The Virat Kohli we see on the pitch is often a picture of fierce concentration and intense competition. The Indian captain spares no bowler with the bat and almost no opposition in the last few months.

But off the field, Kohli is known to be cheerful and a bit of a prankster. This side of him, rarely seen, was on full display in the very candid and no-holds-barred interview with Gaurav Kapur on his YouTube show Breakfast With Champions.

So straightforward was the interview that Kohli took pot shots at all of his team mates and their habits. Rohit Sharma, he said, was so forgetful that the team’s logistical manager reminds the team to make sure the Mumbai player has all his belongings. Hardik Pandya barely knows five words of a song, but all his music will be in English.

He didn’t even spare himself, making fun of his former chubby self and how he could barely feel is jawline, thanks to his healthy, Punjabi-boy appetite. However, he has not touched Butter Chicken and naan in four years and envies the metabolism of his teammates Shikhar Dhawan and Pandya.

He also credited his better half Anushka Sharma for making him the person he is today. He said that she taught him poise and how to become a gentleman. He also spoke about what he was thinking during that fateful 2014 tour of England, where the actress came under attack for his poor form. Kohli revealed that it was former India player Zaheer Khan who gave him the best relationship advice – to not hide it.

Watch the full interview here: