A Delhi government decision will bring cheer to national and international-level sportspersons in the national capital soon.

The government has drafted a policy under which their training, travelling and other expenses would be fully borne by it, according to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Speaking at an event, Kejriwal said there was no dearth of youths who can earn medals in sports, but their efforts were strained by facilities and government’s assistance.

“If they are provided government’s assistance and resources, they can do much more,” he said.

“In next one or two months, the Delhi government will introduce a policy under which if any yougsters earn a medal at national or international-level, (the) government will bear their expenses, like training, food, travelling,” he said.

Kejriwal said a draft of the policy has been prepared and this programme will benefit the yongsters in rural areas.

“At present, these youngsters cannot do much more due to the dearth of resources. With this policy, they will be benefited a lot,” he said, without elaborating the policy.

The Delhi government is also planning to set up a Sports University to ensure sportspersons could simultaneously pursue and complete academic qualifications while pursuing sports careers.