Stumps: India 307/6|Kohli and Rahane took the day’s honours but England clawed their way back in the contest in the final session. Tremendous work from the captain-vice captain duo. An intriguing second day’s play in store.

WICKET! H Pandya c Buttler b Anderson 18 (58) | India 307/6 in 87 overs
After toiling away for the better part of 90 minutes, Pandya clips the one that seams away to the slip cordon. Buttler wasn’t convincing but holds on to it. That also marks the close of play.

India 303/5 in 86 overs (Pandya 18, Pant 18)
More play and miss and this time it is Pandya who survives the outside edge barrage from Anderson. Maiden over.

India 303/5 in 84 overs (Pandya 18, Pant 18)
Pant’s on-drive takes India past 300, a rarity in English conditions. These two have acquainted themselves nicely at the crease. Just as I type that out, Pant gets two gems from Broad on the off-stump corridor. Almost unplayable those.

India 299/5 in 83 Overs
The Indians are crawling towards the 300-run mark. Pandya once again plays Anderson expertly, playing it late, leaving when required and blocking with authority even if it not pleasing on the eye.

India 294/5 in 82 Overs
Dropped! Pandya gets a snorter from Broad and as he fends the short ball, gets a glove and balloons to second slip. Jennings spoons a fairly easy take, lunging forward.

India 294/5 in 81 Overs
Pant’s answer countering Anderson is also standing outside his crease. The over started with Anderson complaining about the dent at the crease in the bowler’s end. India see off the over with little fuss.

Anderson comes back into the attack.

India 290/5 in 79 Overs
More bad deliveries from Stokes. The all-rounder goes full against Pant, who digs out a couple of yorkers.

India 288/5 in 78 Overs
SIX! That’s the first maximum of the match as Pant stepped out and dispatched Rashid over long on. The English are stunned in disbelief. Remember, in his short first-class career, the youngster has 75 sixes. Nine from the over.

WICKET! V Kohli c Stokes b Rashid 97 (152) | India 279/5 in 76 Overs
What a dismissal that was. Much needed for England and that changes the complexion of the day’s play. Rashid offered a little more flight here and Kohli tried to drive the classic leg-spinner. Stokes at slip makes no mistake and the India captain is filthy with himself. This is only the second time Kohli has been dismissed in the 90s.

India 277/4 in 75 Overs (Kohli 95, Pandya 12)
More wayward stuff from Stokes, who strays down the leg side. The light is slowly fading in Nottingham. Kohli was trying to sneak a quick double in the over but was rightly sent back by Pandya.

India 276/4 in 74 Overs (Kohli 94, Pandya 12)
Review lost! That was poor from England, spurred on after Stokes appeals vociferously for a caught behind. Root, not convinced goes upstairs. Replays show that the ball had clearly missed the India all-rounder’s bat. Pandya rubs salt in England’s wounds by thumping Rashid to the long-on fence for a four.

India 272/4 in 72 Overs (Kohli 94, Pandya 8)
More bouncers from Stokes and Rashid is stationed in the deep for the skier. Kohli is unperturbed and gets a couple of doubles to keep the scoreboard ticking. The hundred is imminent.

Stokes comes back into the attack

India 268/4 in 71 Overs (Kohli 90, Pandya 8)
Pandya ends the over with a boundary. Anderson had the measure of the batter for the first five balls of the over, beating his edge a couple of times as well. The final ball sees the pacer go full and gets the treatment.

India 264/4 in 71 Overs (Kohli 90, Pandya 4)
More deliveries trickle away to the boundary ropes as a hapless Bairstow watches. Kohli got a faint edge on that wayward one from Broad. The Indian captain moves into the nineties with another flick off his pads and scampering away for a lightening quick double.

India 254/4 in 70 Overs (Kohli 84, Pandya 4)
Just a single from the Anderson over. Not sure what Pandya was doing there but he carefully sees out the trouble by blocking it out.

India 253/4 in 69 Overs (Kohli 83, Pandya 4)
The visitors continue to consistently eke out a boundary in each over. Pandya gets off the mark by belting Broad down the ground for a boundary.

India 248/4 in 68 Overs (Kohli 82, Pandya 0)
Kohli once again gets the measure of Anderson with a gorgeous push through the covers and moves into the 80s with a boundary.

No sign of Pant yet, it is Hardik who walks in at No 6

WICKET! A Rahane c Cook b Broad 81 (131) |India 241/4 in 67 Overs
What a catch from Cook! Diving full length to his left, the former England captain shows feline reflexes at first slip. England breathe a sigh of relief. Reward for Broad for trying relentlessly. Rahane, deservedly walks off to a standing ovation.

India 236/3 in 66 Overs (Kohli 74, Rahane 77)
Brilliant stuff this from Kohli and Rahane, both of whom have now moved into the seventies and have also completed their 150-run stand, which came up in 236 balls. A frustrated Woakes goes short and full; he gets the treatment with 17 runs coming from the over. England are wilting.

India 219/3 in 65 Overs (Kohli 61, Rahane 68)
This is India’s highest partnership for India at Trent Bridge, overtaking Dravid and Ganguly’s feat from 2002. The short ball doesn’t do the trick for England and Kohli gets another four, tucking it away to the fine-leg fence.

India 214/3 in 64 Overs (Kohli 61, Rahane 68)
Woakes goes slightly shorter this time but again, it falls kindly for Kohli and Rahane to milk out a couple of singles from the over. India scoring runs at walking pace here.

India 212/3 in 63 Overs (Kohli 60, Rahane 67)
Kohli moves into the sixties with a flick off his pads; Broad’s length goes slightly astray there but Pope’s brilliant work in the deep saves two runs for his side. Otherwise, it was another tidy over from the senior England pacer.

India 210/3 in 62 Overs (Kohli 58, Rahane 67) Don’t bowl short, Woakes. He gets the treatment as Rahane rocks back and pounds the ball through the vacant point region for a boundary. Just that one four during that over.

India 206/3 in 61 Overs (Kohli 58, Rahane 63) Rahane goes past 3000 Test runs. That was a peach of an over from Broad, beating Kohli’s edge twice by making the ball shoot away from the batsman of a good length, making solid use of the scrambled seam. The Kohli-Broad battle has been a sight to behold.

India 206/3 in 60 Overs (Kohli 58, Rahane 63)
More woes for Anderson on the field as he fails to cut off a regulation effort in the third man region. Four more for Kohli as India continue to milk out boundaries and show decisiveness against deliveries pitched on the off-stump channel, which they have been happy to leave.

India 200/3 in 59 Overs (Kohli 53, Rahane 62)
More misery for England as India reach 200 with some ease. An ugly looking cut shot off Broad by Rahane sees the ball fall in front of the slip cordon and roll into the fence. These two have picked up from where they left during the second session.

India 194/3 in 58 Overs (Kohli 52, Rahane 57)
Dropped! A full blooded cut shot from Rahane goes straight to Anderson at point but he can’t hold on to it. That must have stung but will go down as a missed opportunity for the hosts, who are enduring a frustrating afternoon.

India 200/3 in 59 Overs (Kohli 53, Rahane 62)
More misery for England as India reach 200 with some ease. An ugly looking cut shot off Broad by Rahane sees the ball fall in front of the slip cordon and roll into the fence. These two have picked up from where they left during the second session.

India 193/3 in 57 Overs (Kohli 51, Rahane 57)
Four to start proceedings. Rahane continues to ooze class, caressing the ball through the cover region for a boundary. Broad continues to attack the stumps and varies his pace during the rest of the over.

The players make their way back onto the pitch after the Tea break. An interesting final session in store. Broad will start proceedings.

IT’S TEA TIME! India have bossed this with ease. Kohli and Rahane scored 107 runs in 29.2 overs at a scoring rate of 3.65. This is the first full session India have batted in the series without losing a wicket. The English pacers were frustrated towards the end of the end of the session, epitomised by Woakes’s wayward delivery at the stroke of tea. Root hardly gave Broad a go but Anderson and Woakes were nulified expertly. Salvation for Rahane, finally. Kohli was, well, just doing Kohli things.

India 189/3 in 56 Overs (Kohli 51, Rahane 53)
Looks like I jinxed Woakes. The all-rounder bowls one wide down the leg side and for the second time in the day, Bairstow struggles to hold on to the ball, which trickles to the boundary.

