4:25 PM: That will be all for our live coverage from this blog, stay tuned for more post-match reactions.

4:18 PM: India next take on South Africa at Perth on Sunday.

On the back of a stunning 104-run victory against Bangladesh, the Proteas will be confident but India, too, have two memorable wins to give them that push.

India captain Rohit Sharma: Lucky for us, we had a few days to get over that special win (in MCG). As soon as the game got over, we came to Sydney and regrouped. We have to move on now, and the focus was on this game where we wanted to come out and get those two points. I thought it was a clinical win. Looking at the way they have qualified for the Super 12s, credit to them. We, however always looked to what we can do with ourselves, not bother about the opposition. To be honest, this was a near perfect win. We played a little slow at the start but that was the conversation between me and Virat, we had to wait on that surface to play the big shots.

Netherlands captain Scott Edwards: Definitely the noisiest crowd. It is difficult to speak to the players sometimes, but it was a great experience. We came here to win and put on a good performance, but the way those two batters played in the end just took the game away from us.

Player of the Match Suryakumar Yadav: I was just trying to express myself when I went in to bat. The situation was very simple, I just had to up the tempo at that time. We had to get about 8-10 an over and get a total which our bowlers could defend easily. Very happy with the way things went. Really enjoying batting with him (Kohli), the thoughts are very clear when we both are batting.

4:00 PM: Unsurprisingly, Suryakumar Yadav is the player of the match for his unbeaten 25-ball 51.

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End of match summary: India climb on top of the points table with two out of two wins! A good day for batters Rohit, Kohli and Suryakumar who all got their half-centuries and an equally good day for Bhuvneshwar Kumar and the spinners. This performance, if it was intended specifically for the purpose of getting the NRR cushion, did exactly that. It explains why they were not looking to rotate or rest their players. The positive remains Kohli’s form though.

NED 123/9 (20 overs): India win by 56 runs!

Netherlands spoil Arshdeep’s bowling figures in the last over by taking him on for three boundaries in the last three deliveries. The bowler was on a hat-trick earlier but not to be. The Dutch manage to bat through the 20 overs but India’s all-round show proves to be too much.

NED 109/7 (19 overs): 8 runs off the penultimate over from Mohammad Shami but India are on the cusp of a big victory here.

NED 101/9 (18 overs): It was an expensive day for Arshdeep but he is finishing it on a high note with those wickets.

WICKET! 17.6: Fred Klaassen 0(1) lbw Arshdeep Singh, Netherlands 101/9 Wicket number 2 for Arshdeep! A yorker from round the wicket and it traps Klaasen right in front of his pads.

WICKET! 17.5: Logan Van Beek 3(5) ct Dinesh Karthik b Arshdeep Singh, Netherlands 101/8 Arshdeep joins the wicket-takers list! Umpires give it not out but India review and find that it was a short delivery that van Beek was aiming to pull but instead, found the keeper’s gloves.

NED 96/7 (17 overs): First runs off Bhuvneshwar Kumar who bowled two maidens on the trot earlier. The wickets are truly tumbling now, Netherlands would be hoping to bat through the 20 overs.

16.3: Scott Edwards 5(8) ct Deepak Hooda (Sub) b Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Netherlands 89/7 Dream spell continues for Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who picks up his third as Edwards mishits.

NED 87/6 (16 overs): Six runs and a wicket off Shami’s over.

WICKET! 15.4: Tim Pringle 20(15) ct Virat Kohli b Mohammad Shami, Netherlands 87/6 Mohammad Shami joins the party with a wicket as well. Pringle takes on the slower, pitched up delivery but it finds Kohli at mid off.

NED 81/5 (15 overs): Good end of the spell for the Indian spinners, who have both picked two wickets apiece. Pringle hits Ashwin for a fantastic six over long on. Finishes his spell with 4-0-21-2.

NED 73/5 (14 overs): Not a very good day for Arshdeep then. Concedes a boundary off the length ball in the first delivery and then, misses with a no-ball later on. No significant damage done barring that boundary but he will hope to end on a high in his remaining two overs.

NED 64/5 (13 overs): And just like that, half of the Dutch lineup is in the hut now. Ashwin missed out on a wicket twice in his previous delivery and now he has two in one. Also concedes just two runs off it.

