FULL TIME, AUS 7-4 IND: Australia turned up with a better attacking display than Game 1, while India’s defence struggled a bit more. And so after a 5-4 win, the Kookaburras produced a 7-4 win today. No shortage of action but Graham Reid won’t have liked what he saw at the start of Q4, when it was still a 1-goal match and the Indian men stumbled for a few minutes. But some great attacking hockey from display by both sides, in that there are positives.

India matches timings and telecast details:

India 4-5 Australia, 26th November

India 4-7 Australia, 27th November

India vs Australia, 30th November from 1330 hrs IST.

India vs Australia, 3rd December from 1100 hrs IST.

India vs Australia, 4th December from 1100 hrs IST.

Goalscoring progress IND-AUS Match 2

Team Minute Player Action Score
India 3 SINGH Harmanpreet Penalty Corner 0 - 1
Australia 12 GOVERS Blake Penalty Corner 1 - 1
Australia 17 WELCH Jack Field Goal 2 - 1
Australia 24 WELCH Jack Penalty Corner 3 - 1
India 25 Singh Hardik Field Goal 3 - 2
Australia 27 GOVERS Blake Field Goal 4 - 2
India 36 RAHEEL Mohammed Penalty Corner 4 - 3
Australia 48 ANDERSON Jacob Field Goal 5 - 3
Australia 49 WHETTON Jake Field Goal 6 - 3
Australia 53 GOVERS Blake Penalty Stroke 7 - 3
India 60 SINGH Harmanpreet Penalty Stroke 7 - 4
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FULL TIME, AUS 7-4 IND: A felicitation ceremony for Ockenden for his 400th cap, the first Australian to play that many times.

FULL TIME, AUS 7-4 IND: Jake Harvie is the player of the match.

FULL TIME, AUS 7-4 IND: For the third time in four matches, 7 goals scored by the Kookaburras against Indian men. But apart from 7-8 minutes at the start of Q4, it was another good match.

Q4, AUS 7-4 IND: GOAL INDIA! The relentless pressure in the last few seconds pays off. Harmanpreet wasn’t going to miss from the stroke.

Q4, AUS 7-3 IND: A series of PCs here for India. And finally it is a stroke for India. Harmanpreet Singh’s shot is saved by the body of an Australian defender.

Q4, AUS 7-3 IND: Harmanrpeet Singh finds the feet again it’d seem. Another PC for India with less than 40 seconds to go. Break in play though as Dawson is injured while rushing.

Q4, AUS 7-3 IND: Harmanrpeet’s shot is saved, but he finds the foot again. Another PC.

Q4, AUS 7-3 IND: And Raheel impresses again. Good run down the right flank and earns a PC, off Ockenden no less.

Q4, AUS 7-3 IND: Australia showing they can defend deep too if they have to.

Q4, AUS 7-3 IND: India hang on, and come forward again. Looking to finish strongly.

Q4, AUS 7-3 IND: Harmanpreet with the drag flick and it is saved.... and there’s the Aussie counter.

Q4, AUS 7-3 IND: Great pass from Harmanpreet to Abhishek. India keep up the pressure from the resulting move and Mandeep wins a PC.

Q4, AUS 7-3 IND: India will limit the damage here, I imagine. The fourth quarter has been disappointing.

Q4, AUS 7-3 IND: GOAL! Oh dear, penalty stroke for Australia... and Govers completes his hat-trick.

Q4, AUS 6-3 IND: Well that was entertaining. Nice control from Abhishek down the right flank who finds Sukhjeet in the circle who comes up with a fine bit of 3D skills but nothing comes out of it.

Q4, AUS 6-3 IND: Welch, it seems who took it, goes for power but high and over the crossbar. India under pressure from open play now putting themselves under pressure.

Q4, AUS 6-3 IND: Another PC for Australia.

Q4, AUS 6-3 IND: Ah big chance for India. Heavy overload on the counter as Sukhjeet finds Dilpreet... but the cross from right is too fast and furious.

Q4, AUS 6-3 IND: Another PC for Australia. Saved... resulting in another.

Q4, AUS 6-3 IND: GOAL AUSTRALIA! Oh dear. The good work of Q3 has been undone quickly. Whetton with what seems to be a mishit, bobbles past Pathak.

Q4, AUS 5-3 IND: GOAL AUSTRALIA! Uff, how quick was that. A free out, and with some lightning passes, Govers has a shot on goal that is saved by Pathak and then he crosses the ball back. Jacob Andersen with the finish.

