Mohamed Salah will not fast in the lead up to Liverpool’s Champions League final against Real Madrid on Saturday, the club’s physiotherapist has confirmed.

Liverpool physio Ruben Pons revealed that Salah will not observe his fast on both Friday and Saturday, in the build-up to kick-off in Kiev.

“We were in Marbella and the nutritionist established a work plan,” Pons was quoted as saying. “Tomorrow and the day of the match he won’t, so it’s not going to affect him.”

According to a report in Independent, the Egyptian will abstain from the traditional practice among devout Muslims to abstain from consuming food and drinking water during daylight hours in the holy month of Ramzan, which began last week.

In Islam, a person is permitted to break the fast “with anything that is adequate need” or if that person is travelling during the day.

This will be Salah’s first game since the holy month of Ramzan began.