08:14 pm: Rohit: “It’s all over. But looking at how the first half went, we gave ourselves a good chance in the second half. We just wanted to go out and play. Hats off to DD, they played good cricket. We played bad cricket as well. We were not there today.”

Important update from Rohit. The shoulder injury isn’t serious. Just something he has to deal with from time to time.

08:05 pm: The KXIP match is underway in Pune and boy, what a boost this is for Ashwin’s side! They just have to overcome RR in the NRR - which is not as daunting as overcoming MI’s. And GAYLE is gone for a duck! It’s all happening in the IPL right now. Head over to our live blog of that game right now.


That’s it! It’s all over for Mumbai. An exciting (and excruciating - if you are a MI fan) match comes to an end, Delhi have won by 11 runs. Bumrah hits it to Maxwell at long on.

Mumbai need 12 off 4 balls and the last pair is in. Bumrah on strike. A break in play. But the match is surely over now?

19.2: Is that another SIX?? Cutting picks up the slow ball, connects well.... but not well enough!! GONE! Maxwell takes the catch. End of a cameo, end of Mumbai’s hopes.

19.1: Patel to Cutting, a short ball and it’s gone all the way for SIX!!!! WOWWWW.

After 19 overs, MI 157/8 - need 18 runs from the last balls

WHAT AN OVER BY BOULT! It’s mostly fast and full, just 5 runs conceded as Cutting is unable to find the boundary. Off the last ball, Markande is bowled for a 10-ball 3. (That’s a poor effort even for the tail-ender!) Silver lining? Cutting is on strike...

What a finish to this game. Harshal Patel has the ball and Mumbai’s fate in his hands.

It’s all on Boult now. which version will urn up, the one who gave away only 1 or the one who was smashed for 17?

4, 6, 4, 0, 1, 0: MI won’t go gentle into that good night!

Cutting is keeping Mumbai in it all by himself smashing Plunkett for 15 runs in the over. 14 of those came of the first 3 balls as he keeps the RRR under 12. MI need 23 runs in 12 balls.

End of over 17, MI 137/7, need 38 runs in 18 balls

Boult is back and bowls bit of a weird over – 1, 1, 0, 2(dropped), 6, 1, giving away 11 runs. Not what was expected of the pacer against the lower middle-order. Cutting was the man dropped by Patel at the boundary, who responded with the 6. Are we on for more drama late in this match?

End of over 16, MI 126/7, need 49 runs in 24 balls

Lamichhane finishes his spell with 4-0-36-3 , giving away only 4 in his last over. The required run rate is well over 12 now, with Cutting and Markande on crease. Can they pull off a blinder here?

Wicket! Mishra ends his spell with 4-0-19-3

Mishra gets his third wicket off the match as Mumbai are all but done. Needless shot from Hardik Pandya as the spinner tosses one up. Substitute Tewatia takes his second catch of the day, a simple one at backward point to all but end Mumbai’s IPL 2018 campaign. MI 122/7 after 15, need 53 runs in 30 balls

It’s all happening at Kotla!

After 30 runs in the last 2 overs, the Rohit-Hardik partnership is broken by Patel with a slower ball. To know how, just read up on the Pollard dismissal. Because believe it or not, Maxwell and Boult have done another relay catch a the boundary, twice in one match! Even the Aussie-Kiwi duo cant believe it and have a laugh about it. The captain goes on 13 off 11, MI 121/6 after 14

End of over 13, MI 116/5, need 59 runs in 42 balls

Boult, who gave away only 1 run in his first over early on, is brought back for his second. But even the strike bowler is not spared the increasing onslaught from MI as Rohit gets his first boundary. Delhi’s own shoddy fielding doesn’t help as they give away 5 overthrows and make it 17 runs from the over. This over also balances the RRR very well at only about 8.
Mumbai seem to have all the luck here!

End of over 12, MI 99/5, need 76 runs in 48 balls

Lamicchane is back after the double-wicket over but Hardik Pandya doesn’t care as he smacks him for a huge 6 and 4 off the firsts 2 balls and 13 runs overall. This is the power he has, and this is what Mumbai will be banking on as Rohit is still batting with a dodgy arm.

End of over 11, MI 86/5

Six runs off that Mishra over, and more importantly for Mumbai, no wicket. With Rohit and Hardik on crease, Mumbai are still in with a very good chance, unless DD break this partnership.

Two in the over for Lamichhane!

