India remained in contention for reaching the semifinals of the ongoing ICC Under-19 Women’s T20 World Cup with a commanding victory against Sri Lanka in their second and last match of the Super Six stage on Sunday.

Shafali Verma and Co were dominant in the group stage as they defeated hosts South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Scotland. But they suffered a setback thereafter as Australia earned a comfortable victory against them.

With their win against Sri Lanka, though, India are back in the race for a semifinal spot as the Super Six stage nears its conclusion.

U19 Women’s T20 World Cup, IND vs SL as it happened: Parshavi Chopra stars as India win by 7 wickets

A total of 12 teams had qualified for the Super Six round from the group stage, and they were divided into two groups of six teams each. The top two teams from each group in the Super Six stage will advance to the semifinals.

Now, after their latest win against Sri Lanka on Sunday, India sit atop the standings in their Group 1 of the Super Six stage:

Final update

 India U19 4 3 1 +2.844 6
 Australia U19 4 3 1 +2.210 6
 Bangladesh U19 4 3 1 +1.211 6
 South Africa U19 4 3 1 +0.387 6
 Sri Lanka U19 4 0 4 -2.178 0
 UAE U19 4 0 4 -3.459 0

Final update

 England U19 4 4 0 +5.088 8
 New Zealand U19 4 4 0 +4.524 8
 Pakistan U19 4 2 2 -1.563 4
 Rwanda U19 4 1 3 -2.169 2
 West Indies U19 4 1 3 -2.363 2
 Ireland U19 4 0 4 -3.258 0

An important point to note here is that some points from the Group stage are also carried forward to the Super Six stage. More specifically, points that a team earned against other teams that ended up finishing in the top three in the Group stage were carried forward to the Super Six stage.

Which is why India finished with six points at the end of their Super Six campaign. They got two points from their win against Sri Lanka (Super Six game) and four points from their wins against South Africa and UAE (Group games).

Now, the qualification scenario for the semifinals is clear. In India’s group, Australia, South Africa and Bangladesh and can all finish on six points at the end of the Super Six stage. If they all end up winning their matches then we will have four teams tied on six points, leaving Net Run-Rate as the deciding factor then.

India will have to wait for the other results but their impressive NRR gives them a strong cushion.

UPDATE: India are officially through to the semifinals after South Africa managed only a narrow win against Sri Lanka. 

Semifinals lineup: 

India vs New Zealand

Australia vs England

Here are the ICC’s playing conditions for the tournament:

16.10.6 Super 6 

In the event of teams finishing on equal points in their Group, the right to progress to the semi-finals will be decided in the following order of priority: 

a) The team with the *greatest number of wins in its Super 6 Group will be placed in the higher position. 

b) If there are teams with equal points and equal wins in its Super 6 Group, then in such case the team with the higher net run rate in its Super 6 Group will be placed in the higher position (refer to clause 16.10.9 below for the calculation of net run rate). 

c) If two or more teams are still equal, they will be ordered according to the head-to-head match played between them (points then net run rate in those matches). 

d) If the above does not resolve the Super 6 Group ordering, or if all matches within a Super 6 Group produce no results, then the teams will be ordered as per their original Super 12s Group seedings.

— *Clarified as the wins combined from group stage that carried over plus wins in the Super Six group too

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