In our final episode of 2016, we try and decode how Lewis Hamilton managed to get himself on the cover of the TIME Magazine – from “Hammer Time” to the TIME, literally. While Formula One may have much to learn from how the United States organises sports events, we’re glad they’ve not learnt and adapted to the “oval racing” concept! Thank you, Formula One.

We spotted Bernie Ecclestone on Instagram. Who would’ve thought? And no, he wasn’t playing Santa Claus! Speaking of Santa, Formula One’s favourite Santa this Christmas is Nico Rosberg. He’s left the most-desirable gift behind, but who will be the lucky recipient?

On that note, we wonder how the Wolff-Bottas relationship isn’t already a conflict of interest. Wolff has voiced concern for Williams in case Mercedes do poach Bottas. Did he worry about McLaren at all when they poached Hamilton a few seasons ago?

Rosberg launched his book, or photo-album, or let’s call it photo-book Finally last week. We loved the name and share our guesses of what it could mean for him. Daniel Ricciardo has already messed up the silly season for 2018 by publicly stating his two-year commitment towards Red Bull Racing. In which case, has he called dibs on the Red Bull Racing cockpit over Carlos Sainz Jr.? With three drivers and two cockpits, Red Bull Racing already have a problem for 2018 more than a year before the season has started – the problem of plenty!

Finally, after all those overestimated PR statements, Ferrari admitted that they made a fool out of themselves in 2016. Sergio Marchionne’s advice to Sebastian Vettel for 2017 is “Keep Calm & Drive On”. Let’s hope that the Ferrari-Vettel-Raikkonen trio is able to enthral us in the new season because a Mercedes-Ferrari rivalry with a Red Bull mixer would be absolutely thrilling and just the high that Formula One and its fans need. On that note, here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a Happy New Season!

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