This is happening, isn’t it? One of the most incredible transfers in football history could soon be complete.

Barcelona confirmed via a statement on their official website that Neymar had informed them of his “decision to leave the club”. Barcelona also made it clear that the buy-out clause in the Brazilian’s contract, which as of July 1 amounts to €222 million, “will have to be deposited in its entirety”.

Until the money is deposited, Neymar “remains under contract at FC Barcelona but with temporary permission to not take part in training sessions”, the statement added.

With Barcelona confirming that Brazilian superstar can leave the Spanish club, the reactions have already begun.

There were some who understood why Neymar wants to leave now:

Many fans and analysts, though, pointed out the ridiculousness of the move.

But as always, humour wins Twitter.

If the move does happen – which seems the likeliest scenario now – the money involved would just be insane.