After two months of investigation, the International Cricket Council confirmed that it found no evidence regarding the third Ashes Test in Perth being fixed.

In December 2017, UK-based tabloid The Sun reported that two bookies, including an Indian ‘Mr Big’, asked the undercover reporters to pay £140,000 (Rs 1.26 crore) in return for spot-fixing information on rigged periods of play in the Test match between Australia and England. The incident took place on the eve of the Test match.

The ICC had immediately launched an investigation into the matter. However, after two months, no evidence was found.

ICC General Manager of Anti-Corruption, Alex Marshall said, “We have carried out an extensive global investigation with anti-corruption colleagues from Member countries based on the allegations in The Sun and the material they shared with us. I am satisfied that there is no evidence to suggest any match has been corrupted by the individuals in the investigation nor is there any indication that any international players, administrators or coaches have been in contact with the alleged fixers.”