A biopic on Pakistani cricketing legend and politician Imran Khan is in the works, Dawn reported. Directed by Faisal Aman Khan, the film is titled Kaptaan and features Abdul Mannan as Imran Khan and Saeeda Imtiaz as his first wife Jemima.

The movie will shed light on Khan’s personal life, Saeeda Imtaz said. “Kaptaan has nothing to do with elections,” she told Dawn. “It’s a film purely on his personal life, like his life spent with Jemima and politics, but not the other wives that he has at the moment. There are a lot of things that people might not know and they’ll find out because of the film,” she said. No release date has been set for Kaptaan.

Abdul Mannan told Dawn that he had met Khan to prepare for his character. “We met around three times...It’s a demanding role but I did the best that I could,” he said.

After a hugely successful career that put Pakistan on the world cricketing map, Imran Khan turned to politics in 1996. The party he founded, Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaf, is among the frontrunners in the upcoming general election on July 25. Khan is the party’s prime ministerial candidate.

Imran Khan has been married thrice. After divorcing Jemima in 2004, he was married for nine months to journalist Reham Khan. In February 2018, Khan confirmed rumours that had persisted for two years that he had tied the knot with his spiritual advisor, Bushra Manika.

In her recently published eponymous memoir, Reham Khan has recounted lurid details of her brief marriage, including allegations of repeated infidelity, black magic and drug abuse. Reham Khan claims that she met a few Indian producers to make a biopic on Khan. He reportedly approved, but wanted the narrative to end with his first marriage.

Kaptaan. Courtesy Dawn.