Q4, AUS 4-3 IND: Kookaburras keeping ball patiently at the start of Q4... and then come forward as I say that.

Q4, AUS 4-3 IND: Here we go then, the last 15 minutes of what has been another fun match.

End of Q3, AUS 4-3 IND: India clear the ball out and they will start the final quarter just one goal behind. It was so important to keep that PC out. Keeps them in the match.

Q3, AUS 4-3 IND: Just seconds before the end of Q3 it is a PC for Australia, India are not happy with that. Huge moment in this match potentially.

Q3, AUS 4-3 IND: Jarmanpreet nearly with a superb cross from the right flank but no finishing touch.

Q3, AUS 4-3 IND: And now Harvie’s turn to show great ball control to a long ball. The attacking quality on display from both sides has been awesome once again.

Q3, AUS 4-3 IND: And now India’s chance to hit the crossbar! Xess with the drag flick this time and the rebound falls to Hardik who lifts it just off target.

Q3, AUS 4-3 IND: Another lovely long ball from Harmanpreet and superb control by Manpreet to then win a PC.

Q3, AUS 4-3 IND: A green card for Raheel... and that is quickly followed another green card for Australia. 10 v 10 now.

Q3, AUS 4-3 IND: GOAL INDIA! Mohammed Raheel, one of the newcomers in the senior setup, with the deflection after Harmanpreet Singh’s shot is saved. Special moment for him.

Q3, AUS 4-2 IND: Here’s another PC for India after lax defensive work by Australia. Too eager from Martin.

Q3, AUS 4-2 IND: Harmanpreet slips while he was about to unleash his flick and Australia counter at some pace. India hang on.

Q3, AUS 4-2 IND: CHANCE! Brilliant long back from Harmanpreet to Shamsher and he cuts in to get a shot away. Results in a PC after a superb save. PC for India. And we finally hear some Chak De India at the venue.

Q3, AUS 4-2 IND: And as I often say, Manpreet Singh when India trail is actually a beast. He drives forward and combines well with Abhishek, good little phase for India this.

Q3, AUS 4-2 IND: A few signs of frustration with the officials for India. Mandeep wanted a PC at the other end, didn’t come.

Q3, AUS 4-2 IND: A PC for Australia early in Q3. Ockenden with great ball control from a long ball and he sets up an attack down the left. India defend this well as the trap was poor. And the variation doesn’t work.

Q3 begins, AUS 4-2 IND: Can India find an early goal?

HALF TIME, AUS 4-2 IND: Six goals in the half and some typically aggressive, fast hockey by Kookaburras. India’s attacking was good in patches, it is the defence that is once again worrying.

Q2, AUS 4-2 IND: 10th PC for AUS, the commentators confirm. Saved from the first drag flick and the rebound is off the crossbar. CLOSE!

Q2, AUS 4-2 IND: Good save by Pathak... Jarmanpreet sees it out. India can regather. But not for long. Another PC conceded.

Q2, AUS 4-2 IND: Another counter by Australia, results in another PC. India’s defence continue to struggle with the pace at which the hosts are attacking.

Q2, AUS 4-2 IND: CHANCE INDIA! Abhishek with good close control, finds space and gets the shot away. Just over the post.

Q2, AUS 4-2 IND: GOAL AUSTRALIA! Well this is end-to-end. Govers with his 2nd of the day and fourth of the series to restore Australia’s 2-goal advantage. This one a field goal.

Q2, AUS 3-2 IND: GOAL INDIA! Hardik Singh produces the turnover high up the pitch and goes into the circle and smashes a shot across goal. Game on.

Q2, AUS 3-1 IND: GOAL AUSTRALIA! Welch again. The drag flick is saved but the rebound is bundled in. Two poacher’s finishes by Welch.

Q2, AUS 2-1 IND: Varun Kumar earns a PC and he gets to take it as well... results in another. Australia deal with both. Australia, in the blink of an eye, go down the other end and earn another PC.

Q2, AUS 2-1 IND: As it starts to rain, India get some attacking momentum. Gurjant, one of the changes for today, getting involved.

Q2, AUS 2-1 IND: Australia with relentless pressure on the Indian defence at the moment. And India just seem overall a yard slower than the pace the game is played at the moment. It never felt like that yesterday.

Q2, AUS 2-1 IND: And two more PCs for Australia, but India deal with them. Looked like Pathak got the save done for the 2nd one.

