Wrapping it up

Four matches, four wins, 56 goals. The Indian juggernaut rolls on. But this match, for the men in blue was different. This was the first time they faced any sort of challenge. They led throughout the match. But the Koreans managed to unsettle them in the third quarter when they scored two back-to-back goals to come back from 0-3 to 2-3. But, in the final quarter, the men in blue bounced back again to score twice to seal the match. To face a competitive side such as Korea now is good for India. Else, too many easy wins might give rise to a sense of complacency withing the team.

Goal scorers of the match:-

HOOTER! India’s winning run continues in the Asian Games. Four matches, four wins for them.

Final quarter (2 minutes to go), India 5-2 Korea: GOAL! PC for Korea with less than a minute to go! Jonghyun Jang’s shot is blocked by the Indian defence. But they get another chance. AND THEY SCORE! Jang’s on target this time. Looks like the ball took the edge of Sreejesh’s stick before going into the Indian net.

Final quarter (2 minutes to go), India 5-2 Korea: India in complete control of this quarter. The third one of the match seemed like a blip in the larger scheme of things. They are all over Korea in this one. Can they score one more with less than two minutes to go?

Final quarter (4 minutes to go), India 5-2 Korea: Penalty corner with less than five minutes to go. Rupinder Pal misses it. The ball’s blocked by the goalie.

GOAL! Akashdeep, after being denied a goal a couple of minutes earlier, gets his name on the score-sheet with a trap-and-reverse-hit from the right flank. He had enough time to receive the pass from Manpreet. The Korean defenders should have flocked around him.

Final quarter (5 minutes to go), India 4-2 Korea: Bit of a confusion there. Akashdeep puts the ball into the Korean net. The Indians start to celebrate. But looks like the umpire had blown a whistle for a free hit. Before Akashdeep struck. India refer and the decision goes against them. They lose a referral with five minutes to go.

Final quarter (7 minutes to go), India 4-2 Korea: The momentum’s shifted again. The crowd’s roar, that Manpreet goal, have boosted the spirits of the Indians. They seemed a little shocked after conceding two back-to-back goals. But they are on top again.

GOAL! Some superb goals being scored in this match. And, this one from Mandeep can be among the top-5 goals in the tournament. The tomahawk strike from outside – after changing the direction of the stick in split seconds – was exceptional. But it all started from Akashdeep stealing the ball near the Indian circle and making an explosive counterattack. Superb teamwork, great goal.

Final quarter (12 minutes to go), India 3-2 Korea: Raucous Indian supporters in the stands. Can hear them chant jeetega, jeetega, India jeetega! But an Indian victory doesn’t look assured now with just a one-goal difference.

End of third quarter, India 3-2 Korea: What a dramatic quarter this has turned out to be. Manjae Jung has brought this match alive. With one more quarter left, and a difference of just one goal, it’s anybody’s game now in the fourth quarter. India, despite the lead, will be feeling the lead.

Third quarter (3 minutes to go) India 3-2 Korea: What a narrow miss. India were making some quick passes inside the Korean circle. And, Dilpreet unsuspectingly has a go at the goal. The ball hits the nets and rebounds.

Third quarter (5 minutes to go) India 3-2 Korea: What a dramatic quarter this is turning out to be. Now the Indians, despite having the lead, are feeling the heat. They are looking to score one more to be sure.

GOAL! Another one. By Jung again. A spectacular goal, this one as well. From outside the circle, he picks his spot, has less time to aim but hits the ball to an unsuspecting Sreejesh’s right. Before the keeper could dive, the ball crashes into the net.

GOAL! The first that India’s conceded in the whole tournament. Junwoo took the PC. But, in a superb bit of deception, Manjae Jung runs almost 90 degrees to Junwoo’s shot and puts his stick in front so the ball deflects to Sreejesh’s left top corner. Brilliant goal to open the account for Korea.

Third quarter (12 minutes to go) India 3-0 Korea: Bit of a goalmouth melee. Junwoo Jeong hits the post. Inches away from going in. Very close. But Korea has earned a penalty corner now.

