Going by the numbers, the Delhi half marathon was a success this year. With over 34,000 people taking part in the 21 km run, it saw the most number of people turn up for this annual challenge.

As you might have heard, however, things haven’t been looking up at the capital with air pollution levels reaching new lows over the last few weeks. Organisers decided to go ahead with the race, ignoring warnings from the Indian Medical Association over “disastrous health consequences” if they proceeded.

There were light showers on Saturday, making conditions seemingly better for the marathon to take place the following morning. But, although the event was smooth sailing, there was still plenty of toxic air to go around for everyone there.

The Field was present at the race and spoke to participants and non-participants gathered at Jawarhalal Nehru Stadium. Some athletes complained of side effects from the polluted conditions which worsened as amateur runners and others just didn’t want to be a part of ‘this toxic race.’
Either way, was it really worth it?