WICKET! 12.4: Tom Cooper 9(12) ct Deepak Hooda (Sub) b Ravichandran Ashwin, Netherlands 63/5 This time, Cooper’s sweep goes wrong as he finds Hooda at deep backward square leg.

WICKET! 12.1: Colin Ackermann 17(21) ct Axar Patel b Ravichandran Ashwin, Netherlands 62/4 Finally, a wicket for Ashwin! Tossed up delivery again and it lures Ackermann into playing a big shot but Axar Patel cleanly pouches it at deep mid-wicket.

NED 62/3 (12 overs): Flatter lines from Axar. They do not get a wicket in his final over but continues to remain economical. Just 6 runs off the over.

NED 56/3 (11 overs): Ashwin seems to be tossing it up more. Comes close to picking up a wicket twice in that over, once with a leading edge against Cooper and a missed stumping opportunity in the last delivery. However, just five runs off the over.

NED 51/3 (10 overs): Spin from both ends is adding to the pressure. Axar is relying on both, the tight lines and the odd tossed up delivery to lure the batters. The latter did the trick against de Leede. Overall 4 runs off the over.

WICKET! 9.2: Bas De Leede 16(23) ct Hardik Pandya b Axar Patel, Netherlands 47/3 De Leede tries to go after the tossed up delivery but he is caught by Hardik Pandya stationed at backward point.

NED 47/2 (9 overs): Ashwin joins the attack and tosses one up gently only to get swept by Ackermann for four. Six runs come from the off-spinner’s first over. Netherlands now need 133 off 66.

NED 41/2 (8 overs): Chance missed! Ackermann steps out to Axar and is beaten, but DK is slow to react behind the stumps and misses a straightforward stumping chance. In terms of fielding for India so far, it’s been a sloppy World Cup overall.

NED 36/2 (7 overs): Pandya doesn’t concede a boundary in his first over but still ends up giving nine runs – three twos, two singles and a wide. A bit all over the place there, the right-arm pacer.

NED 27/2 (6 overs): India find themselves in a strong position at the end of the powerplay as Shami bowls a tight over and Rahul makes a superb stop at the boundary. The new batter for Netherlands is Colin Ackermann, while Hardik Pandya is joining the attack.

NED 20/2 (4.2 overs): OUT! Axar Patel strikes with his second delivery! Max O’Dowd walked across and tries to sweep it fine but got clean bowled. Not the first time Axar has hit the timber.

NED 19/1 (4 overs): Shami joins the attack and drifts onto the pads with O’Dowd clipping it for four. The right-hander has played some fine strokes so far.

NED 11/1 (3 overs): Stunning stuff from Bhuvneshwar Kumar so far. This time, a wicket maiden over. That’s 12 dot balls on a trot.

WICKET! 2.2: Vikramjit Singh 1(9) b Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Netherlands 11/1 Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowled even consecutive dot balls followed by a wicket! Beaten off the inside edge and he’s bowled.

NED 11/0 (2 overs): Rather expensive start to the spell for Arshdeep Singh, 11 runs off the over. ODowd with a drive off point and a boundary to begin proceedings. He follows it up with another in the fourth delivery and pushes one through backward point.

NED 0/0 (1 over): Classic Bhuvneshwar Kumar and swing. A maiden over to start with.

And the chase begins! Vikramjit Singh and Max ODowd are out in the middle for Netherlands. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to open the bowling for India.

End of India innings: A fifty each for Rohit, Kohli and Suryakumar as India finish with 179. The powerplay was surely underwhelming and the Dutch did well to keep India from unleashing themselves early on but India finish on a high, thanks to the stunning 95* off 48 partnership between Kohli and Surya. The acceleration in the last five remains the highlight of the innings.

FIFTY for Suryakumar Yadav!

SKY rise! Gets it in 25 balls, smooth and fluent. Kohli brings up a celebration for him. Partnerships between these two are getting so fun to watch.

SKY rise: For Suryakumar Yadav, India’s elite T20 batter, the signs were there early

IND 179/2 (20 overs): A full-toss from Van Beek in the fourth delivery and Kohli’s wrists pounce on that to flick it over deep backward square leg for six. Suryakumar then tops it up with a powerful flick over backward square leg for six to finish it off in style! Like we said, almost competing to show who has got the better shots. 17 runs off that over.

IND 162/2 (19 overs): Great over from van Meekeren considering the tempo Suryakumar and Kohli had activated. Just 8 runs off it! Incredible placement from the former in the first delivery where he sent one over extra cover for four. Good comeback from Netherlands, nonetheless.

IND 154/2 (18 overs): Incredible running between the wickets between the two but the highlight remains Suryakumar’s shimmy down the track and a four over the bowler’s head. 10 runs off the van Beek over.

FIFTY for Virat Kohli!

Back-to-back fifties for the King. This one comes off 38 deliveries. Just business as usual.

IND 144/2 (17 overs): Almost like these two are having fun out in the middle, comparing who can hit the better shots! Suryakumar was leading the race but Kohli joins in with a stunning six over extra cover. Just carves it. Not to forget the picture-perfect hold following the four earlier. An exhibition by these two and 16 runs off that over.

IND 128/2 (16 overs): We were expecting and acceleration and it has indeed begun. At least the intent is there. Back-to-back fours from Suryakumar... gets the first past long-off, cover, extra cover and then makes room to punch one through the off-side. Kohli joins the party with one boundary square of the short fine leg. 14 runs off the over.

IND 114/2 (15 overs): Suryakumar flicks it over backward square leg for four in the third delivery. Kohli, again happy to play second fiddle. Can’t blame him when Suryakumar takes charge. 8 runs off that over but with just five overs to go and these two well-settled, expect them to charge on.

IND 106/2 (14 overs): Back-to-back fours from Suryakumar against van Meekeren. Just whips the shorter one over backward square leg and follows it up with a lovely cover-drive in the next. Just beautiful shot-making from him.

IND 95/2 (13 overs): Kohli lofts one straight over the bowler’s head and over the ropes for four. Good running between Kohli and Suryakumar Yadav to keep the scoreboard ticking as well. 11 runs off Pringle.

WICKET! 11.6: Rohit Sharma 53(39) ct Colin Ackermann b Fred Klaassen, India 84/2 The captain’s stay comes to an end. He was looking to step on the gas but there isn’t enough power in the shot to clear deep mid-wicket and holes out to Ackermann stationed in the deep. Fifty and gone!

IND 78/1 (11 overs): Slightly casual from the Dutch now, sneaking in a few gifts for India there. Rohit brings up back-to-back fours to register the half-century. 11 runs off that Pringle over.

FIFTY for captain Rohit Sharma!

Comes off 35 deliveries. Not the most fluent but the skipper has brought on three sixes and four fours. Expect the acceleration to begin now.

IND 67/1 (10 overs): The most fruitful over for India so far, 14 runs off it. A four off backward point and another six over fine-leg to top it up for Rohit. Kohli content with playing second fiddle so far but reckon he will get a move on now.

IND 53/1 (9 overs): Decent start for spinner Shariz Ahmad’s spell. Just 5 runs off it.

IND 48/1 (8 overs): Rohit’s second six and the second of the innings as well. Pure timing on that pulls as it clears long-on. He is also adjudged out in the next delivery but the umpiring today has been off. Rohit reviews it immediately and there is a clear spike and he survives. 10 runs off that over.

IND 38/1 (7 overs): Economical bowling from Pringle here, not giving many boundary-scoring opportunities. 6 runs off it, Tim Pringle 2-0-8-0 in his spell so far.

End of powerplay: That Rohit pull for six remains the only six in the powerplay. The bowling has been tight but reckon it has more to do with India being a tad bit cautious here. They should look to score more boundaries and free up now. IND 32/1

IND 32/1 (6 overs): Almost carries and Pringle once again where there’s an opportunity lost with the fielding. Just four runs off that Paul van Meekeren over.

Ah, looks like Rahul should have gone for the review.

IND 28/1 (5 overs): An even tighter over from Klaassen, just two runs off it. He also almost has Rohit in the last delivery but it’s dropped by Pringle on mid-on. Should have been an easy catch.

IND 26/1 (4 overs): A square cut off a short ball for four in the third delivery from Rohit. He is looking in good touch so far. Five runs off that Bas de Leede over.

IND 18/1 (3 overs): Rahul departs but Kohli walks in to huge cheers. Expect nothing less after THAT knock against Pakistan. Meanwhile, a classic Rohit pull over deep square leg for six to end the over on a high.