Q2, AUS 2-1 IND: At the moment, it feels like Australia are likely to score the next. They win another PC.

Q2, AUS 2-1 IND: A good counter by India, moving the ball well vertically. But strong defence by AUS. From the other end, Australia nearly score again. This is basketball-y at the moment, not something Reid enjoys.

Q2, AUS 2-1 IND: Australia lead! Harvie with great close control and his shot across goal is guided in by Welch.

Q2, AUS 1-1 IND: As per the norm, Pathak in goal now.

Q2, AUS 1-1 IND: And we are underway again. India actually finished the first quarter with a couple of good moves. Can they find more attacking rhythm here?

End of Q1, AUS 1-1 IND: Another fine quarter of hockey, it must be said. India took the lead early, and then actually defended well from a series of PCs. But Govers’ quality eventually came through.

Q1, AUS 1-1 IND: AUSTRALIA LEVEL! Wow, what a hit by Govers. On the reserve after Sreejesh saves another PC. The Indian GK rushes out trying to narrow the angle for Govers on the rebound. Superb finish from the main man.

Q1, AUS 0-1 IND: A fifth PC for Australia. India inviting a lot of pressure at the moment.

Q1, AUS 0-1 IND: Not that he needs it, but Sreejesh can take a lot of confidence from that phase of play. Four PCs in a row for Australia, all four dealt with by the Indian defence.

Q1, AUS 0-1 IND: Oh, four PCs in a row for Australia. This one deflects of the rusher’s foot.

Q1, AUS 0-1 IND: On target from Govers. Saved by Sreejesh but the ball loops up for a second PC. Sreejesh saves again... and it is a third PC in a row.

Q1, AUS 0-1 IND: India have conceded their first PC, Whetton wins it for Aussies. Blake Govers time.

Q1, AUS 0-1 IND: Of course India were hit on the counter twice in the first half yesterday as Australia led twice. Now India get to perhaps sit back a little and counter.

Q1, AUS 0-1 IND: Oh inches wide! Harmanpreet Singh nearly doubles the lead as India earn a couple of PCs more. The second one was mighty close from the Indian captain.

Q1, AUS 0-1 IND: GOAL INDIA! And there is the first of what we are sure will be many goals today. Harmanpreet Singh with a controlled hit more than the power we have come to see from him. Beats the Aussie defence with a deflection.

Q1, AUS 0-0 IND: Australia starting with controlled possession in the first few minutes... but Mandeep Singh, as I say this, wins the first PC of the day.

Pushback: A look a the starting XI and rosters for the match today. Akashdeep Singh is among those to make way.

A special milestone for Australia: “To play 400 international hockey matches, one would think there has to be some kind of secret magic formula to get there. However, for Eddie Ockenden who is on the brink of doing what no other Australian has done before, it simply comes down to a love of what he does. On Sunday in Match 2 of the Kookaburras’ series against India in Adelaide, 35 year old Ockenden will run out for is 400th senior international appearance.”

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Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Indian hockey. The senior men’s team take on Australia in the second match of their five-match Test series against Australia.

The first match on Saturday was a close one with Australia winning 5-4 through Blake Govers’s goal right at the end of the match. Indian men haven’t defeated Australia outright since 2016 and they held a late 4-3 lead that then slipped out of their grasps. Coach Graham Reid called it a disappointing end to an otherwise good performance. Australia, despite being rusty, found the back of the board five times. Will India be able to end their wait for a win against the mighty Kookaburras? Or will the world No 1 make it 2 out of 2?

Hockey, India vs Australia, match 1 as it happened: Govers nets late winner, hat-trick for Akashdeep

Series preview: armanpreet Singh-led India face crucial test against Australia with World Cup looming

India squad:

Goalkeepers: Krishan Bahadur Pathak, Sreejesh Parattu Raveendran

Defenders: Jarmanpreet Singh, Surender Kumar, Harmanpreet Singh (C), Amit Rohidas (V/C), Jugraj Singh, Mandeep Mor, Nilam Sanjeep Xess, Varun Kumar

Midfielders: Sumit, Manpreet Singh, Hardik Singh, Shamsher Singh, Nilakanta Sharma, Rajkumar Pal, Mohd. Raheel Mouseen, Akashdeep Singh, Gurjant Singh

Forwards: Mandeep Singh, Abhishek, Dilpreet Singh, Sukhjeet Singh

Screenshots in the blog courtesy: FIH Media / Disney+Hotstar