05:30 pm: So that will be all from us... this is a bit too familiar if you are a long-time follower of Indian cricket. Another match added to the list of run-chases that fell apart at the end. Oh well, what a fantastic game of cricket though. Stay tuned for report, reactions and such but that will be it for the live blog. Second Test, starts Thursday at Lord’s. We cannot wait!

Player of the match, Sam Curran:

“It feels like I am dreaming. I am sure I will sleep tonight because I barely got any last night. I learnt a bit from Virat about how to bat with the tail. Wouldn’t swap this [for all those T20 contracts that are flying around], this is what I dreamed about growing up...”

What a game he has had!

England captain, Joe Root:

“Thrilled to bits. Fantastic team performance. Credit has to go to both bowling sides. Easy to criticise the batsmen but it was difficult conditions. It’s a great start for us in this series. We know there is a lot of hard work to do for us going into the next game. There is so much more to Test cricket than just skill. Belief is a big thing. Easy to make emotional decisions now (about team selections) but we’ll sit down before Lord’s. ”

Indian captain, Virat Kohli:

“Great game of cricket. Glad to be a part of this Test match. They were relentless on the final day. Definitely could have applied ourselves better with the bat. Bowlers were outstanding in the second innings. To start like this in a Test series in England, hopefully we can build from here. Just look at ourselves in the mirror, there’s no hiding from this defeat. This is my favuorite format. There’s nothing better than testing yourself out over five days against top-quality opposition.”

05:18 pm: Ganguly’s advice to Indian batsmen not named Kohli: Speak to yourself. Ask “What am I doing? How can I better?” It’s about self-esteem. This team has the batting talent, it’s about putting mind over matter.

05:15 pm: 200 runs in the match, nearly 50% of India’s tally and yet, walking away feeling like this. Sport, can be so cruel at times.

05:13 pm: “The better team won in the end,” says Ganguly.

05:12 pm: Is it time we stop calling India’s batting their strength (especially in away Tests – Eng, SA, Australia, NZ)? And one wonders what changes are incoming for the next Test.

05:07 pm: Fair to say KP enjoyed that...

05:06 pm: Some more reactions to that match... feels like India-Pakistan 1999 all over again, eh?

05:03 pm: Ben Stokes left searching for words. What a spell he bowled today. True match-winner.


India are 162 all out as Pandya nicks one to Cook at first slip.

After 54 overs, India 162/9 - need 32 runs:

Massive heave over midwicket for two off the second ball, single off the fifth ball. Umesh on strike off the last ball.... still no googly. The Indian No 11 defends a short of length ball off his backfoot. This is still gripping stuff.

Rashid continues... Pandya on strike... field spread out.

After 53 overs, India 159/9 - need 35 runs

Umesh keeps Stokes at bay for one ball. Pandya has the strike now. Will Root persist with Rashid? *MIGHT* play into Pandya’s hands...

India 159/9: Pandya takes a single off the fifth ball. Yadav has one ball to negotiate...

After 52 overs, India 158/9 - need 36 runs

A maiden over by Rashid to Umesh. No googly in that over, interestingly. Rashid did come close to getting the outside edge once. Umesh plays it to deep cover off the last ball, Pandya doesn’t take the single this time.

After 51 overs, India 158/9 - need 36 runs

Interesting. After 5 dot balls by Stokes, the field comes up to prevent Pandya from taking a single. He takes the aerial route and slaps one over mid-off for four. Good shot but now Umesh is on strike against Rashid. Six balls, potentially.


Credit to Pandya for this innings here but that was poor game-sense. Can’t get over the fact that he failed to read what England were trying to do.

WICKET - And the move to bring on Rashid works! Ishant gone!

POOR GAME SENSE BY PANDYA! Ishant had a chance to get off strike early in the over but Pandya took the two that was on offer. He HAD to protect Ishant against the spinner. The googly was bound to come, it came, struck Ishant plumb in front. The umpire gave it not out but the review showed otherwise.

Adil Rashid to bowl with Ishant on strike....

After 49 overs, India 152/8 - need 42 runs

What an eventful! “Great theater,” says Nasser Hussain as the over ends with some “interactions” involving Stokes and Pandya and Buttler. Ishant, given strike against Stokes, hits two fours – guiding one to third man, followed by a bouncer that gets guided to third man. Ishant had no clue about that one.

