Abubakr Abbas, a 23-year-old from Kenya has now become one of the biggest attractions at the ongoing Fifa World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

The ‘Metro Man,’ as he is popularly known now, is seen perched atop an umpire’s chair and is dressed in a yellow reflector jacket, holding a megaphone and a foam “Number 1” hand. He calls out, “Metro, this way!”, directing hordes of visitors to the neighbourhood Souq Waqif market.

After videos of Abbas leading the World Cup spectators to the metro station circulated online, he quickly became a social media sensation.

According to a report in The Star, before leaving the country, Abbas had applied for a job in the security department, but upon arrival, he was tasked with directing people on a daily basis.

Moments before the eagerly anticipated match between the US and England, Abbas also led a packed stadium in chanting “Metro, this way!”

Here’s a look at a few more videos of the Metro Man at the Fifa World Cup 2022 in Qatar: