The Pakistan Cricket Board has asked Umar Akmal to meet with the body’s anti-corruption unit to provide details of an alleged approach made to him during the 2015 World Cup, ESPNCricinfo reported.

During an interview to Samaa TV, Akmal alleged to have been approached to “leave two balls alone” during the marquee event. He further claimed to have been offered money to skip matches against India.

“I had got an offer during the World Cup to leave two balls alone and they were willing to pay me $200,000 for that,” Akmal was quoted as saying. “It was our first match against India in the 2015 World Cup... in fact, every match I play against India, they offer me money to make some excuse and opt out of the game. But I have told those people that I am very sincere about playing for Pakistan and to not talk to me on this topic ever again.”

Taking cognizance of his statements, the PCB asked the cricketer to meet with ts ACU on June 27. The ICC too has sought an audience with Akmal over the claims.

According to the report, Akmal had previously reported corrupt approaches during his side’s series against UAE in 2014.