Where were you when Glenn McGrath padded up to Harbhajan Singh?

It’s a moment Indian fans are unlikely to forget in their lives. It’s one of those moments that gives you goosebumps even when you play it out in your head, years later.

When Sourav Ganguly joined Harbhajan in the celebrations mid-pitch, with McGrath staring down at the umpire, with Sachin Tendulkar rushing to uproot the stumps and take a souvenir, the entire country celebrated one of the most incredible Test match results of all time.

Irrespective of where your fandom lies on a scale of 1 to 10, chances are you remember plenty of details about this match, having watched the highlights many a time since.

Habhajan Singh’s hat-trick. VVS Laxman’s 281. Rahul Dravid’s class supporting act. Sachin Tendulkar’s bowling heroics. These are the standout moments from the game.

But how well do you remember the finer details? How big of a cricket nerd are you?

Here’s our quiz on that unforgettable game. Come on now, do not use Google. Do not check the Cricinfo scorecard. And tell us how much you got out of 12?

(NOTE: The last question on this quiz is the record as March 15, 2018. It has not been updated to the latest records of India in Test cricket).

Get, set, go.

So did you hit it out of the Eden Gardens? Share your scores with us on Twitter and show off.