Third quarter (13 minutes to go) India 3-0 Korea: Korea, it looks like, are trying to slow down the game by holding the ball for long and passing.

End of second quarter: India 3-0 Korea: The Korean attacks have lacked structure and menace. They have made long passes that has been difficult for the attacker to trap. Inside the circle, they haven’t been able to create spaces. But India, totally in control, have grabbed on to the chances they have got (save for their latest penalty corner) and created a few to be up 3-0.

Half-time stats

Second quarter (2 minutes to go) India 3-0 Korea: Penalty Corner again! SV Sunil injects, Harmanpreet takes it. But the ball’s blocked by the Korean defender.

Second quarter (4 minutes to go) India 3-0 Korea: Korea trying to draw the Indians front and looking to make a quick attack. But they are halted midway. They need to quickly find a way to get past this string Indian defence.

Second quarter (6 minutes to go) India 3-0 Korea: First Penalty Corner for Korea. Jonghyun Jang flicks the ball hard to Sreejesh’s left. But it isn’t very hard to get past the Indian skipper. Sreejesh saves it coolly. Koreans yet to get off the mark.

Another PC. Manpreet blocks it this time.

Second quarter (10 minutes to go) India 3-0 Korea: The Indians are involved in a passing game after scoring the third, slowly drawing close to the Korean goal. This relentless Indian attack is making the Koreans a little nervy.

GOAL! Perhaps the most spectacular one of the Asian Games. Almost seems like a football goal. Simranjeet from close to the halfline scoops the ball diagonally and the ball finds Lalit Kumar Upadhyay, who puts his stick out and guides the ball in the air into the Korean net. Such a delightful goal! Even Harendra Singh is thoroughly enjoyed by that!

India 3-0 Korea

HOOTER! End of first quarter, India 2-0 Korea: Korea launch an attack in the last few seconds but they are a little too late. They settled down only during the last eight minutes of the quarter or so. They were rattled after the two early goals by India.

First quarter (2 minutes) India 2-0 Korea: PC with less than two minutes to go. Rupinder strikes, the ball hits the body of a Korean defender. Another PC. This time the goalkeeper clears it away.

First quarter (4 minutes) India 2-0 Korea: The Koreans seem to have settled down now. They are more patient with the passes, trying to construct an attack than rushing through it in a desperate search for an equaliser.

First quarter (4 minutes) India 2-0 Korea: Korea can’t keep up with the pace of the Indians. They are scrambling to get to them and contend for the ball. So, almost every Indian counterattack reaches the Korean circle.

First quarter (6 minutes) India 2-0 Korea: A scramble near the Korean goalmouth. Like red ants crowding on a small, dead insect, they cover Dilpreet from preventing him from scoring the third goal for India. And, they succeed.

First quarter (8 minutes) India 2-0 Korea: The Koreans are all over the place. They seemed to be in a state of shock after conceding twice so early in the game. Their passes are awry.

First quarter (12 minutes) India 2-0 Korea: GOAL! Rupinder Pal Singh, off a free hit, gets the ball to a little left of Chinglensana, who extends his stick and puts it into the net. Two quick goals by the defending champs.

First quarter (12 minutes) India 1-0 Korea: The Koreans, desperately try to get the ball into the Indian circle. They look a little hurried though. Pressure’s on them now. India look more confident after the opening goal.

First quarter (14 minutes) India 0-0 Korea: Penalty Corner right away. Sardar with the injection. Rupinder takes the strike. Hits a Korean defender. Penalty stroke!

GOAL! Rupinder doesn’t miss penalty strokes. He puts India ahead. Quick goal.

04:30 pm Here we are. The players are taking their positions, getting ready for the starting whistle.

Results of the other Pool A matches today:-

Today’s starting XI:-

04:15 pm Hello folks, how’s Sunday been so far? Good? Good. Without much ado, let’s get going with the hockey game between India and Korea. Going by form (India’s won three games, scoring 51 goals; Korea’s won the same number of games, scoring 31 times) and rank (India 5th, Korea 14th), PR Sreejesh’s men are firm favourites to win this match. Will be a huge upset in recent times if India lose this one. Even if that happens, they still have another league game left to get to the semis.