WICKET! 2.4: K L Rahul 9(12) lbw Paul Van Meekeren, India 11/1 Umpires reckon it was hititng the stumps. Rahul didn’t seem convinced but after Rohit’s suggestion that it might be going down leg, Rahul chooses against the review. First the talk about the strike rate and now back-to-back single digit scores for the Indian opener, the pressure has got to be mounting now.

IND 9/0 (2 overs): A tight over from Tim Pringle to follow it up. Just two runs off it.

IND 7/0 (1 over): Timing from Rahul in the third delivery as he drives a full-ish delivery past mid off for four. 7 runs off the first over.

KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma are out in the middle for India. Fred Klassen to open the bowling for Netherlands.

12:36 PM: Meanwhile, some important news for Indian cricket! BCCI Secretary Jay Shah has just tweeted that in an attempt to implement pay equity policy for the contracted Indian women’s cricket team players, the cricketers will be paid the same match fee as their male counterparts. Stay tuned for more on this front.

Group 2 Standings (Before India vs Netherlands)

1  South Africa 2 1 0 1 0 +5.200 3
2  India 1 1 0 0 0 +0.050 2
3  Bangladesh 2 1 1 0 0 -2.375 2
4  Zimbabwe 1 0 0 1 0 +0.000 1
5  Pakistan 1 0 1 0 0 -0.050 0
6  Netherlands 1 0 1 0 0 -0.450 0
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Netherlands Playing XI: Vikramjit Singh, Max ODowd, Bas de Leede, Colin Ackermann, Tom Cooper, Scott Edwards(w/c), Tim Pringle, Logan van Beek, Shariz Ahmad, Fred Klaassen, Paul van Meekeren

India Playing XI: KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma(c), Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Dinesh Karthik(w), Axar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Arshdeep Singh

TOSS: India win the toss and opt to bat first.

12:24 PM: At the pre-match press conference, India bowling coach Paras Mhambrey had a few words to say about Arshdeep Singh who had picked 3/32 against Pakistan.

The composure he’s shown, the clarity of thought process that he’s shown, he’s a great kid. I think this is the fate that he’ll go through. There will be ups and downs in his career, but the way he’s come back, the quality he’s shown with the way he’s come back and the ability to handle pressure is phenomenal, and I think I’m not really surprised the way he’s bowled in the first game, as well.

So we have a lot of confidence in him, and he has a good future for us.

12:21 PM: The toss will take place at 12:20 PM IST and the match is scheduled to begin at 12.39 PM IST.

That was some knock by Rilee Rossouw to drive South Africa to that colossal win against Bangladesh.

Data check: SA’s Rilee Rossouw scores centuries in back-to-back T20Is with fine T20 World Cup knock

South Africa won by 104 runs. So, expect the toss to happen soon now, the Indian team are out and about, practicing.

Match news: There is some delay in the start of India vs Netherlands as the Group 2 match between South Africa vs Bangladesh is still going on at the SCG.

Hello and welcome to live coverage of India’s Group 2 match against Netherlands in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

India, probably still high on confidence and adrenaline from that stunning run-chase against Pakistan in MCG, are unlikely to go in with a Playing XI that sees rotation or rest against Netherlands. India’s bowling coach Paras Mhambrey also insisted that everyone is fit and ready to go in the pre-match press conference.

T20 World Cup: India bowling coach on Arshdeep Singh – ‘Ability to handle pressure is phenomenal’

India have quite a few areas to work on, despite that win against Pakistan. Netherlands, meanwhile, are coming into this game with a loss against Bangladesh in their Super 12 opener. It is important to know that the two sides have never faced each other in this format but it’s a tournament that has seen so many upsets already that one can never rule it out now. Can Netherlands keep up with the trend?

T20 World Cup: Virat Kohli’s heist against Pakistan should not paper over areas to improve for India


India: KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma (c), Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Axar Patel, Hardik Pandya, Dinesh Karthik (w), Ashwin Ravichandran, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Arshdeep Singh, Yuzvendra Chahal, Rishabh Pant, Deepak Hooda, Harshal Patel.

Netherlands: Vikramjit Singh, Max ODowd, Bas de Leede, Colin Ackermann, Tom Cooper, Scott Edwards (w/c), Tim Pringle, Logan van Beek, Shariz Ahmad, Fred Klaassen, Paul van Meekeren, Roelof van der Merwe, Timm van der Gugten, Stephan Myburgh, Teja Nidamanuru, Brandon Glover.