DRINKS now.. phew.

150 up for India: Less than 50 needed now. Couple of boundaries in that over for Ishant after Pandya took a single off the first ball again!

After 48 overs, India 142/8 - need 52 runs

Curran into the attack. Player of the match, should England win surely? There doesn’t seem to be much hope for India now. Pandya, interestingly, takes a single off the first ball. Ishant plays out of the remainder of the over.


Ben Stokes, what a game-changer! India on the brink of defeat here. A rising delivery from short of good length, Shami – why on earth he is ahead of Ishant? – edges it to Bairstow. That is just too good for a tail-ender.

Kohli walks off to a standing ovation, head bowed down. What an innings! What a match he has had.


200 runs in the match but Kohli is gone with India still needing 53 to win. Oh dear! Stokes strikes in his first over. It’s full, its swinging in... Kohli goes forward and across like he has done all match and like Ganguly had warned earlier, there is the danger of getting caught out by the indipper. This is plumb. Kohli reviews, he had to but no avail.

After 46 overs, India 141/6 - need 53 runs

Wonderful batting by Hardik. Broad continues, and the Indian all-rounder gets two boundaries to his name, one driven straight and one flicked powerfully through midwicket. Broad, under pressure now, shortens his length off the last two balls. Beats Pandya’s outside edge once.

Pandya has made a huge adjustment in where he is meeting the ball today. So far, it is working.

After 45 overs, India 133/6 - need 61 runs

That’s a good over for India. A very good over. Pandya gets three with a flick through midwicket, followed by that Kohli four. Anderson finishes the over well, by getting Kohli to poke one outside offstump. Nervy moment there but India getting a move on here.

FIFTY FOR VIRAT KOHLI! With a clip off his hips to fine leg for four, Kohli brings up his half century and gets to 200 runs in the match! What a game he is having.

After 44 overs, India 125/6 - need 69 runs

Pandya’s patience is rewarded with a full ball on the stumps in that over – the fourth ball – that he drives straight down the ground for a four. The Indian contingent in the ground celebrates! The anticipation built-up by dot balls, followed by a moment of release. This is beautiful viewing. Broad, then, finishes the over with a short of good length ball that beats Pandya’s outside edge.

After 42 overs, India 121/6 - need 73 runs

Project ‘Be patient’ continues but Anderson almost squares up Pandya in that over. Almost identical to the delivery that got DK out. Pandya lucky to be beaten there, to be honest. Again, Pandya faces four balls and Kohli two.

Kohli being shielded eh? (We kid, we kid)

After 42 overs, India 120/6 - need 74 runs

Once again, Kohli faces just two balls in that over from Broad, one of them is a bouncer that he almost erred by playing off the front foot – but makes a late adjustment to keep it down. That dot ball got a loud cheer too. This is just top-class Test cricket right now. Pandya takes a risky single in that over but would have made it even if it was a direct hit - just about.

After 41 overs, India 119/6 - need 75 runs

Kohli once again gets off strike quickly enough, off the second ball. Walks across, taps to the offside and runs. Pandya then patiently plays out Anderson. (Imagine that!)

After 40 overs, India 117/6 - need 77 runs

Maiden over by Broad to Pandya. The pacer is varying his length in that over, mixing up the full ones with good length deliveries – one ball moves back in sharply, but Pandya leaves that on bounce. The last ball is a half-volley outside off, but Pandya resists temptation to go after it.

After 39 overs, India 117/6 - need 77 runs

Alright, time for Kohli v Anderson again. The Indian captain gets off strike quickly enough, doesn’t give Anderson the time to set him up. The beauty of rotating the strike, eh? If only his teammates could learn from him. Pandya’s second innings average in Test cricket is 3.67 (from 4 innings) and he’s already scored 3. Gets a couple down to fine leg in that over.

Really was a beauty to Karthik... imagine doing this in the first over of the day. That’s rhythm,

After 38 overs, India 113/6 - need 81 runs

Imagine the pressure on Kohli now, eh? One loose shot or one good ball to him and the match is essentially over. Broad starts off with a good over, Kohli gets off strike second ball with a single to third man. Pandya is beaten once by Broad fishing outside off but plays out the over.

What a start for Anderson.. Broad from the other end now.