India 184/3 in 55 Overs (Kohli 51, Rahane 50)
More short pitched stuff from Stokes as England are quietly sneaking their way into the game. The all-rounder bowls his first good over of the game. Woakes gives away nothing as well.

India 182/3 in 53 Overs (Kohli 51, Rahane 50)
After a long time, a bowler had the upper hand during an over. Stokes, brought back into the attack, peppers Kohli with a barrage of bouncers. Kohli played and missed three of those. There was also a wide from the over.

India 181/3 in 52 Overs (Kohli 51, Rahane 50)
Rahane completes his first fifty in what feels like an age. He brings it up with a boundary off a short ball outside the off-stump. It was cut away to the boundary ropes. The partnership is now on 99.

India 177/3 in 51 Overs (Kohli 51, Rahane 46)
Maiden from Anderson against Kohli. There is no movement or pace on the wicket. Simple and straight from the English pacer.

India 177/3 in 50 Overs (Kohli 51, Rahane 46)
Kohli gets to his fifty with a nudge to the third man region. Muted celebrations from the Indian captain. Century partnership imminent. Terrific recovery work from this duo.

Woakes comes back in the attack

India 174/3 in 49 Overs (Kohli 49, Rahane 45)
Another cracker of a cut shot from Rahane, once again punishing a full delivery from Anderson behind point. The run-rate in this session has come at well past four an over. Root and Co are meandering along at the moment.

India 170/3 in 48 Overs (Kohli 49, Rahane 41)
More ordinary stuff from Rashid as Kohli gets another short delivery on the leg side, four more. With the field spread out, the batters are getting singles with ease. Eight from the over. Poor from the leggie, Indians are cruising.

India 162/3 in 47 Overs (Kohli 41, Rahane 40)
Tidy from Anderson again. Minimum risk taken from Rahane to deal with Anderson’s straighter ones.

India 161/3 in 46 Overs (Kohli 41, Rahane 40)
Rashid continues his trend of bowling atleast one bad ball per over. Rahane was unfortunate to miss out in the first ball of the over, only getting a couple. Slowing the pace and adding a tad more loop sees the leg-spinner fare much better in the second half of the over.

India 158/3 in 45 Overs (Kohli 40, Rahane 38)
Couple of tidy overs from the English to stem the run flow. Rashid’s third over was much better from his first two. Anderson continues go full with the conditions now favourable for batting.

India 155/3 in 43 Overs (Kohli 38, Rahane 37)
There was a big shout for a leg-before in the final ball of the over after Anderson rapped Kohli on the pads. This was a the veteran pacer’s response after a trifle wide and full delivery was driven past point by Kohli for yet another cracker of a boundary.

India 151/3 in 42 Overs (Kohli 34, Rahane 37)
Rashid is handed another over and yet again, he struggles for control. Another busy over this for the Indians, five from the over. The partnership has raced to 68.

India 146/3 in 41 Overs (Kohli 33, Rahane 33)
It’s contagious. Even Anderson strays down leg and Rahane rolls his wrists on that one to clip the ball to the square leg fence. Six from the over as drinks are called – a much needed one for England.

India 140/3 in 40 Overs (Kohli 33, Rahane 27)
Rashid is taken to the cleaners by Kohli. Ten runs from the over as the leg-spinner goes short, and then full. Easy pickings for the India captain and runs are coming at a fair clip post lunch/

India 130/3 in 39 Overs (Kohli 23, Rahane 27)
Much straighter from Anderson and Rahane continues to live dangerously outside off, deploying an angled bat to counter the late movement. The partnership is two short of a half-century. That was another maiden for the great Jimmy.

India 130/3 in 38 Overs (Kohli 23, Rahane 27)
The conditions are good for batting and the Indians are running away with it here. Stokes, apart from getting the odd delivery to swing back in, has been dealt with ease. Kohli gets another boundary with gorgeous on drive.

India 119/3 in 37 Overs (Kohli 18, Rahane 21)
Poor comeback over from Anderson. The length was too short and it is allowing the batsmen to rock back on the backfoot and run it fine, which seems to be the current solution for the Indian batsmen to get runs.

