India in South Africa

Second T20I, as it happened: Duminy, Klaasen shine as SA level series with six-wicket win

Live updates from the second T20I at Supersport Park, Centurion.

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Wrapping up...

So another run-chase in wet conditions, another win for South Africa. The hosts might secretly pray for rain at Cape Town as we head to where the tour began for India for the final match. Should be a cracker, join us on the 24th.


Virat Kohli: “Tough one for the bowlers. Thought 188 was a winning total. The constant drizzle made it difficult for the bowlers starting from around the 12 over mark. Hard day, we have to give to SA batsmen as well for taking the calculated risk. It was fine to play on.. no complaints”

Man of the match, Klaasen: Special to do this in my home ground, dream as a kid. Enjoying my cricket.

JP Duminy: “Proud of the boys for the way they fought back today. Told at the toss it was a semi-final. Pretty happy (personally). In the end, DLS worked out in our favour, we had to go from the beginning. The rain was similar in both the innings, bit touch and go at one point was ok overall. Hopefully we can put up a good spectacle at Cape Town.”

South Africa stay alive in the T20I series: Another rain-affected game, another win for South Africa. This match was not affected, so to speak, because we didn’t have any breaks but the wet ball made it visibly difficult for India, especially Chahal who conceded 64 in his four overs - the most expensive spell by an Indian bowler. In the end, Klaasen’s monster-hitting in his 30-ball 69 and a mature 40-ball 64* by captain Duminy took SA past the finish line with ease. Post-match comments coming up...

IT’s OVER, South Africa win by 6 wickets: Duminy finishes it off in style with two sixes off Unadkat. The first six was a full toss hit over midwicket, the finishing shot was undoubtedly the shot of the night as he dispatches a full ball way, way over long on! The skipper remains unbeaten on 64. SA make it 1-1 to keep the three-match series alive.

Milestone: Fifty for captain Duminy...

After 18 overs, SA 173/4 - need 16 off 12 balls: A painful end to a good over by Thakur. Having conceded just off the first 5 balls, Duminy gets an inside edge that misses the stump ever so lightly and runs to the boundary for four. SA on course to make it 1-1.

After 17 overs, SA 163/4 - need 26 off 18 balls: Raining again and SA are well ahead of the par score at this stage. Bhuvi concedes 7 runs without doing too much wrong as the wet ball proves to be a hassle for both bowling and fielding.

After 16 overs, SA 154/4 - another big over by Chahal, forgettable end to a forgettable night: Duminy starts the over with a four through cover as Chahal flights one outside offstump. Behardien then sweeps a tossed up ball over square leg for six. Add a missed stumping by Dhoni (as JPD stepped down and got a deflection off the pad down the leg side) and a dropped catch off his own bowling off the last ball to Behardien - Chahal will want to forget tonight in a hurry. 4-0-64-0.

It’s raining again... SA are well ahead now.

After 15 overs, SA 142/4 - Miller gone, SA need 47 off 30 balls: A tight finish on the cards? A good over by Pandya, just six runs and Miller’s wicket as he ends with figures of 31/1 after 4 overs. Pandya bangs one short and Miller can only top edge a pull to deep fine leg, great high catch by Thakur.

After 14 overs, SA 136/3 - need 53 off 36 balls - KLAASEN GONE: Just when you thought SA were coasting to a win, a lifeline for India. The Klaasen show is over. Unadkat’s slower balls from around the wicket have worked well to the right handers. Klaasen looks for a big heave again, but is early into the shot and manages just an edge, taken by Dhoni. Miller and Duminy in the middle now.

After 13 overs, SA 131/2 - 23 runs from that over! WOW. Klaasen has had Chahal’s number for sometime now and he just tees off after his fifty. Gives room to slog sweep for six, then rocks back to pull for six and then hits one point for four. Duminy finishes the over with a six over midwicket.

After 12 overs, SA 108/2 - need 81 off 48 balls: Pandya concedes 8 off his over as fifty comes up for Klaasen with a four through square leg as Pandya goes short. His first in T20Is. Has played a blinder today, but the job is only half done.

