India off-spinner Harbhajan Singh on Wednesday took to Twitter to slam an expat pilot working with Jet Airways for making “racist” comments against a disabled man on a flight.

Harbhajan, who is currently playing in the Indian Premier League, accused Jet Airways pilot Bernd Hoesslin of making derogatory statements. In a series of tweets, Harbhajan called for “strict action” against the pilot, but did not elaborate on the incident he was referring to.

The allegations were first made three weeks ago by marketing professional Pooja Singh Gujral, who was travelling via the flight from Chandigarh to Mumbai along with Punjab-based music director Jatinder Shah.

Pooja Singh Gujral via facebook
Pooja Singh Gujral via facebook

The National Aviators’ Guild, the union of Jet Airways’ Indian pilots, has since reportedly issued a directive to its members stating them to not fly with expats from May 1.

The airlines has since replied to Harbhajan’s tweet and assured him of a probe.