Batsmen leaving a ball is quite common in cricket but have you ever seen a wicketkeeper leave a ball? That too one that has been clearly edged?

Former Pakistan wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal has been the subject of many memes and jokes for his skills, or lack of, behind the sticks. He has become synonymous with missing easy catches and stumpings and his blooper reel would run for hours.

Akmal was at it once again in the semi-finals of the T10 cricket league in the UAE. Playing for the Maratha Arabians, who had given the Kerala Kings a target of 98 to win, Akmal left his teammates in disbelief after doing this:


Akmal is seen walking up to the bowler, his compatriot Mohammad Amir, to explain himself but what could he really have said? Shocker. Or just Kamran Akmal things.