Chahal from the other end... Klaasen on strike. Good call?

After 11 overs, SA 100/2 - need 89 off 54 balls: KLAASEN ON FIRE! Two incredible sixes in that Chahal over. First ball, gives himself room and lofts one extra cover. Then later, goes down on his knees (grips changed) and converts a full toss for a six with a remarkable switch hit! Has raced to 47 off 21 balls. 16 from that over as Chahal seems to be struggling with the wet ball.

After 10 overs, SA 84/2 - need 105 off 60 balls: Good over by Shardul Thakur, just 4 singles in that over. A couple of wild heaves by Klaasen but no connection, one half appeal for a caught behind.

Chahal comes in again.., can he bounce back after that first over?

After 9 overs, 80/2 - rain seems to have stopped, SA need 109 from 66 balls: So we can ignore par scores for a while as the rain has stopped. Pandya starts off the over by bending his back and upping the pace, then uses his variations later in the over. The last ball is powered through wide long on by Klaasen who has raced to 31 off 15 balls with that boundary. Words exchanged with Pandya. SA in control of this chase now.

After 8 overs, SA 70/2 - par score 68: For the first time, SA are ahead of the par score and on course. The move to send Klaasen is working out well as he clubs Chahal over wide long on for a six - didn’t seem to connect but carries comfortably over. A silly shot of the next ball knowing singles would take the team past par score and he top edges to third man for a couple.

After 7 overs, SA 58/2: Another decent over for SA if you don’t consider they are behind the par score because they are keeping the actual rate under check. Pandya does well to concede just 8, after bowling a loose ball outside offstump that is guided past point for four.

After 6 overs, SA 50/2 - par score 54: Klaasen has been sent ahead of Miller because he’s a hitter in form. And he hits two big sixes off Unadkat - off the two balls that Unadkat didn’t take the pace off. The slower balls are all dot ball. Good end to the powerplay for SA but still behind the par score.

After 5 overs, SA 38/2 - par score 47: So irrespective of the impending showers, we will have a result tonight. Duminy and Hendricks have clearly got the memo that has the DLS par scores with the rain now picking up. They needed 18 from the over to get ahead of the then-par score 41 - Duminy starts off with a big hit over mid-on for four, and runs well to take twos off the next two balls. Hendricks then gets a four through third man off the fifth ball, followed by a wide from under-pressure Shardul. A four off the last ball would have put SA ahead but Hendricks skies a slower ball to Pandya at deep fine leg!

Setback for South Africa.

via Chetan Narula
via Chetan Narula

After 4 overs, SA 24/1 - Unadkat strikes: Gets hit by Hendricks for a couple of boundaries, but at the other end, Unadkat makes the pressure tell on Smuts who was struggling to middle anything. Runs down the track to a short ball, Unadkat has rolled his fingers over, Smuts is in no position to play this, lobs it up to Raina at cover. Gone for 2 off 9 balls.

After 3 overs, SA 15/0: Hendricks smashes two boundaries off Bhuvi to get SA going finally - one sliced over point, one hit over mid-on. The pacer’s slower deliveries keeping the batsman in check, but he does just enough to get the runs on the board.

Unadkat from the other end...

After 2 overs, SA 4/0: A great start from Bhuvi as he concedes just one from his first over. A fine over by Shardul as well from the other end - as he gets good bounce when he bends his back and the slower balls keep low. Just 3 from that one.

Innings break: Great partnership, that as India score could well be a winning total. Some reaction and stats...

India 188/4 after 20 overs - MSD finishes off in style, 18 in the last over: That was a Dhoni special to end India’s innings! A fine half century from the man who has owned many a last over. Pandey gave him 5 balls in that over and he made it count in style. Here’s how that went down:

19.2: SIX! Short ball, punched off the back foot over cover for a six! VINTAGE DHONI.
19.3: FOUR! Stays back deep in the crease expecting a full ball, powered past square leg.
19.4: FOUR! Throws his bat at a full ball, inside edge to fine leg for four.
19.5: Bludgeons over wide of long off, falls short of the fielder, Dhoni comes back for 2 - HIS SECOND T20I FIFTY!
19.6: Full toss, but hit straight to deep midwicket. Dhoni finishes unbeaten, 52 off 28 balls. What a knock!

