The 2018 Winter Olympic Games have begun in the snow-rich landscape of PyeongChang in South Korea with athletes battling it out in extreme sports in the extreme weather.

While it is exhilarating to watch sports like snowboarding, luge and figure skating, the Olympics Channel has upped the entertainment value with a video showing the ‘intensity’ of the Winter Games… with babies competing.

The Baby Games, where toddlers are seen taking part in some Olympic disciplines, first hit the internet in April 2017 when the Olympic channel uploaded a video of babies competing in the Summer Olympics. The video went viral with over 6.5 million views. Now, there is a version for the Winter Games as well, with the snow-suited children looking even cuter.

The video, which already has over 179K views on YouTube, shows babies in the kits of different countries taking part in various sports at Winter Olympics.

The three-minute long video promises “shocking moments, heartbreak and triumph” with a stand-off in curling, a skiing mishap and glory and even a ‘Cool Runnings’ nod. Even the figure skating judges are kids - a perfect 10 for concept.

Complete with dramatic music, broadcast-like commentary and, real footage of crowd reactions from past events, the video is a complete delight.

Watch and enjoy


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