Satwik and Chirag have reached their second French Open final. They are back in the title clash after their dream run in 2019. What a clinical performance. The duo will now face Chinese Taipei’s Lu Ching-yao and Yang Po-han, who continued their dream run at the event.

Vinayakk Mohanarangan: That was, honestly, one of the most controlled performances I have seen from Satwik-Chirag against one of the good pairs. There have been many thrilling wins, but this was quite good to see. Except end of Game 1, completely in command.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 21-18, 21-14 Choi-Kim: A SOLID WIN! Satwik-Chirag convert their first match point to storm into the final. Chirag raises his arms and bows down to the crowd as Satwik breaks into a bit of a jig. They were dominant from start to finish and never really relented.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 21-18, 19-13 Choi-Kim: Just two points away from the final now, the Indians. The seventh seeds have been solid at the net and troubled the Koreans with their pace throughout.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 21-18, 17-12 Choi-Kim: Chirag smashes one long as the Koreans make it two points won in a row, but Chirag then hits a nice body smash and draws an error. The Indians lead by five points again.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 21-18, 14-9 Choi-Kim: Now Satwik-Chirag win four consecutive points and open up a big lead. Smart flick serves there by Satwik. The Koreans have to make a move soon.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 21-18, 11-9 Choi-Kim: Three straight points for the Koreans before Chirag’s smash draws an error. Perhaps a smaller lead than what Satwik-Chirag would’ve liked at the interval, but they will know the match is on their racket. They would want to avoid complacency and close this out in straight games.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 21-18, 9-5 Choi-Kim: Quick points again and the Indians have opened up a four-point lead.

Vinayakk Mohanarangan: Ah, that 10th point in second game would have been fabulous if Satwik-Chirag had won it. Match has been mostly about their attack but that was some fine defending.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 21-18, 6-4 Choi-Kim: What a point! Incredible defence by the Indians, with Chirag left stranded on the floor at one stage, but Satwik makes an error eventually and the Koreans get the point.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 21-18, 6-3 Choi-Kim: The Koreans have indeed been pegged back by soft errors so far in this match. Another couple of shots find the net and the Indians suddenly have a three-point lead.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 21-18, 3-3 Choi-Kim: The Indians won the first two points to start the second game but it’s all square at the moment as Chirag changes his racket. This game could go down to the wire as the Koreans aim to stage a fightback.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 21-18 Choi-Kim: It ended up being a close-ish game but lasted just 21 minutes. Satwik-Chirag manage to regroup and close it out. The Indians have dictated play so far and been more aggressive. Another strong start here in the second game and the Koreans will be under immense pressure.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 19-18 Choi-Kim: Well, well... three straight points now for the Koreans and the Indians are under pressure. Some miscommunication, too, there between Satwik and Chirag.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 19-15 Choi-Kim: It’s been a frantic first game, with short and sharp rallies, and the Indians are two points away from closing it out. The Koreans are forced into hitting another shot wide.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 17-13 Choi-Kim: The Indians are continuing to be aggressive and are dictating play.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 14-12 Choi-Kim: Avoidable mistakes by the Indians while serving have cost them two points so far. The Koreans have closed the gap to two points now.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 13-9 Choi-Kim: Satwik gets a comfortable put-away at the net after the interval before the Koreans win consecutive points. But Chirag finds the corner in the next point and the Indians lead by four again.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 11-7 Choi-Kim: Errors again from the Koreans with the Indians playing aggressively, and Satwik-Chirag take a healthy lead to the interval.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 8-7 Choi-Kim: A couple of points for the Koreans before Chirag reacts quickly near the net to draw an error and give the Indians the lead again.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 6-4 Choi-Kim: Both pairs have defended well but also made errors in the opening exchanges. The Indians have a two-point lead again.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 4-2 Choi-Kim: The Koreans draw level before hitting one long as the Indians take the lead again. Satwik then plays a nice drop before Chirag closes out the point at the net.

Men’s doubles SF, Satwik-Chirag 2-0 Choi-Kim: The Indians are on the money straight away and have opened up a slight lead in the first game.

The warmups are done and we’re ready for play!

Hello and welcome to live coverage of the French Open Super 750 badminton tournament in Paris.

With a win against top seeds Takuro Hoki and Yugo Kobayashi in the last eight, India’s Chirag Shetty and Satwiksairaj Rankireddy will be upbeat as they take on Korea’s South Choi Sol-gyu and Kim Won-ho in the semifinals today. This is the first time the two pairs will be facing each other (although the Indians have faced Choi before with his other partners). The seventh-seeded pair is the only Indian representation left in the tournament in Paris, and also the only seeded pair left standing, and the duo will be determined to push for the men’s doubles title.

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