The Delhi spinners are all over Mumbai here. Krunal Pandya, the new man in, hits a four and then misreads a googly to give a simple, low catch to substitute fielder Tewatia at short cover. A very poor shot given Mumbai’s position, but DD and the Nepali teen are delighted. Half the Mumbai team is back in the hut and it’s only the halfway mark yet. MI 79/5 after 10, Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya on crease.

Sensational relay catch!

These relay catches at the boundary keep getting better! Maxwell takes the big leap, flicks the ball before going over and Trent Boult gets in position to catch it and send back Pollard on 7 off 7 to give Lamichhane his second wicket. Catch of the match, if not the week!


The willy veteran Mishra gets his second. Keeps up the pressure with only 2 runs off the first 4 balls, the fifth is smashed for Six by the dangerous Lewis who moves t 48.
The sixth? A googly that Lewis fails to read as Pant brings the bails crashing down! The opener walks back on 48 off 31, and in walks captain Rohit Sharma. DD 74/3 after 8.

End of Over 8, MI 66/2

Plunkett back for his second and is unlucky as Abhishek Sharma drops Pollard off the second ball. It was a tough, diving chance but it is these chances you gotta hold on to, right?
The next ball hits Lewis on the helmet, but he seems to be fine after some medical attention. Another economic over from Plunkett, giving away only 5, the required rate over 9 now.


The time out brings about the breakthrough, as old warhorse Amit Mishra strikes on his firsts ball. Ishan Kishan goes long and it has almost crossed the ropes, but Vijay Shankar stretches for a superb catch at long-on. Holds his balance inches away from the boundary to make up for the drop earlier.
Kishan is out on 5 off 13 and that brings Pollard on crease. Does this means Rohit Sharma is out for the count after his injury while fielding?

Mishra almost gets another wicket in the over, but Shaw drops Pollard att slip much to the bowler’s ire. Nonethless, a productive over with a wicket & 4 runs off it. DD 61/2 after 7

End of Over 6, MI 57/1

Liam Plunkett gets to bowl the last over of the Powerplay and starts with a wide. One more wide in that over, but at least there are no massive boundaries as he gives away only 7. A respite after the 2 huge overs. Even then, 57 in the Powerplay for the loss of just 1 wicket is a great start to Mumbai’s daunting chase. Time for the time out

End of Over 5, MI 50/1

0 6 0 0 4 6. And just like that, Mumbai’s scoring rate is up to 10!
That was a strange over from Maxwell, after his very good first one. Meanwhile, Lewis is on 36 off only 18 as he is marauding forward in this do-or-die chase. The 50 is up in the 5th over.

End of Over 4, MI 34/1

Harshal Patel, the Player of the Match against CSK, into the attack and over-pitches it on the very first ball to give away a boundary. The next ball, Shankar drops an admittedly tough catch and a run out chance is also missed by Iyer. Lewis makes it count with another boundary and then smashes a humongous, 85m Six to add insult to injury. 17 runs off the over, makes up for all the dots in the last 2.

End of Over 3, MI 17/1

Maxwell is given the ball and he keeps the pressure on Mumbai with only 3 singles off the over. A failure with the bat, but Maxwell still has much to offer before the evening is done.

End of Over 2, MI 14/1

Trent Boult from the other end and the usually dependable Kiwi pacer shows his class with 5 dot balls! Only 1 off the over.

4. 6. 2. Wicket!

What a start to the chase! First Surya unleashes the fireworks against the teenage Nepali spinner, then he falls to his own tendency to go big, all within the span of 4 balls. He mistimes his hoick and Vijay Shankar runs to settle under it, he trips and tumbles but holds on to give Delhi a huge boost. Ishan Kishan the new man in, MI 13/1 after 1

Here we go! Time for the chase as Mumbai battle to stay in contention. Suryakumar Yadav and Evin Lewis to open against leg-spinner Sandeep Lamichhane

Mumbai need to chase 175 to win

Vijay Shankar does it again! His big-hitting prowess has Delhi to 174//4, complete with a beautiful six in the final over. Ben Cutting gets to bowl the last over and is taken for 15 runs.

Mumbai now have the task to chase 175 on a tricky pitch to stay alive in IPL 2018. It’s a total competitive as any and MI will have a task in hand to chase it down.

End of Over 19, DD 159/4

Bumrah comes in for his last over and does the job at death for his team with no boundaries and 8 runs coming off the penultimate over. But he also gives away 2 wides in an attempt to keep in the blockhole.

However, the bigger concern for Mumbai is Rohit Sharma holding his arm in pain after stopping the ball on the last delivery. He looks to be in agony and has walked off the field ahead of the last over.