After 19 overs, India170/4: Another big over for India. 13 from it! Dhoni at the forefront now, as he collects a four and six between square leg and midwicket. The four - well-timed, fully in control as picks a good length ball off his pads. The six - rushed into a pull shot by a bouncer by Morris, gets decent connection by Dala lets his go through his fingers (quite literally). Morris not a happy man.

Stat alert: Another century to remember at Centurion? Pandey needs 24 from the last two. Improbable but...

After 18 overs, India 157/4: Another great over for Pandey! Starts with a well-run double after awkwardly fending at a slow bouncer. Four off the next ball, as he plays an inside out drive to beat deep cover. Reads a slow ball well as he walks across and pulls over short fine for another boundary. 11 from that over.

After 17 overs, India 146/4: Freebies from SA to go with the hard-earned runs for India. Five runs off the first ball as Pandey completes a quick but comfortable single, Morris fires a throw in, misses everyone and runs to the boundary. Dhoni picks up a boundary past the keeper. 13 runs from that over by Paterson.

After 16 overs, India 133/4: Massive six by Pandey to welcome Morris back into the attack! Clears his front foot, the ball is full on the offstump, Pandey swings with his all might - perfect connection, carries a long way into the greens.

After 15 overs, India 124/4 - FIFTY FOR PANDEY! He took a lot of flak after the first T20I. Has answered the critics well with a quick-fire half-ton in just 33 balls. A superb knock this.

7 runs from that over as India set themselves up for the final five...

After 14 overs, India 106/4: That’s a Dhoni special. Steps down the track to Smuts, gets to the pitch of the ball, and swings that mighty bat of his - as Manjrekar says, if Dhoni connects with the middle of his bat in full swing, there is only one result possible. It’s a big six. 10 runs from that over.

Pandey moves on to 48.. two short of a well-made fifty.

After 13 overs, India 106/4: JJ Smuts comes on to bowl the 12th over, concedes just 5 runs as Dhoni and Pandey just focus on rotating the strike. Dala comes back for his 3rd over and concedes 9 - Pandey helping himself to a couple of boundaries. First, moves past leg stump, and pulls through square leg. The next is a miscue, edges over keeper.

After 11 overs, 92/4 - RAINA GONE: And this game continues to ebb and flow. Phehlukwayo starts off his spell by conceding a four through extra cover as Raina plays the trademark lofted drive. Next ball, it’s almost the same line and length but Raina wants to walk across and play it on the leg side, he’s trapped in front.

Dhoni walks in... a bit of drizzle in the air.

After 10 overs, India 87/3 - 19 runs! Off come the shackles for Manish Pandey! What hitting. Shamsi feeds Pandey on his pads, in his hitting arc and Pandey obliges with a sweep for four, followed by two slog sweeps for two sixes. Great hitting, he made sure he was getting close to the pitch - conventional ball or the wrong ‘un, it didn’t matter.

After 9 overs, India 66/3: Pressure building on Pandey and Raina, and it shows with two risky singles after in the middle of that over. Pandey breaks the shackles with a guided outside edge through third man off the fifth ball for the first boundary in 22 balls.

After 8 overs, India 58/3: Pandey and Raina are taking it easy so far on Duminy and Shamsi as India need to rebuild. No boundaries since Dhawan’s dismissal, expectedly. 13 runs in the last 3 overs.

After 6 overs, India 45/3 - KOHLI GONE! And that’s a wonderful powerplay for South Africa, as Dala comes back into the attack and produces a wicket maiden - and what a wicket that is. Makes you go... er... “kya daala!” This is pitched short of good length but it carries extra bounce and Kohli is left fending it to the keeper.

First over maiden, sixth over maiden - 45 runs in between!

