Force India were given a suspended 25,000 euro fine after the Spanish GP this weekend, because the driver numbers on their striking pink cars were not clearly visible.

Before the race, FIA had decreed that car numbers have to be more visible, in order to improve the show for fans. Race stewards in Barcelona found that the Force India cars did not comply, but the suspended fine was due to the fact that teams were not challenged before, reported Reuters.

Force India are currently placed fourth in the Constructors rankings and had an excellent race in Spain, with Sergio Perez finishing fourth and Esteban Ocon coming a career-best fifth.

The regulations demand that the driver’s number “must be clearly visible from the front of the car”. However, the numbers on the Force India car are the top of the bulkhead and the top of the sidepods and therefore not visible from the front of the car, which is covered in sponsors, said a report by ESPN.

However, Force India’s deputy principal Bob Fernley had told reporters on Friday, that the teams have to consider commercial aspects as well.

“I think that perhaps some time out when all the commercial agreements that we currently have, across all the teams, come to an end they should standardise where the numbers go and make sure everything is clear for everybody going forward. At this point I think you have to do the best you can with whatever you have from a commercial agreement and I think all of the teams have tried their very best to embrace it,” he was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Force India will now have to change the numbers placement ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix in two weeks to avoid a fine.