Mirabai Chanu clinched India’s first gold at the Commonwealth Games with a record breaking combined lift of 194 kilograms in the 48 kg weighlifting event.

The 4’11” lifter decimated the competition to win by 26 kilograms. Her closest competitor, Mauritian Marie Ranaivosoa lifted a combined weight of 170 kilograms.

It comes as no surprise that Chanu has been able to punch way above her opponents. Since 2014, she’s seen a gradual progression in her ability to lift. Till about 2014, she consistently lifted between 165 to 170 kilograms, but since then she’s become better... much better.

Her lift at the Commonwealth Games also took her past her previous best – which came during her gold at the World Championships late last year.

The 23-year-old would need to maintain this kind of progression if she plans to beating world record holder, Yang Lian’s mark of 217 kilograms. That, however, is easier said than done.

Chanu’s next big milestone will be 200 kilogram mark. Only 20 lifters in her weight category have ever lifted a combined weight of 200 or more.