After 5 overs, India 45/2 - Dhawan gone: Oh, he’d be kicking himself! Was looking in excellent touch once again, but Dhawan throws it away off a full toss - steps down to JP Duminy and can only connect with the bottom off his bat and find Behardien at mid-on. Five from that over, as Dhawan got a boundary for himself by pulling in front of midwicket.

Kohli is in...

After 4 overs, India 40/1 - 12 runs! Dhawan looks at Raina with an expression that said “Kya baat, Raina ji!” as the comeback man smacks *Dane Paterson (correction) for three boundaries. First, gives himself room and then slices a ball outside off past point. The next two, he stays deep in the crease, and collects two boundaries on the leg side - through midwicket and fine leg.

After 3 overs, India 28/1 - 20 RUNS! Dhawan is in sublime form and boy, does he make it count early on. After troubling the left-hander with good length balls in the first over, Morris inexplicably goes for the short-ball strategy in his second - and leaks 20 runs as Dhawan goes 4-6-4-0-6-0. All four shots to the boundary were off short balls, the two dot balls were fired in full. The sixes behind square, the first one just bisecting the two deep fielders the second one flies way back!

After 2 overs, India 8/1 - ROHIT GONE! Dhawan escaped a golden duck thanks to DRS, but Rohit doesn’t. He’s plumb in front. Junior Dala gets one to stay low a tad bit and nip back from good length, Rohit is hit on the inside of the left knee roll. Doesn’t bother reviewing and rightly so.

Raina comes in and scores India’s first boundary - a streak edge to third man for four.

Tweet does not exist

After 1 over, India 0/0 - an eventful over to start, a maiden: Chris Morris gets good swing early on as he starts the proceedings for SA. Dhawan’s pads involved as much, if not more, than his bat in that over. Early scare for Gabbar as he’s struck on the pads by Morris. The umpire raises the finger off the very first ball, but the opener reviews. Replays show there’s an inside edge. He middles just the last ball in that over but it’s straight to the fielder at cover.


09:25 pm: Average score is 171 batting first at Centurion in T20Is, it’s 130 batting second - a steep difference. The team batting first has won 5 times, the team batting 2nd just once. Duminy clearly basing his decision on the impending thundershower...

We are all set for the match to begin.


09:25 pm: Both captains mentioned that the rain in the air is a bit of a concern. There has been no rain for over an hour but the forecast reportedly is for thundershowers at 8 pm local time, which is 11:30 PM IST. Let’s hope we get at least one full game today..


09:20 pm: Some carry for the bowlers with the new ball, but should flatten out after and come onto the bat well. “It does not have the same sheen one is accustomed to at Centurion,” says Pollock.

Worth noting that the pitch looked like a great batting track in the 15 overs that we saw in the first match of the day between the Indian and South African women.

Playing XIs

India XI: Rohit, Dhawan, Raina, Kohli (c), Pandey, Dhoni (wk), Pandya, Bhuvneshwar, Unadkat, Shardul, Chahal.

South Africa XI: Smuts, Hendricks, Duminy (c), Miller, Behardien, Klaasen (wk), Phehlukwayo, Morris, Paterson, Dala, Shamsi.


09:00 pm: JP Duminy wins the toss again and says he will have a bowl first once again. “Tricky call because team batting first have four out of the last matches here,” he says but the rain in the air is the deciding factor and Kohli agrees he would have done the same.

“Runs on board, we can put them under pressure given their batting order didn’t pull it off in the first match,” says Kohli. “Bumrah explained to us that he was feeling stiffness in the abdomen, so Shardul Thakur comes in. He got good bounce here when he took 4 wickets in the last ODI.”

08:55 pm: Bhuvneshwar Kumar was India’s star in the first match (alongside Shikhar Dhawan) as he became the first Indian to achieve a unique milestone...

Here are talking points from India’s 28-run win at the Wanderers.

08:50 pm: It was a double-header at Centurion today but the women’s match had to be abandoned due to rain with SA dominating proceedings. The rain has since stopped and play should begin on time.

08:45 pm: Hello all and welcome to the live blog of the second T20I between India and South Africa. A few days back, the Indian men did not have a single series win on South African soil across format - today, they could seal their second in a matter of few days.

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