End of Over 18, DD 151/4

What a superb strike from the 17-year-old! You could hear the sweet thwack of the bat as the ball sailed over to the stands for a 82m Six. Mustafizur goes for 11 in his last over, as the 150 comes up for DD with 2 overs to go. They are getting close to what is said to be the par score on this pitch, even without Pant on crease.

Pant is out on 64 off 44

Krunal Pandya comes in to bowl only his second over after starting the innings and Rohit’s gamble pays. Why didn’t he bring in the left-arm spinner against the southpaw yet, one winders.
In any case, the Delhi dasher has holed it to long-on where Pollard takes a safe catch to end the Orange Cap holder’s run. Time for teenager Abhishek Sharma now, can he star with another cameo?

DD 140/4 after 17

End of Over 16, DD 136/3

What an eventful over!

First ball: Pant plays the cheekiest reverse scoop that sails over third man for Six.
Second ball: The umpire has given him LBW in what looks like a terrible decision even to the naked eye. Thankfully, DRS is available to rectify that as it shows the ball is pitching outside leg and definitely hitting outside too.
Third ball: One fortuitous boundary through fine leg
Fourth ball: Another powerful, one-handed whack for Six.
Fifth and sixth balls: Dot and Dot.

16 runs off the over, which also brings up the 50-run partnership between Shanker and Pant.

Fifty for Rishabh Pant!

Amidst DD’s ruins, this young man has stood out with his power-packed batting and fearless shots. The numbers say it all – his fifth fifty this IPL, as he sits atop the list of highest run-getters.

End of Over 15, DD 120/3

There comes the one-handed Six from Pant! He’s got the power and anything you throw in his arc will be smashed as Fizz learns with that monster hit over mid-wicket. He also wrests the Orange Cap back now and becomes the first batsman in IPL 2018 to hit more than 100 runs in boundaries. Meanwhile, Mustafizur needs a minute to take care of his injured toe after trying to stop a shot. 13 runs off the over, as Pant brings up his fifty.

End of Over 14, DD 107/3

Bumrah back into the attack for his third as MI look to break the partnership. But while he bowls a tidy over giving away only 4, it doesn’t dent the partnership between Pant and Shankar. Last 4 overs: 24 runs, 0 wickets. Time for spin again, Rohit?

End of Over 13, DD 103/3

Breaking the shackles! Shankar smacks a straight, smooth, 82m six off the first ball of Cutting’s over, quite a way to start after 2 quiet ones right? The 100 comes up for DD in the 13th over as well, with 5 singles in the over after the big-hit.

End of Over 12, DD 92/3

Hardik bowls another tight over to keep Pant’s big-hitting at bay. Only 6 runs off it as DD’s scoring continues to crawl in the middle phase.

End of Over 11, DD 86/3

A very good over from Cutting, giving away only 3 runs. The kind of batsman they are, tight overs might get them to take a risk and pull DD under pressure.

MI head coach Mahela Jayawardene says a score 150-160 will be a good score to chase. Can DD get there?

DD 83/3 at the halfway mark

Quite a see-saw innings for DD so far, with the brakes being applied every time they gain some momentum.

Shankar looks in good touch, evident from his four off Hardik in the last over that fetched 8. But DD will now need Pant and Shanakr, the men in form, to build a good partnership from here on.


An uncharacteristically scratchy knock from captain Shreyas Iyer comes to an end as he walks back on 6 off 10. Tries to go for a big pull on a wrong un and ends up offering a simple catch to Krunal at the deep mid-wicket boundary. Thus ends an interesting season for young Iyer: Good form to start with, given the captaincy midway, shows flair and is picked for the Indians squads to England.

A much better over from Markande this and he gets the returns he wanted. Vijay Shankar the next man in. DD 75/3 after 9

End of Over 8, DD 68/2

Ben Cutting into the attack now and Pant launches a (pardon the pun) brutal cut for four on the very second ball. 8 runs off the over, as Pant makes his last match this season count.

End of Over 7, DD 60/2

Mayank Markande in to bowl as Mumbai begin the spin attack against Iyer-Pant. But the Delhi southpaw sees this as an opportunity to smash, and smash he does with a punched boundary and closes the over with the a clean, big strike for Six, the first of the match. 14 runs off the over, as the 50 comes up for Delhi as well.

End of Over 6, DD 46/2

The last over of Powerplay starts with a smacking boundary from Pant but ends with three straight dots from Fizz. Seven runs come off the over as DD finish the Powerplay on a sedate note after an electric start in the first three overs. Blame Shaw and his lazy running for the lost momentum.

Bowled him!