Oh dear, what a massive blow for India to lose DK in the first over. Wonderful bowling by Jimmy A! Outswingers, inswingers, followed by an outswinger... outside edge is taken nice and low by... wait for it... Malan!

Loud LBW appeal: Anderson starts with a few out-swingers, DK happy leaving them. Anderson is setting him up for an inswinger and it comes, but DK gets outside the offstump line.

03:29 pm: Live pictures from Edgbaston! Must say, yours truly is getting goosebumps... this is what is Test cricket all about! DK on strike. Jimmy A with the ball in his hand. Crowd in great voice already. Here we go!

03:25 pm: Quick poll for you guys. Who are you backing? (Remember, all three results are possible!)

03:21 pm: Some non-cricket reading for you as we get closer to action. A massive match at the World Championships for PV Sindhu tonight. Here’s a look at what Sindhu needs to do to beat Yamaguchi and enter second straight final.

03:17 pm: Extra responsibility on Broad? “It’s exciting isn’t it? This is why we play the game...”

03:13 pm: Can England’s fielders back up their bowlers? Remember the second Test against South Africa? When India’s hopes were on Rohit and Pujara to pull off a run-chase overnight, South Africa pulled off some stunning catches the next morning, and snuffed out India’s hopes.

03:06 pm: Conditions looks to be more of the same... the ball has swung throughout the match, don’t expect that to change.

03:01 pm: One of the biggest talking points from this match has been the standard of slip-catching. Both sides have struggled. Ashish Nehra says, “Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman would practice slip catching everyday for at least thirty minutes. Two things. Batting and slip catching. Sprinting and everything else would come later.”

02:55 pm: Kohli will begin Saturday’s fourth day on 43 not out in a total of 110 for five, with India needing a further 84 runs to reach their victory target of 194.

“We’ll go to bed dreaming about getting Kohli out first thing,” said Anderson.

Kohli’s magnificent 149 earlier in this match, his maiden Test century in England, meant India were only 13 runs behind on first innings when it looked as if they might be at least a hundred runs in arrears.

His century was also notable for the way he shepherded the tail.

Nevertheless, a bullish Anderson told reporters after Friday’s close: “No one is invincible in world cricket. We can get him (Kohli) out.

“If we recover well tonight and come back fresh in the morning, we know it’s going to be 25-30 overs max one way or the other –- so we can give it all we can.”

But Anderson, England’s all-time leading Test wicket-taker, admitted: “If he (Kohli) bats like he did first innings … even batting with the tail, it was so hard to keep them on strike, have six balls at them.

“He just managed to find the gap, or get down the other end –- the way he batted with the tail was brilliant.

“We need five wickets, simple as that, fairly quickly –- otherwise, they’ll get the runs.”

The Lancashire swing bowler added: “It’s a really exciting place to be, because you know we could do something special tomorrow by winning this.”

(With AFP inputs)

02:48 pm:

02:44 pm: What. A. Photo.

02:40 pm: Swing has been the main weapon for both teams in this match (apart from Ashwin’s brilliance) and it’d be more of the same this morning. Don’t be surprised if Jimmy Anderson bowls a lengthy spell.

02:37 pm: How many had trouble sleeping last night after the adrenaline rush of third day’s play and in anticipation of today’s action? Yes, we hear you. Hello all and welcome to The Field’s live blog of the fourth day’s play from the first Test at Edgbaston.

Chasing a coveted Test victory on English soil, a nervy India ended the action-packed third day of the first match at a precarious 110 for five, still 84 runs adrift from a tricky 194-run target.

India allowed England to put on board 180 runs, despite having them on mat at 87 for seven at one stage with Ishant Sharma (5/51) and R Ashwin (3/39) troubling the home batsmen in the first two sessions.

It was young all-rounder Sam Curran who bolstered the England second innings with a fighting 63-run knock, which came off just 65 balls with nine fours and two sixes.

England’s bowling lineup, led by Stuart Broad, gobbled up half the Indian batting line up under favourable overcast conditions as the visiting batsmen were either reckless with their shot selection or got too good deliveries to counter.

Kohli, who turned it around for India in the first innings with a combative 149, now stands between victory and defeat for the visitors.

The defiant Indian captain, who saw his batting colleagues perishing one after another, was batting on 43 and giving him company was a disciplined Dinesh Karthik (18) when the stumps were drawn for the day.

(With PTI inputs)