Here we are. The end of an era. Arsene Wenger will not be the Arsenal manager anymore.

A 22-year stay in North London is over for Monsieur Wenger as he bids farewell to English football. It’s been a roller-coaster journey for Arsenal fans, after the unmistakable highs of the first half of his tenure followed by a move to one of the best football stadiums in Europe in the form of the Emirates, marking a testing period of results that is now drawing to a close after the Frenchman’s worst season in charge.

For many, this has been coming. For many, this has been long overdue. For many, this will be a difficult moment to digest as a manager who has become synonymous with the North London club won’t be at the sidelines anymore after the final day of this Premier League season.

Doesn’t matter which club you support, this is a moment worth cherishing because we are unlikely to see a manager stay for more than two decades at one place anytime in the near future.

To celebrate what has been an entertaining regime in the Premier League for Wenger, we have put together a set of 15 questions to test your knowledge of the Arsene’s Arsenal.

Can you go through the entire quiz unbeaten and be invincible? Or, at the very least, be in the top (one)-four(th)? Go on, take your shot.

So how did you do? Is your score as beautiful as some of the football Arsenal played under Wenger? Share the score on social media and tag us to let us know.