India 114/3 in 36 Overs (Kohli 16, Rahane 18)
Rahane continues to grow in confidence. He is taking a leaf out of Kohli’s book, playing it late and watching it till the end. Another expensive over from Stokes. The India vice-captain got a boundary in the over with a dab to third man. The ball bounced few inches in front of Jennings at second slip.

Stokes is back into the attack

India 105/3 in 35 Overs (Kohli 16, Rahane 13)
Kohli is getting into his groove, alright. Slightly full from Woakes and the Indian skipper dispatches it to the boundary with absolute disdain. Lovely drive through the covers. Woakes ends the over well, earning five dot balls. Root needs to ring in some bowling changes here.

India 105/3 in 34 Overs (Kohli 12, Rahane 13)
Another maiden for Broad as the sun comes out in its full glory. Broad, this time, tries to trap Rahane with a tight middle stump line. The Indian vice-captain fares well.

India 105/3 in 33 Overs (Kohli 12, Rahane 13)
Woakes bowls another tidy over, his tenth so far. There was a loud appeal for a leg-before against Kohli in the last ball of the over. Erasmus wasn’t interested and England went against taking the review this time. A wise decision probably as it looked like going over the stumps. Rahane, meanwhile, has moved into double figures with a streaky boundary that beat the slip cordon and rolled into the ropes.

India 99/3 in 32 Overs (Kohli 12, Rahane 9)
Broad continues to attack the off-stump with pace and seam from a good length. Pope continues to be stationed at short mid-wicket. We still haven’t seen the rookie being brought into action.

India 98/3 in 31 Overs (Kohli 11, Rahane 9)
Rahane digs out a full delivery from Woakes and earns a boundary. Joe Root loses the chase. Kohli continues to rotate the strike with ease, working the slightly shorter one off his pads and playing the ball late and close to his body.

India 90/3 in 30 Overs (Kohli 10, Rahane 2)
Quality from Kohli there. Plays it late and using soft hands off Broad and he gets a couple of twos in the over. Broad was slightly erratic during the over.

India 86/3 in 29 Overs (Kohli 6, Rahane 2)
Another fine over from Woakes. Once again, the medium-pacer is trying for the delivery which shapes away from the right-hander off length. Rahane gets off the mark with a nudge towards the square leg region.

India 84/3 in 28 Overs (Kohli 6, Rahane 0)
Broad continues to use the scrambled seam to perfection at times. Here, he nearly induced an edge off Kohli’s bat. Two from the over. This is turning out to be a tantalizing battle so far.

India 82/3 in 27 Overs (Kohli 4, Rahane 0)
Rahane carefully negotiates the last two balls of the over. It’s a wicket maiden for Woakes.

India 82/3 | Sterling comeback from England in the session after Dhawan and Rahul took India off to a solid start. It was all going India’s way before Woakes helped his side take the session with a triple strike. Pujara will think long and hard about the shot he played at the stroke of lunch. Once again, the onus is on Kohli to repair India’s innings. The ball is swinging and seaming.

Lunch is called by the umpires

WICKET! India 82/3 in 26.4 Overs | C Pujara c Rashid b Woakes 14 (31)
Oh, Pujara! What have you done? Root deployed one man in the deep and Woakes goes short. The ball goes straight down to Rashid’s throat at fine leg. Lunch is called.

India 82/2 in 25 Overs (Pujara 14, Kohli 4)
England lose a review!
Broad raps Kohli on his pads with a delivery that angled back into the batsmen from outside off stump. The replay showed that it pitched outside the line. Kohli survives. Maiden from Broad as the Indian captain missed out on punishing a full, wide delivery outside off-stump.

India 82/2 in 25 Overs (Pujara 14, Kohli 4)
Kohli plays his first scoring shot of the day, flicking off his pads as Woakes goes full this time. Three from the over.

Join in, folks.

India 79/2 in 24 Overs (Pujara 14, Kohli 1)
Kohli gets off the mark with an inside edge that took the ball past Ollie Pope at short mid-wicket. The India captain was well beaten in the first ball he faced. Pujara, who was trundling along nicely, gets an absolute jaffa in the last ball of the over. Brilliant wrist work from the England pacer during his delivery stride and the ball missed the off-stump by an inch.

