As the Lewis Hamilton vs Nico Rosberg title battle goes down to the wire, the big question is who will win the 2016 World Drivers’ Championship. While the odds may be stacked in Rosberg’s favour, this is Formula One – and nothing’s over till it’s over.

Could Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing be Lewis Hamilton’s best ally in the “duel of the desert”? Here’s a prediction we’re going to stick our heads out and make – irrespective of the outcome, when fans look back on the season, they’ll probably believe that the best driver did not win.

Niki Lauda thinks that Max Verstappen could be the greatest ever Formula One driver – but he needs to be “careful” on his way. Cute that Lauda still thinks that Max will listen to him. As we all know, Max Verstappen listens to nobody! Meanwhile, Carlos Sainz admits that the drivers themselves don’t understand Formula One’s rules. What hope do we ordinary mortals have then?

Bernie Ecclestone said some pretty interesting (and scandalous) things last week. He said Singapore “was just an airport” before Formula 1 happened and talked about Americans and their short attention spans. Bernie proposed a new double header race format and we tell you what we think about it. Of course, as fans, we’re thrilled!

Mithila’s wish for Abu Dhabi is for fans to be treated to a serious Hamilton vs Rosberg wheel-to-wheel battle on track. Could there be a better way to decide the World Championship? Formula One bids goodbye to two great drivers, Felipe Massa and Jenson Button. Finally, we make a confident prediction about Verstappen in Abu Dhabi. Tune in!

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