Pakistan’s senior players Shahid Afridi and Mohammad Hafeez, on Saturday, called for players found guilty of corruption to be banned from the game altogether, PTI reported.

“The problem is that these spot-fixing scandals continue to haunt Pakistan cricket because we have not made an example of those players who were found guilty of involvement in this menace,” Afridi said, in a television interview with Geo news.

The 36-year-old called for the tainted players to not feature even in domestic cricket, and lamented about the relaxed laws, “I say if a player is found guilty of fixing he should not be allowed to even play domestic cricket. In the past we have not taken strong decisions. It is of no use if after serving four to five year punishment these players are allowed back to play,” Afridi added.

“We should have set the right example then,” Afridi said, while talking about the 2010 spot-fixing scandal which was orchestrated by stalwarts such as Mohammad Amir and former Test skipper Salman Butt.

Afridi was guarded about giving his verdict on the Pakistan Super League spot-fixing scandal that plagued the cricketing world recently. The all-rounder, though, expressed his disappointment at Pakistan losing two talented players,

“They have not been proven guilty as yet or punished but I am very sad over Sharjeel [Khan] getting involved in this. He had the ability to become a world class opener,” he said. “Losing two quality batsmen is also a big loss for Pakistan cricket. It also happened in 2010 when we lost quality player,” Afridi added.

The former Pakistan captain also joined the chorus for approaches by bookies to be reported to cricket boards, “The players bear the greatest responsibility to keep the game clean. They are not school children. They are mature professionals”

“They know what is right or wrong. So there should be no leniency if someone does wrong because if we don’t take harsh punishments these issues will keep on hurting us and our coming generation of players,” Afridi said.

Veteran Pakistan batsman Mohammad Hafeez also hinted at life bans for cricketers found guilty of fixing games, “I have nothing against anyone but these fixing scandals have hurt our cricket a lot in the past”

“I believe whoever is guilty of damaging the image of Pakistan cricket or people there should be no leniency shown to him. He should not be given an opportunity to earn his respect back,” he said.