If you were a tennis fan, then it’s time to rejoice for the season’s first Grand Slam is almost upon us.

2017 gave a pleasant shock to tennis fans as two all-time favourites, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, wound the clock back by a decade and made it to the final despite being the ninth and 17th seeds. The women’s final saw another chapter of the Williams sibling rivalry as Serena defeated elder sister Venus to go past Steffi Graff – and she did it when she was pregnant!

With a host of withdrawals for this year’s Australian Open, the tournament may throw up new names as champions as well.

Aside from the trivia present in our quiz, here’s an added nugget: This is the 50th Australian Open and the 200th Grand Slam of the Open Era.

Without further ado, here’s our first quiz of the year. Love all, play!

Ace our quiz and send your scores to @thefield_in.