India 76/2 in 23 Overs (Pujara 12, Kohli 0)
Lovely hands from Pujara and he plays a gorgeous drive through the covers for a boundary off Woakes. Stokes keeps it stump to stump to earn dot balls during the rest of the over. Three Indian batsmen have moved to double figures.

India 72/2 in 22 Overs (Pujara 8, Kohli 0)
More movement for Stokes. Once again, he tries to swing it back into the right-hander and the ball goes out of the reach of Bairstow and goes to the fence, four byes. Pujara ends the over with a three on the off side.

WICKET! KL Rahul lbw b Woakes 23 (53) | INDIA 65/2 in 21 overs
Woakes gets another and India lose a review as well. Pujara coaxes Rahul to go the third umpire. The ball comes back in from length and rapped Rahul on the pads. Erasmus took a few seconds but raises his finger. Replays showed that the ball, despite moving in by a mile, was clipping leg stump.

India 65/1 after 20 Overs (Rahul 23, Pujara 1)
Stokes strays down leg and Pujara runs the ball to the fine leg boundary. More signs of the ball reversing.

India 61/1 after 19 Overs (Rahul 23, Pujara 1)
Woakes greets Pujara with a two deliveries that testes the India no 3’s outside edge. Pujara gets off the mark with a quick single.

WICKET! S DHAWAN c Buttler b Woakes 35 (65) | INDIA 60/1 in 18.4 Overs
Oh dear! With a straighter one, Dhawan edges to second slip and Buttler makes no mistake. End of a fine essay from the left-hander. It was much needed for the Indians.

India 60/0 after 18 Overs (Dhawan 35, Rahul 23)
Rahul nearly threw his wicket away with a tentative poke at a delivery wide outside off stump, slightly on the shorter side. Luckily for the opener, his late cut took the ball over the slip cordon. Stokes, despite being erratic so far, is getting the odd one to reverse with a cross seam.

India haven’t had a partnership that has lasted 20 overs since 2010. That is staggering! Meanwhile, this is also India’s highest stand in the series.

India 56/0 after 17 Overs (Dhawan 35, Rahul 19)
Highest opening partnership for India in the series. Rahul plays a gorgeous drive through the covers and uses soft hands to run the ball to the third man fence. Back to back boundaries and India are cruising. Woakes, though, makes a strong comeback by cramping Rahul from bowling from wide of the crease. Runs coming thick and fast for India and Dhawan is looking good.

India 47/0 after 16 Overs (Dhawan 35, Rahul 10)
Ooh! Stokes, with a short delivery, finds Dhawan high on his bat and the ball lands just in front of Jennings at second slip. Root had just removed one of his men from the slip cordon. Stokes gives room outside off stump yet again, more boundaries for Dhawan, this time with a stylish jab from close to his body. Dhawan moves to 35 – the second highest score by an Indian batsman in this series.

India 43/0 after 15 Overs (Dhawan 31, Rahul 10)
And the England all-rounder is on the money straight away. Dhawan and Rahul go for fancy cut shots outside the off-stump and are beaten. India survive the first hour, would you believe it? The visitors can be proud of this. The conditions have been far from favourable for the batsmen. As a great gentleman would often say, “just what the doctor ordered”.

Chris Woakes into the attack

Anderson is teasing the India openers outside edge

Correction, folks. This was your final XI.

India 41/0 after 13 Overs (Dhawan 29, Rahul 10)
Maiden from Anderson, his third of the match so far. Once again, Rahul is playing it late and is not getting tempted to poke at deliveries on the off-stump channel. Anderson continues to get a lot of shape.

India 41/0 after 12 Overs (Dhawan 29, Rahul 10)
Stokes is once again punished by Dhawan with a delivery that was short and wide outside off stump. The over ends with Stokes and Dhawan almost colliding at the batting end as the openers went for a quick single. The left-hander laughs it off. There was a hint of reverse swing for Stokes there.

India 35/0 after 11 Overs (Dhawan 24, Rahul 9)
Dhawan gets away with a delivery that seamed back into him. Well played, soft hands and the ball falls in front of slip. Good comeback from Anderson.