Bumrah has ended Maxwell’s horrendous IPL 2018 with with the sight of broken stumps. Kind of fitting, given his form right? A quick one, gets an inside edge, on to the pads and then the stump goes for a cartwheel. He goes back on 22 off 18, not a big score but will give Aussie fans some confidence. His earlier scores read 17, 13, 47, 4, 12, 27, 6, 5, 2, 9, 5, 22.

As for DD, it’s time for the only batting pair of any value this season – Iyer and Pant. Another economic over for Mumbai, DD 39/2 after 5

What a terrible way to get out after a good start for DD, but the blame is solely on the batsman. Shaw is run out on 12 off 8 after he strolls back to the non-strikers end and is caught well short on the first ball of the over. Horrid attempt from him to get back in time, after he saw that Hardik had picked the ball up at backward point and aimed for a direct hit. Poor, poor cricket and he looks disgusted with the dismissal as well.

Shreyas Iyer comes in next, but it is a good, stingy over from Mustafizur Rahman after that, DD 33/1 after 4 overs

End of Over 3, DD 30/0

Hardik Pandya replaces Krunal from the other end, and surprise, surprise Maxwell has hit him for a boundary as well, this time a neat drive through extra cover. Shaw gets the boundary off the last ball this over, punching a short ball as Delhi pile on 10 runs off it.

End of Over 2, DD 20/0

Bumrah has the new ball now, and a slip with it. However, the second ball Shaw faces goes straight over the Suryakumar Yadav’s outstretched arms to the boundary. Maxwell closes the over with another boundary off the last ball through fine leg to make it a good over for DD with 11 runs off it.

End of Over 1, DD 9/0

A good start for Maxwell as he gets a boundary off the last ball. Gets on his knees and brushes its away with ease. Maybe the last match sees the return of the long-buried T20 power-hitter in the Aussie?

Here we go

Glenn Maxwell is sent in to open in DD (and his?) last match of IPL 2018, along with emerging player contender Prithvi Shaw. This combination didn’t really work well the time, but the again, none has for the Daredevils.

The new ball is with spinner Krunal Pandya. Let’s play!

Rohit looking pretty relaxed before the start of play today. Image Credit:
Rohit looking pretty relaxed before the start of play today. Image Credit:

3.45: Delhi Daredevils’ average opening partnership this season is 17.38 – the lowest among the eight competing teams. Withe the number of changes the opening pair has gone through, this isn’t surprising. However, the young Indian players at the top of the order will look for one final hurrah in DD’s last match of the season. What do Prithvi Shaw, Shreyas Iyer and Rishabh Pant have in store for us today?

Playing XIs:

DD: Prithvi Shaw, Shreyas Iyer(c), Rishabh Pant (wk), Glenn Maxwell, Vijay Shankar, Abhishek Sharma, Harshal Patel, Amit Mishra, Liam Plunkett, Sandeep Lamichhane, Trent Boult

MI: Suryakumar Yadav, Evin Lewis, Ishan Kishan (wk), Rohit Sharma(c), Krunal Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Ben Cutting, Mayank Markande, Jasprit Bumrah, Mustafizur Rahman

Team changes:

Liam Plunkett comes in place of Avesh Khan, after Delhi went with only 3 overseas players in their last game. This means Glenn Maxwell gets another game, after all.
For Mumbai, Mustifizur replaces the dependable Mitch McClenaghan, who is out with a shoulder niggle.

Toss time! Delhi win the toss and Shreyas Iyer has chosen to bat first. “No grass on the wicket, it seems dry, so we will look to put a big score on the board,” says the young captain in his last match of the season.

Rohit Sharma says the toss doesn’t matter, they know the conditions and need to restrict DD to be on top throughout the 40 overs and stay alive.

3.15pm: In their last match, Delhi Daredevils beat Chennai Super Kings by 34 runs in a result that no one saw coming. Here’s ha quick look-back at how the Daredevils managed to get just fourth win of the season in 13 games.

3.10 pm: The last time these two teams played each other, Jason Roy smashed an unbeaten 91 to help Delhi Daredevils defeated Mumbai Indians by seven wickets in a last-ball thriller.

Will Shreyas Iyer & Co turn party poopers for Mumbai?

This is how the points table looks after Saturday’s matches. Three teams have confirmed their play-offs spot, one more to go.

3:00 pm: Hello all and welcome to our live coverage of match No 55 in this year’s Indian Premier League. The venue is the Feroz Shah Kotla and while hosts Delhi Daredevils are out of contention, Mumbai Indians have all to play for in the do-or-die game.