam (c), Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Fakhar Zaman, Iftikhar Ahmed, Khushdil Shah, Asif Ali, Shadab Khan, Mohammad Nawaz, Naseem Shah, Haris Rauf, Shahnawaz Dahani, Mohammad Hasnain, Usman Qadir, Hasan Ali, Haider Ali.