India 34/0 after 10 Overs (Dhawan 23, Rahul 9)
For the first time, Dhawan goes for a full-blooded cut shot, dispatching a short, wide one outside off-stump. Welcome back, Mr Stokes. Rahul is playing it late and is also looking good. Seven from the over.

Don’t be fooled by India’s positive start. There is a lot of movement off the surface.

This is XI voted by our readers. Did you get yours right?

India 25/0 after 8 Overs (Dhawan 18, Rahul 6)
Short from Broad and Dhawan gets his third boundary with a swivel and flick to the vacant fine leg region. This has been excellent from the India opener, who also ends the over with a four. Broad continues to struggle with his length and goes well wide of Dhawan. There is the odd one surprising the left hander.

India 17/0 after 6 Overs (Dhawan 10, Rahul 6)
Rahul gets his innings up and running with a lovely drive through the covers for a boundary. In this over, Broad goes slightly wide and loses his length somewhat.

India 12/0 after 5 Overs (Dhawan 10, Rahul 1)
Edge and Dhawan survives! Slightly short from Anderson and Dhawan goes for one of his trademark flashy cut shots, the ball races to the fence. The ball went just a few inches above Pope at slips. Dhawan also gets the first boundary of the match by tucking away a lose one strayed on his pads. Poor delivery with fine-leg Rashid standing too square.

India 3/0 after 4 Overs (Dhawan 2, Rahul 0)
Cross seam from Anderson and Dhawan is lucky to not get an edge after trying to push at it. The final delivery of the over hissed past the edge of the bat at pace, which surprised the left-hander. All the deliveries are pitched on the off-stump corridor. Fine stuff this from Broad, another maiden.

India 3/0 after 3 Overs (Dhawan 2, Rahul 0)
There is movement from Anderson here. He starts the over trying to angle the ball back into Dhawan and there was a delivery that went away as well. The batsmen sneak a leg bye in the fifth ball of the over. Well left from Rahul to end the over. Patient start from India.

India 2/0 after 2 Overs (Dhawan 2, Rahul 0)
The cloud cover doesn’t seem to disappear anytime soon. Maiden over for Broad. In the third ball of the over, Rahul was beaten all ends up with one that pitched and seamed away from the right hander off a good length. Encouraging signs for England but positive from the two batsmen as well, who are not hesitant to leave the ball.

India 2/0 after 1 Over (Dhawan 2, Rahul 0)
Slightly back of a length from Anderson and Dhawan is off the mark with a flick of his pads, two runs. Tidy from the veteran pacer to finish proceedings, four dot balls in a row which included a wide one down the southpaw’s leg side.

This year has seen him seam the ball more than he has ever done previously. With a green wicket on offer, the pacer will be licking his lips.

From the archives: Rishabh Pant, the ‘left-handed Virender Sehwag’, is no longer playing cricket just for fun. Read here.

India XI: L Rahul, S Dhawan, C Pujara, V Kohli, A Rahane, R Pant, H Pandya, R Ashwin, I Sharma, M Shami, J Bumrah.
England XI: A Cook, K Jennings, J Root, O Pope, J Bairstow, B Stokes, J Buttler, C Woakes, A Rashid, S Broad, J Anderson.

England win the toss and will bowl first.

Bumrah in for Kuldeep. Dhawan comes back in place of Vijay. Rishabh Pant to make debut, confirms Kohli. Dinesh Karthik dropped.

Plenty of grass on the pitch. Seamers set to enjoy themselves on the first three days, reckons Manjrekar. Win toss and choose to field first.

At present, It’s sunny in Trent Bridge but there are plenty of clouds around.

Shaken by abject surrender in the first two Tests, a desperate India are expected to ring in a slew of changes as they aim at redemption against a rampaging England in a do-or-die third Test, starting on Saturday.

For Indian team, the Trent Bridge Test will be their last chance to save the series after being outplayed in the first two Test matches — by 31 runs Edgbaston and innings and 159 runs at the Lord’s.

Down 0-2 with only five and half days of competitive cricket in all, skipper Virat Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri will be aiming to get the team combination right having bungled at the Lord’s.

As a result, India will play their 38th combination in as many matches that skipper Kohli had led.